Discovery Green in Houston, Texas

Received Friday, March 20, 2009
nanny sighting logo I saw a nanny today at Discovery Green in Houston, Texas that was pretty rough with the kids she was in charge of.

We got there about 10am today and she was already there with her charges.

The nanny had 3 little boys with her, the youngest looked about 6 months and the older two looked close in age, maybe around 4yrs. The middle child had a superman shirt on and the baby was dressed warmly for the weather with a hat on his head.

The nanny was sitting down with her back to the kids for a good 45 min and whenever the children came up to her she was pretty harsh to them. She jerked the middle child by his arm and when she decided to stand up she took the baby out of the carseat by one arm! She followed the kids around and looked like a good nanny for the few minutes before the father showed up, she talked to him for a few moments and handed the baby to him while she followed the other two around the park.

Now I know some of you guys will probably ask why I didn't just go up to the father. Well I was there with my charge and SHE is my top priority, we played at the park for a few minutes longer and then she wanted to play in the water so we left the park and headed to the water. I tried to look for a chance to talk to the father while we were still at the park but he was talking with his kids and the nanny and I wasn't going to say something in front of the nanny or older kids. By the time we were done playing in the water and walked back to the park they were already gone.
In the picture is the nanny with the youngest still in the carseat/stroller. The child with his hands on his hips was the middle child, the oldest was playing on the playground behind her.


elisa said...

Awesome post.

Pictures are the best tools to tricking back to ma and pa the details of their not so great nanny!

Chantel said...

Great picture! Hopefully the parents see this awful nanny.

Manhattan Nanny said...

This is truly alarming. She could dislocate the baby's elbow or shoulder picking her up by one arm.
OP, Is this a playground you go to regularly? Maybe you will spot those children again with their mom or dad, and can speak with them.

worlds best nanny said...

Oh, gimme a break! Everyone is fine.
She had just better stop hauling kids around by their arms.

DowntoEarth said...

Worlds best nanny
it seems every post where s nanny is rough with the children, you need a b reak and think abuse is ok. This is about the 4th post that you have said this. Personally I hope your employers would see this is fire you as you may or may not be abusing their kids,because you seem to think that jerking infant and tots around is ok. You have no idea if everyone is fine or if damage has been done to any of those kids that people have made legitimate posts about in here.
It most certaInly is NOT ok for people to pick children up by one arm or be rough with them. I hope that you are found out and fired.

ro said...

World's Best Nanny seemes more like a naricisstic mother lacking maternal instinct than a professional nanny. I am not saying you aren't a nanny, I just wonder the shallow depths of desperation which would lead someone to bring you in to their home.

Worlds Best Mom said...

Stupid nanny, whose moniker I can't bring bring my self to type,

Don't you think that hauling the baby around by its arms was rather one of the points of this post?


worlds best nanny said...

Hello? Did I not say hauling a child, or in this case an infant is wrong? I come from the part of the country where we had Louise Woodward murder an infant. About 50 miles from here a boy was raped in a library. Perhaps I have become desensitized towards the small potatoes I've seen posted here.

Jane Doe said...

We are not rating the abuse described in the post. It is completely irrelevelant as to what you have seen or heard about in your experience. This post is about one child being treated by a paid caregiver in a manner that the OP found unacceptable.

Lincoln Park Nanny said...


I to have noticed your rabid defense in abusive/negligent posting.

If I was the parent I would want to know that my paid employee sat with her back to my children and treated them harshly, let alone potentially injuring the infant. A child can be taken in a heartbeat and harsh treatment can be as damaging as physical abuse.

Its pretty shocking you claim to be a worlds best nanny but sound ignorant and flippant at best.

You seem to think that its all ok just because the babys arm didnt break, the unwatched boys didnt disappear. You fail to see the signs of possible worse abuse are there. Imagine how that nanny behaves in private when no eyes are on her if shes so cavalier to being abusive in a public place.Im sure the murderer you mentioned built up her abuse before the murder

It's very odd you think harsh treatment and sloppy care is "ok" as long as arm yanking stops. Would you want your kids treated this way? Please tell us that you wouldnt care much if your nanny didnt watch where your kids were in a park and talked to them in a frightening manner. Are you justifying your own behavior with charges in your care?

I live in a city where children are abused and neglected day in and out and it doesnt affect my care and empathy for child abuse and neglect, in fact it spotlights it and makes me more concerned about the caregivers who take out their mental issues on their charges

Get your self to therapy asap if your claim that reading or hearing about major child abuse and murders have made it so you think child abuse is ok as long as no serious harm is done that day.Dont worry about mental damage or the childs safety as long as no bone snapped. A Mentally injured child doesnt matter as long as a bone didnt break. As long as no pervert didnt grab the kids while she wasnt watching its all great....

WTF? said...

I don't consider this "small potatoes" at all. I'd fire a nanny for handling my infant or young child in such a manner. It's simply not an acceptable way to treat a young child. It shows a complete lack of any sort of bond. Very concerning.

Jane Doe said...

Lincoln Park Nanny,
I loved your comment. Thank you.

TC said...

WBN, You should get all your facts before commenting.

First of all how many times have you visited Discovery Green?

Do you know where in Houston it is?

Try DOWNTOWN Houston...not out in a 'safe suburb' This park does not have a fence and it is just a few feet from a street, in fact if you look close enough you can see the street in the picture. There is also a small lake just a few yards from the park. It's across the street from a high rise construction site and a hotel. Also, although I hate to admit this about my home town, we have a lot of homeless people in the area. It's within walking distance of Toyota Center, Minute Maid Park and The George R Brown, all 3 which at any time can house thousands of people. This is NOT an area where you would let your guard down and turn your back to the children at ANY time. Yes this park is relatively safe and yes it's in a good neighborhood but just skip over a block or two and you are no longer in a great part of town.

I find it incredibly sad that because she didn't break the infants arm that you deem her actions as no big deal. That shows a tremendous lack of empathy, it shows a lot about your moral character, and it shows a lot about how you treat your charges. I feel for the children entrusted in your care. They deserve much better.

Manhattan Nanny, we might go back before it gets to hot here but probably not. This was a good 45 minute from where we live and that was the first time we had been to that park.

worlds best nanny said...

As I have posted in the past on the outside I am a perfect nanny. On these boards I am showing the true me. There are others like me out there! "and there are a million of us who act like me, who dress like me, who cuss like me, who walk, talk and act like me, who just don't give a f**k like me."

This isn't the Eminem show said...

Now I've seen everything. We have a nanny quoting Eminem? Lovely.

lovesthegirls said...

World's Best-- First of all-- I don't mind you. You have written witty things in the past that I can appreciate, and in some cases I have agreed with the "yawn" factor of SOME posts; but I do not appreciate what you just said. PLEASE don't add more fuel to the "hate the nanny" fore that seems to run ramped on this blog. I will grant that there are nannies like you-- that have the "Eddie Haskel" mentality, but I think there are probably more of us that discipline with love and guidance. There are more of us that would take a bullet for the kids in our care. Please don't give the SAHM's on here another reason to hate us and PLEASE don't strike fear in the hearts of those that HAVE to work and have a nanny. It is not fair to say things without abandon that would make ANYONE queastion us-- as a whole community.

Anonymous said...

Why do people even take world's best nanny THIS seriously?

She's obviously out to get a rise and shock everyone. And she's succeeding. It's not even worth encouraging.
Who cares?

DenverNanny said...

Maybe World's Best Troll?

Good post, OP!