I saw your husband...Quack's Bakery in Austin, TX

Received Thursday, April 23, 2009
nanny sighting logo Physical description of caregiver: Male, mid/late 40's, glasses, average/stocky build with a prominent belly, thickish short dark hair
I know this is a husband watching his own children because I have heard him make a comment about how the mother "brings home the bacon" and he watches the kids. He is a bit loud.

Physical description of involved child/children: two white boys. They look very close in age. Perhaps they are fraternal twins with one twin appearing older than the other, or maybe they are 8 months and a very small 16 months. The youngest has light hair, and not that much of it. The oldest boy has dark hair.

Address or venue of observed incident: Quack's Bakery 411 E 43rd street in Austin, Tx

Date and time of incident: Numerous times always in the afternoon around 3:00-5:00

Detailed description of what you witnessed: Your husband parks the boys outside of the bakery in their stroller while he goes inside to get a coffee. Sometimes this is five minutes, sometimes it is much longer. I have seen the boys sit for quite awhile. Last time I saw them your husband was sitting down inside the coffee shop and it took him a long time to respond to the cries of the younger son...probably because they were parked OUTSIDE.

It appears as though you live in the area, because I have heard people at the coffee shop ask him about the kids and call him by name. The first time I saw him he had only ONE boy in the stroller. Someone sitting next to me asked about the other boy. Your husband informed the man that the younger son was taking a nap. So, unless you have a nanny at home your youngest son was left all alone in the house while your husband and oldest son walked down to the bakery.

Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: Red and black double jogging-type stroller.


TX Mommy said...

Holy Crap, I live in Austin and I don't don't know anyone who would do this. Why doesn't anyone say something to him? I would stand there with his children until he came up and then tell him that he's an idiot for leaving them outside. Why don't you call 311? If I wasn't working 5 days a week right now I would go there muself. Maybe I'll take my charge and daughter there next week.....

He's the dad, isnt HE? said...

why dont u mind your own business i bet u r not the perfect mother either or maybe u are

Define normal please said...

"he is the dad isnt he...." ARE YOU INSANE? parent or not, you CANNOT leave small children outside you know how quickly someone can walk by, snatch them and run or take off in a car..faster than it takes for the dad to grab his coffee! NO ONE but is a perfect mother/father but their is a HUGE difference between perfect and negligent, and what the OP sighted is blatant negligence. So just b/c you say he is the dad, does that give him the right (for example) to beat his kids? to murder his kids (we've all heard stories on the news before) to leave an infant at home unattended....OR LEAVE THEM OUTSIDE while the dad gets a donuts and coffee???? THINK HARD before you make such an ignorant comment

Sad said...

Ugh, I saw this happen in the cold northeast on New Years Eve. A dad left a stroller with two babies on a very busy sidewalk to run into a liqour store and buy champaigne. We stood across the street with an eye on the stroller until dad came back out. You should have seen the number of people stop and look around and wait wondering why two babies were out alone in the snow in a stroller.

The reason, the liqour store had a big stone step (not handicapp accessible) and champaigne was just too important.

maybe said...

Maybe it was "a what would you do"
was john quinones there?

Austin Nanny said...

That is crazy! I agree with TX Mommy that you should call 311. They are really quick to respond.

Anonymous said...
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J'sNannyMissDee said...

He' the dad:

Perhaps YOU should shut up and STOP judging others. The purpose of this site is to report negligent, bad and inappropriate nannies in hopes that parents of reported children with the nannies description see that their nanny is behaving in a manner that is a safety risk for their children. This wasn't a manny, it was a father who left his children ALONE, on a busy street for a few moments while he had coffee. OP is concerned for the children, as she has seen this father several times doing the same thing. And you want to defend the father and criticize OP? You clearly do not make any sense, nor would I trust you around my cats, my class, or J for that matter. Seriously, shut up and leave OP alone.

DenverNanny said...

May not be a manny, but we're trying to protect kids here too, right? Excellent post! Pretty sure if that was MY husband, that would be grounds for a separation... maybe divorce?

HE'S NUTS! said...

If you see this again, please call 911 immediately
(311 is for non-emergencies and you want the police to get there QUICKLY)
Those children are in danger.