Why I hate my job?

Sunday, March 8, 2009
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Lori said...

Please, please find another job. Life is too short to be this stressed for so many hours a day.

someone said...


worlds best nanny said...

Wow! Crappy economy or not, get the heck out of there! People on this blog have been describing different types of jobs they've had and all of them sound like a walk in the park compared to how you feel.

Get Out!

j said...

"Why I hate my job" is not propper English. I would buckle down and start kissing her ass. You should be grateful someone gave an ingrate liek you a job. Really.

Jobs are going to be in short, short supply for entitled Jamaican nannies.

Nanny Taxi said...

What is this? An issue between African Americans and Jamaicans? You could've described the problem you are having at work without making it sound like having African American bosses is part of the problem.

My second nanny job was for an African American family. Once I got over my initial surprise, they were a wonderful family to work for. The oldest was smart and well behaved. They youngest only knew the former nanny so it took her sometime to warm up to me, but once she did, it was an awesome feeling. The mom worked from home, but she stayed out of the way all day, every day. She bought me flowers for Mother's Day. She made up a professional looking Easter basket for my son. She bought Chinese food for us after my first month there. They were awesome. I was only there 6 months and they had to relocate. They gave me a glowing reference and have been in touch since then. The oldest is now 16, the youngest is 13. I still think of them fondly.

Quit and find a better family, they are out there, but I will emphasize that race has nothing to do with it.

Philly Nanny said...

This is really strange:

"If we were back in Jamaica they would have found the smaller one buried in the rose garden by now."

"She dirties the room so badly I have often thought of ways to get a stick of dynamite and just toss it in there on her while she is making a mess."

I get that this is hyperbole (I really hope), but it's still pretty disturbing. You should quite and get psychiatric help. This job has obviously taken its toll on your mental health.

I mean, assuming that this letter is real...

Mary said...

Philly Nanny,
I don't think she meant those things literally, but were using them to help express how stressed she is. I can't imagine anyone actually saying those things literally.

Village said...

Assuming this is, like, a proper letter, THEN GET ANOTHER JOB!!!!!!

UNIDAD said...

worlds best is right race has nothing to do with it!

UNIDAD said...

Hi village

nannyinmanhattan said... should feel better now?
Two years of that you said?
I would tell you, I've been there, I had two kids in my previous job and worked for a mother from my country who lived here in the US. I am also Caribbean.
I know about people from our ethnicity walking over us and taking us for granted, even converting our currency.
It would get better, what you have to do is be patient. I made a lot of mistakes in the past yelling and screaming and going to the extreme. Just doing that alone exhausts a person. Be calm. Go to work. Jobs out here as I have been saying are not to easy to come by, especially in our field.
Look for another job in the mean time and don't sweat it.
If the kid doesn't want to do her homework, let it go undone, if it lookes like she dragged her butt over it when its done, let her go to school like that. Thats her and her parents problem.
If the three year old can't stop whining put her in her bed and tell her when she stops she can come out.
In the mean time look for a job.
It will get better. First be thankful to be employed and when we are thankful in the little things only then would we be blessed with even greater things.
This is a stepping stone for you, preparing you for what is to come.
Use the opportunity, learn from the opportunity.
Its not a walk in the park,I know, but it will get better. Trust and believe.


Leave said...

Seriously... maybe she is taking advantage of you, but it's your fault for accepting less than what you want. And, you really should not be a nanny anyway. Go find the job you really want, but for the love of these children, quit asap and don't ever work with children again. Don't let her walk all over you- give your notice and leave, but LEAVE and don't look back. You seem a LOT bi-polar and unstable and that is very, very scary.

kc said...

Girl, you need to get out of there. As much as I think race has nothing to do with it, you don't deserve to be treated like that! Secure another job and THEN quit.

Also, J, I find it ironic that you spelled "proper" improperly. Moron.

beatyoulikeaslave???!!! said...

I call bull shit....and if not, then super scary.
You told an eight year old you're going to spray her with pepper spray and beat her like a slave???
What human would admit to that, let alone do it in the first place.
This post smells fishy.

pickles and nannies don't mix said...

More fuel to the WHY I HATE NANNY fire. That's what I say.

honest nanny said...

Get the hell out of dodge!

Sydney said...

One. You might be "book" and "street" smart, but your English is horrible, so you're lucky you even have a job. But... if you hate it so much !!!!!!!!!!!!QUIT!!!!!!

Vanessa said...

Ummm I can't feel sorry for you because you accepted the job to begin with AND have remained there for two years. So you know what maybe you should do something about it instead of complain.

"J" you're wrong. While it's certainly a blessing to have a job, no person should have to put up with BS and lack of respect. And certainly, no one should kiss anyone's ass especially not when they don't deserve it. That's called having integrity and a sense of self-worth. If you don't have it, I feel sorry for you.

OP, just look for a different job.

sanfranny said...

Yeah. It has to be because she is AA. Maybe you hate your job because you are a racist.

Glass houses said...

J--- If you are going to cast stones at ingrates-- please spell check your posts.

*** Note-- I usually do not reprimand posters for spelling errors but if you are going to play the cards you did then I will call you out on it. IT'S PROPER AND LIKE!

ohwhynot said...

I also call bullshit.

cali mom said...

What I get from this is that the 3 year old is still potty training and whines like 3 year olds often do, until they learn not to.

The 8 year old doesn't quite understand the fact that nanny's JOB is to take care of her for MONEY. And no one will ever help her understand it because they are too busy threatening her with belts and pepper spray.

Nanny is a psycho and I'd tell her to go apply at BK, but they wouldn't hire her anyway because they are looking for qualified applicants who don't fantasize about murdering customers all day.

Her bosses are assholes. She should have started looking for a new job 2 years ago. Welcome to planet Earth.

joanna said...

You can rant and rave all you want but it still will not change your situation. Do something about it and find a family that will actually care

Min said...

You need to quit. The children deserve to have someone who will care about them enough to set limits, teach them about the world and not be thinking critical/mean things about them. QUIT!

As for the have to stand up for what you deserve. If she's not willing to pay it...then give notice, act professionally and find another job.

Lazy Lucy said...

Woah, MAJORLY burntout?!?! Hopefully this venting has cooled you off a little.

Haha you should write a book about it. It would be highly entertaining and be a way to get everything off your chest. You know just write a few pages each night. Then, when your done, you can get it published and hit the road!

Anonymous said...

What is the point of this? I read the first two paragraphs and got a headache. Waah.

and J, the word is PROPER, not propper. Just keep those little spelling errors in mind next time you attempt to pick apart someone's grammatical skills (or lack thereof).

jamaicanmecrazy said...

The author is a talented writer! - but you need to tone it down *just* a little if you want us to suspend our disbelief.

Nanny from Fargo said...

Are you paid on the books? If so, which I hope you are, you should be accounting for ALL of those 60 hours per week (with twenty of those at overtime pay) and you should be paid as such.

They are taking advantage of you.

I feel sympathy for you, HOWEVER, I am also disturbed by your post. I took your descriptions with a grain of salt and understood the humor and exaggeration that was intended UNTIL the part about the pepper spray, the belt and the "Beating like a slave in history books" or however you phrased it. That is not funny and not acceptable.

This is what's happening here: They are getting an unheard of bargain with you. Your low price is more important to them than the instability of your personality around their children.

These are not good employers, you are not a good employee, and this is not a good situation for anyone- especially the children.

Maybe at one time, your heart was with this job. But clearly, it is now time to move in.

You would make more and be treated more fairly as:
- A waitress
- A bartender
- A housecleaner
- A cashier at most places
- A custodian
- A fast food worker
- A telemarketer

Hope this helps.

nannyneedsanap said...

You threatened to beat their child like a slave? What is wrong with you? I can't believe more people aren't appauled by that. I don't care what ass holes the parents are, or how bad the kids are.(they are only that way because of their parents) You don't ever have the right to speak to a child that way! You need to quit and find a different kind of job asap!

W said...

¡ʞɔnן pooƃ ˙puıɯ uı ʇɐɥʇ dǝǝʞ ǝsɐǝןd ˙ɯoɯ ɹǝɥʇo ʎuɐ ɹo sɯoɯ uɐısɐ
'sɯoɯ ǝʇıɥʍ uɐɥʇ ǝsɹoʍ ou ǝɹɐ sɯoɯ ɐɐ ˙ƃuıƃƃoɾ ʇɹɐʇs pןnoɥs noʎ ǝqʎɐɯ 'ɐǝpı pooƃ ɐ sı ƃɐq ʎʌɐǝɥ ɐ ¿uo ʇno suoıʇɐɹʇsnɹɟ ɹnoʎ ǝʞɐʇ oʇ ƃuıɥʇǝɯos ʇsǝƃƃns ı ʎɐɯ ʇınb ʇ,uɐɔ noʎ ɟı ¡ǝuoƃ ƃuoן ǝq p,noʎ 'pןɹoʍ dn ǝpıs ʇɥƃıɹ ɐ uı ¿ǝןdoǝd ǝsǝɥʇ ɹoɟ ƃuıʞɹoʍ ןןıʇs noʎ ǝɹɐ ʎɥʍ

Rebecca said...

This is clearly the most made-up post I have ever read. Nice try - but you failed sorry.

How dey do dat? said...

Who cares?!! I just wanna know how 'W' did that upside down shit!!?? Very cool!

W said...

Sorry I got silly there with the post. This is supposed to be a serious blog, I just didn't think the OP was serious. Anyhow for fun and grins here is the addy for the upside down text.

seattle said...

um i don't think OP is a talented writer, nor would a book about wanting to abuse children and whining about her "horrible" life be at all interesting. not that it has a snowballs chance in hell getting published.

I doubt it said...

Come on, people. This is obviously a troll. Think about the issues that come up on here all the time that people flip out about- race issues, entitled nannies (often nannies of certain ethnic backgrounds, such as Jamaican), low wages and overtime at no extra pay, nannies mistreating children, etc etc. And here they are all conveniently tied together in one post.
Seriously, a person who would tell an African American child that they will get beaten like a slave? My basic sense of trust cannot support that.

WTF? said...

Yes. Do it. Commit suicide.
:::eye roll:::

millows said...

just quit. people like that seldom change and dont really care. find a better family to work for that will appreciate your hard work.

millows said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
b. yes authur said...

I did not see any suggestion of writing talent, not even a glimmer.

seattle said...

sorry that you didn't read all the comments then before posting your thoughts. let me lend you a helping hand:

"jamaicanmecrazy said...

The author is a talented writer! - but you need to tone it down *just* a little if you want us to suspend our disbelief. "

"Lazy Lucy said...

Woah, MAJORLY burntout?!?! Hopefully this venting has cooled you off a little.

Haha you should write a book about it. It would be highly entertaining and be a way to get everything off your chest. You know just write a few pages each night. Then, when your done, you can get it published and hit the road!"

seattle said...

ohhh okay NOW i get what you were saying with that comment..

SORRY!!! a thousand times sorry.

i thought you were saying, you didnt see anyone MENTION writing talent. and im like, what? because it went on a few posts.

sorry sorry sorry sorry!! really i am!


Portland said...

I beg to differ, seaaattle. As long as this post is, I would normally lose interest 1/3rd of the way through. Alas, I read it through to the end. Interesting writing is OFTEN disturbing. And disturbing writing is EFFECTIVE. As is all art forms that tend to offend and/or outrage some minority of the audience.

Have you ever heard of Stephen King?

seattle said...

why no, no i haven't heard of stephen king. why don't you bestow upon me your wisdom?

Portland said...

All that rain has gone to your brain....hahahaha

seattle said...

oh you are quite a silly one

Anonymous said...

This is terrible, sloppy writing. It's redudant and not at all shocking. I'm with you Seattle. It's annoying to read.

And what does Stephen King have to do with this?

ATL Nanny said...

Either this post is fake (my guess) or this woman is absolutely insane, and should not be allowed to work with children. I don't care HOW challenging a child is, no adult has the right to threaten them with violence, especially with racial overtones such as threatening to "beat them like a slave". Assuming for a moment this post is for real, I have not one ounce of pity for this nanny. If you hate your job, LEAVE. It's that simple. I could tell horror stories too, but they all end with me leaving after a few months and learning my lesson of what red flags to look for in the interview process, not staying for two years and taking my frustration out on the children.

mom said...

I'm with ATL Nanny. I don't believe this is a real post.

If it is true, this is was written by an ignorant, horrible nanny/human being. I wouldn't pay you eight cents and hour to babysit...and I hope the proper authorities get hold of this and find out who you are.

No sympathy from me.

Nanny Taxi said...

You know what? I once had a charge who liked to touch peoples butts. Sometimes he would stick his head into peoples butts. He was the same child I had that tied up his sisters barbies and hung them by their necks.
He would crap his pants when he was 6 years old because he wouldn't want to stop what he was doing and go and poop. He would then puke at the site and smell of his own poop. Weird kid. He is nearly 14 now I wonder if he is still strange.

How Can Anyone Condone This? said...

Anyone who has this much hatred for children, regardless of how much their parents stink as bosses shouldn't be in childcare. I am shocked that so many on the comment string appear supportive of this poster--even suggesting she find another family. Anyone who would say the things OP describes she has to these children should not be allowed to be around children, let alone responsible for them. She is an example of the type of "nanny" that brings down the entire profession. I hope this is a fake.

mom said...

Well, this post isn't about one odd child.
If it is real (which I still have great doubts about), it is about a nanny who clearly has great disdain for the children she watches and obviously wants to do nothing but sit on her butt all day long and let the kids rasie themselves without bothering her. Otherwise she would have been overseeing the older child enough to make sure she either did not make a disaster of her room, or supervised her cleaning it up. She would not sit there rolling her eyes and let the child drag food all over the house making a mess. And, yeah, little girls often like to change their outfits repeatedly during the day. There's nothing wrong with an eight year old who does that. Just make her hang them up afterwards. How hard is that? Only hard if you refuse to get up off your butt and make her do it.

She might engage the three year old a bit so that she could have conversations and learn to speak better, instead of apparently acting put out when the poor thing tries to communicate with her. Does she even realize how frustrating it is for a child that age who knows what she wants to communicate, but sometimes lacks the ability to say all of the words that may be in her head? Being snotty to her becase she mispronounces things or simply can't get the words out of her mouth is nothing but cruel. And yeah, being curious about body parts is age appropriate for a three year old. But if nanny was bothering to teach her things, she might have stopped her from touching other people's butts long, long ago.

Nanny is the one with these kids all day long...60 hours a weeks she says. While the parent bears the ultimate responsibility for the way their kids are (in this case the parents bear the responsibility for both being apparently absent in their childs lives AND hiring a hateful, negligent nanny to be there in their absence), any nanny who is this lazy and sitting around all day and is so completely unable to control the children that she is raising, is NOT a good nanny.

These kids would be so much better off in daycare than they would with this nanny. At least they would have some rules to follow and somebody to make sure they followed them.

Nanny from Fargo said...

I have to jump in on the writing debate.

Her writing style? Sloppy and in need of loads of editting.

Her storytelling? Engaging and .... quite good.

Do I agree with what she is saying? Absolutely not. But she is a creative storyteller none the less. A shock jock of short fiction, per say...

Smarty Pants said...

Nanny from Fargo,

Using a Latin phrase does not make you look intelligent if you:

a) don't use it in its proper context b) mispell it

me said...

This reads like a See Dick kiss Jane book. The funniest part is that the OP probably thought she was being original, funny or displaying some sort of talent.

Fail, Fail, Fail.

And please, cease working with children. That is, if you really work with children in the first place.

Phoenix said...

You are freakin awesome!!!

I got irritated reading your post. I have a little cousin that is like those two put together. It takes every fiber of my being not to bury her in the ground up to her neck and let the dogs go... I just can't stand situations like that. you need to quit, go away, it sounds like living on the street would be more comforting that living in that house.

SMartypants said...

Uh... Why don't you just quit?

Chickenslacks said...

OMG, I effing love you.

Come on said...

Serious or not, I'm disappointed to see hate speech printed here. Why is this person being indulged?

deaf nanny said...

I'm going to pray that this is just a story and a joke, and base my comment on that hope...

Freakin' hillarious! I loved it!

Now if this is true, get out of there, the kids, nor you, don't deserve it for another day.

minnespolis nanny said...

i love this rant! very funny.

seattle said...

i think the OP is leaving themselves kudos using different monikers :P

ATL Nanny said...

I'll second that, Seattle. How gullible does this poster think we are?

seattle said...

it sounds like they also have low self-esteem. commenting yourself under different monikers to make yourself feel better... sad.

they probably have a magic mirror too.

"mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best nanny of all?"

WTF? said...

>>>>>"mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best nanny of all?"

She's the world's best nanny :::nods:::

I think Jane should turn this over to the proper authorities since she's threatening to, you know, abuse and murder the children.

Such hilarity.

worlds best nanny said...

Whoa! Are you saying I am the OP? If so, you are nuts! I know there are things about my job that suck, but I am a big girl and I can find better ways to handle it than to make up some freak story and have it posted here!

Wow was that a run on or not?

Shame!! said...

Over the two years I have been a regular visitor and occasional poster, there have been few postings as bad as this one and I am completely disgusted by the majority of the comments. This post and its comments shows how much this blog has changed from genuine advocacy for children and quality childcare to a forum for disgruntle "nannies" to vent, regardless of whether the poster has the right to refer to themselves as a nanny. A nanny is a professional caregiver who has the experience, training and education to raise a child, oftentimes even better than the typical parent/employer because his/her experience is more varied and childcare education deeper than the mystical knowledge that is assumed to be imbued at the moment of birth. This OP is not a nanny by any stretch of the definition. She is a poor excuse for a human being that is intentionally damaging the children in her care with her words and seems to enjoy it. How can any of you think that this is OK, let alone find parallels in your own experience? This woman should not be near children and any of you who are supporting her should question why you are in this profession at all.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nanny from Fargo said...

"Smarty Pants said...

Nanny from Fargo,

Using a Latin phrase does not make you look intelligent if you:

a) don't use it in its proper context b) mispell it"


Come on said...

Anonymous, your personal experience with one black family isn't relevant. I'm sorry someone wasn't nice to you, but let's not make universal statements about people of any race.

lovesthegirls said...

Not trying to get involved... but in answer to poster abouve: "per say" is spelled per se.... that's what she was talking about....

Jane Doe said...

I agree with you completely.

The focus must remain on child advocacy and changes must be made.

Been there said...

anonymous said.... No people, I don't think she was trying to be racist. She was explaining something that is true:some black bosses aren't nice to their black sitters. I am a dark Brazilian nanny and I have worked for a black American family and they weren't very nice to me. But I worked for other 2 families and they were cool.
Find other job honey.

chrissyma said...

I also call BS. I have no sympathy for you.

Maybe this is a cultural issue or maybe you are just a jackass who should never be allowed to care for a living creature. Human, bug, plant or animal.

You can choose how you speak to your children, but the pepper spray comment is above and beyond uncalled for no matter how unruly the children, especially since they are not your own.

You are lucky you haven't been fired. I don't think the mother is in the right just because of your lack of skill and ability but that's her fault for hiring you. But then again, I guess no one else would take the job so she had to settle.

And normally I wouldn't make a comment that will, I am sure, be picked apart and destroyed by angry folks who think I am the devil come to hate on nannies, but that's their bone to pick.

I'm a nanny myself and no matter how frustrating the situation, I would never ever speak to my charge(s) that way.

Also to response number four, "J":

Instead of giving an English lesson, you should spell check your post since you clearly have an issue with such things.

DowntoEarth said...

I would quit. You should write a book. You are very funny and witty.
You missed your calling and should not be working for a moron. Go write a book.

Anonymous said...

Why are people encouraging the OP? And it frightens me to think that people actually think she's witty, clever and a quality writer. This is third rate, pseudo-shock BS.

Ugh. Some of you would benefit from a kick in the ass and a partial lobotomy.

I don't know whether or not this is a fake post, but to those of you who are assuming it is and offering the OP support (i.e. "find another job honey), I have to wonder....WHY!!!??!!! This person isn't suited to work around PEOPLE, nevermind children.

just another mommy said...

I don't remember asking you why you hated your job - I really couldn't care less why you hate your job.

And I'm not sure why you decided to post about being a horrible nanny on a site dedicated to finding horrible nannies.

sympathetic nanny said...

I had a job similar to this...Live-out nanny using my own car for a single mother with two girls 7 and 11, working 55 hours in the summer, about 30 during the school year. Granted I was paid $10 an hour, sometimes a little more, it still wasn't worth the suffering. Besides being a nanny I also felt like a personal assistant, running many errands. The girls were extremely spoiled and disobedient. The younger girl was diagnosed with social anxiety. She once screamed at the top of her lungs for about ten minutes because she didn't want to go to a girly place when it her sister's turn to choose the weekly activity. Another time she told me I was going to hell. She also hit me in public. The older girl once threatened to jump out of the car on the freeway because she didn't want to accompany me to the store and pick up her sister's birthday cake. She actually opened the door, gasped and closed it, all while still threatening. I was blamed for making the girls late for school (a 30 min. commute through rush hour traffic) when they refused to get out of bed when I asked them to. The mother expected me to physically drag them out of bed when they wouldn't get up. There were days I was in tears. My point is, even if you were getting paid more, your job won't get any better.

Another thing, even when your charges are making your job super difficult, you need to remember to be an adult. It's not professional or acceptable in any case to threaten a child with a whipping and pepper spray. You should give them an APPROPRIATE punishment such as a timeout, or revoke a privilege and later speak to the mother about the issue. If you find she isn't doing anything to correct the children's behavior, as in my case, you need to find another job. It's not worth it, no matter how much you're getting paid. You aren't a child phycologist or miracle worker. You can't be expected to deal with or make such a drastic change to their behavior.

Yes, it was! said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Love it.... "stupid"!!
Jane you rock, LMAO!

mom said...

Yup. The stupid button says it all.

Good job!!!

deaf nanny said...

Love the stupid button update! Awesome Jane!

Manhattan Nanny said...

Well said, thank you!

cali mom said...

Maybe this category should be titled: Stupid - Why I think I am entitled to sympathy when what I really NEED is a new career and a few years in solitary confinement.

worlds best nanny said...

1) I need to know why people think the OP is me?

2) Why are my comments awaiting approval?

3) Because I don't always "run with herd", does that make me a bad person?

mom said...

Love the new sign!

What shocked me even more than this original post is that so many people seemed to side with the nanny! Are there really that many people out there who cannot recognize what it means to mistreat a child??!!! That scares me more than anything.

Anonymous said...

worldbest, all of our comments have been awaiting approval.

And you're surprised that one or two people thought OP may actually be you? Don't you specifically come on here to stir the pot and rile everyone up? Don't you like to shock everyone? I don't think it's that far fetched that someone may assume you're the OP. I'm surprised that YOU'RE surprised. After all the comments you've made on this blog, now is not the time to fall into victim mode when someone makes a perfectly reasonable deduction based on the things you've said here. You and the OP really DO exhibit the same brand of "humor." It never occurred to me that you could be the OP, but it's understandable that some may be led to believe that.

does this moniker make my butt look big? said...

Worlds Best Nanny....Quite often when someone goes against the grain..they are accused of being a troll and from that point on "all of their comments are deemed"just here to stir the pot or get people riled up" as well as they are now responsible for ALL comments that are not "agreeable " with the majorities opinions weather they actually made them or not.
It is a reverse game of trolling and no one aknowledges it accept those that don't run with the "in" crowd.
I don't what you have done in the past as I don't recall your moniker and have been out of the picture for a while,however, I can tell can make amends..try to change your ways..all to no will be stalked and picked on and challenged all in unfriendly ways and when you respond, you will be further accused of causing problems...and God forbid if two posters actually exhibit the same brand of humour or will be pegged as both..because God knows no two people could EVER have the same thoughts or ideas!
I don't know weather you deserve it or not but that is the answer to your question. This has become common practice on this site,which, IMO , is a shame as it is a wonderful site fallen prey to some very closed minded posters who feel the need to moderate when that is simply not ther place but Janes.

mom said...

Hey blb! How is everything going in your world? Better, I hope. We missed you.

cali mom said...

Anyone got some rosin? I need some for my violin, as soon as I can stop laughing enough to apply it.

Overdose - The Cure ALL said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
toonces the cat who would drive a car said...

I have a great story about the self congratulating slob who originally penned this nasty diatribe. A talent less hack who is largely unhirable because of the giant chip on her shoulder. She's never made more than 400 a week and she has to grovel for gigs. She's horrifically mis shapen and just terribly sad & pathetic.

Web Detectives said...

I've got it narrowed down to 2 people, 65% chance vs. 35% chance. Here are the specifics on the likely troll:

Domain Name ? (Network)
IP Address 71.194.242.# (Comcast Cable)
ISP Comcast Cable
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Marypoppin'pills said...

My biggest regret was giving this hack any space on Jane's Blog for her nasty diatribe.

Does this moniker make my butt look big said...

"Hi MOM" I missed you.
I am back. My son was very ill and we had a pretty good scare. Out of respect for his privacy I won't go into details but..he is doing better and I am hoping to be back home for a while and am hopeful things will get back to normal.So, yes, things are a bit better in my world.
I see things are still heated on ISYN.
Did Umass ever come back?Is she ok?
Anyhow, I don't mean to derail.But I did not see the usual open,daily post where we used to be able to go to answer another posters questions. Is that one of the new changes? Looks like there have been a few..not sure I like the comment moderation..but hopefully it is accomplishing what MPP & Jane need it too.
I see not too much has changed....
I guess the trolls, the sincere posters ,the nannies & mommies,the regulars and the predictable insulters make this blog a blog!
Hope all is well with you mom and your family and Jane & MPP & every one else too!

worlds best nanny said...

Well all this time I knew I was not the OP (burying children in a rose garden! I am not that bad!) but thanks to web detectives, I am not on Comcast. I use Verizon. I am not in Illinois. I am in New England, a suburb of Boston. So there!

Mary said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Like What said...

Where is the text of this anyway?

Shazzi said...

The text is in a deep, dirty toilet bowel under one gigantic steaming turd dropped from my ass on to your petty, pubescent writings. And at night, we gathered in the finest halls and spoke of your simple minded attempts and we laughed, and we laughed, and we laughed.

some thought said...

Shazzi, so you're OP? If so, it seems the opinion is of everyone else questions your maturity, not the other way around.