63rd and 3nd. Ave in NYC

Received Friday, March 20, 2009
nanny sighting logo Bitchy nanny seen walking with her young charge down 63rd Street. Screaming at the child because her new sneaks (the nannies) were turning brown. The child was only about 4 years old and had apparently had a "play date" which the nanny was walking her home from. The nanny said to the four year old, yes the four old, "Let's see you buy me a new pair" and "You think it's funny, it aint funny". She was going on and on. The conditions of her shoes had nothing to with the child, but the weather! I was walking behind them for almost five minutes, while the nanny ranted and moaned to the poor child about her stupid shoes. The nanny and went in to Hot & Crusty bagels there on 2nd.

The nanny was AA, portly, short, with a butch style of dress, dark grey sweatshirt, black hooded sweatshirt over that, bag men looking jeans, white leather looking tennis shoes, Converse. <--you should know if this is your nanny. The child had dark blond hair with a blue ribbon in it, wearing a muted pink pea coat and a grey, beanie hat.

Memo to parents: Don't hire nannies that are so finicky about their shoes and clothing. You're a nanny, you should expect you could get mud on your shoes, grass stains on your jeans and glitter in you're hair.


nanny ash said...

I completey agree with the OP and great posting! That poor child. I am a nanny and I wear my sweats and older clothes to work because I know I am bound to get milk spilled on me, painted on, chalk on , etc. etc. etc. You can be as careful you possibly can but youre still gonna get crap spilled on you. I hope someone can contact this family and let them know their nanny is verbally abusing their child :( Makes me so sad..

Anonymous said...
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TC said...

I stupidly wore my brand new UGG boots when I went to work one day...of course I ended up with stuff on them and they are runined...but it was my own fault, I didn't get upset and blame my charge. I was the one that decided to wear the shoes and I paid the consequences.

Poor kids, I hope the parents see this and at the very least have a talk with the nanny

honest nanny said...

haha i love that last sentence OP!

i used to work in a very "uppity" neighborhood where the moms would show up driving their bmws and wearing high heels to the playground! then there was me. baby spit up all over, mud on my face, dirty shoes from highschool. i'm almost always in an oversized sweatshirt.

you could definitely tell i was a nanny by the way i dressed. lol.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Good post OP. I love your last paragraph. I hope the parents see it, and also the poster who recently described a nanny disparagingly as a slob in "cheap looking clothes"!

worlds best nanny said...

Yeah but if the nanny is not concerned about her sneakers then she is considered a butch. If I ever heard my employer that I looked butch I'd be so outta there!

n singh said...

I am a nanny andany good or half decent nanny has the common sense to know that you will get your stuff dirty in this profession.that poor child, how can you be a nanny and berate a child in public for this.didn't she think someone would hear her one because of her stupidity she will lose her job for a sixty five dollar pair of sneakers. serves her right.

nanny ash said...

Its kind of pathetic to sit on a blog all day and write your dumb comments on it and wait for them to get removed by MPP and Jane. It sounds like you really need to get a life. MPP and Jane: Thanks for monitoring this blog so closely and removing those nasty comments. I have been a fan of reading this blog for 6 months and I hate to see people like that ruining it.