Dave & Buster's - Palisades Mall - Nyack, NY

Received Saturday February 7, 2009
nanny sighting logo Palisades Mall. Nyack, NY. 5:30 on Friday evening. I was having cocktails with a couple of my colleagues at Dave N Busters, a restaurant/bar that also has an enormous game room. There were a group of about 3 nannies (or maybe more) that were also congregated near the bar. They were obviously drinking alcoholic beverages and were going out of their way to flirt and make contact with all different types of men while their charges ran amuck. They were continuously approached with questions like "Matt won't share the coins with me" "I need more money" and others. It went on and on and on and I was irritated watching.

Two of the nannies sounded Irish. One had short black hair and was chubby, and one had long blond hair. The other I saw was hispanic of some sort and I think one of the kids called her Erma. I don't know whose kids were what and there appeared to be several of them ranging in age from like 7 to maybe 14. I never saw one of them get up at all until a little girl came over with a bunch of tickets, maybe needing help picking a prize. These kids were almost completely unsupervised and, unless there was some kind of pickup involved, they were on their way to be driven home by someone under the influence, because they all drank beer. There is way too much older person activity to have young kids running around there by themselves, especially on a Friday. This place also is right near a main entrance so it would be very easy to take a child and be gone before anyone noticed, especially three drunk nannies.


Nanny Taxi said...

Did you go to management? Here is Dave and Busters policy on children.

House Policies.

This is the Web site of Dave & Buster's, Inc.

Dave & Buster's welcomes all our guests. We respectfully remind you that Dave & Buster's is primarily an adult establishment. We have long-standing house policies relating to the admission, conduct and safety of all guests. Please read and respect the policies listed below. Some stores may have additional guidelines - please contact your location for these additional guidelines.

Age policies vary by location, so visit the locations section on or check with the local store for the latest information. Guests under the age of 18 or 21 (varies by location) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 25 or 30 (varies by location) years of age or older, who agrees to be responsible for the conduct and safety of the underage guests.

One parent or guardian can accompany up to a maximum of six underage guests. (maximum of four underage guests in NYC)

Underage guests must remain with their parent or guardian. Our other guests appreciate this, and our insurance carrier requires it.

Guests must behave courteously.

Loud and/or abusive language will not be tolerated.

No pipe or cigar smoking. No snuff or chewing tobacco.

Smoking permitted in designated areas only. Smoking policies vary by location, so check with local stores for information.

We will not admit anyone who is obviously intoxicated. We will gladly arrange taxi service for our guests.

Please observe the following dress code:
Appropriate, clean attire required.

Did you call the police after they left?

Ha! said...

Nanny Taxi said it all.

chick said...

I third Nanny Taxi. If you did nothing, you are as negligent as the "nannies" you observed.

lovesthegirls said...

While regardless of behavior (b/c if indeed the females were drunk and the childrent were completely unsupervised) how do you know they were nannies? Just curious....

Shannon said...

Lemon spice.

Jacqui said...

Very strange sighting. I'm not questioning the validity of it, just wondering where people like these nannies come from and why nothing was done by the bar management.

mom said...

Oh, I've ssen poorly supervised children allowed at every kind of place form Chuck E cheese to Dave and Busters. They don't do anything. Once I went down a back hall to the restroom of a Chuch E Cheese and there was the emergency door wide open and an alarm blowing...which nobody came to close or check out until I alerted the staff. (Remember, Chuck E Cheese claims to have that great arm band safety policy, so parents are told they can feel safe letting them wander alone and not be stolen.) A child could have so easily been taken from there and nobody would have bothered check, for who knows how long...because who knows how long the door was open before I happened by.

I hate the lack of close observation as much as I hate the drunkenness in this post. Dave and Busters is filled with drinking adults and is no place for unsupervised kids.

I once took my three to a Game Works (a huge, two story arcade type place) to play video games when they were approx 10, 6 and 3. Naturally, I kept them all in one room with me and kept an eye on all, but stood right next to the baby (my baby happily "played" video games with no money in them.) Within less than 10 minutes I watched a man, probably in his 30s, sidle up to my 10 year old as he played a game and begin trying to engage him in conversation. I took the baby and walked over to stand by my son while he played, giving the jerk a clue that my son was not "available." The guy casually wandered away...right over to my six year old...and tried to start up a conversation with him! It was so completely creepy to see some body with such obviously ill intent at work! I walked over to my six year old and the guy, probably scared since he had been caught red handed, wandered completely away from where we were. How often do you think that happens in places like that? Its the perfect place for pedophiles to hunt for unsupervised kids and make a quick get away! Made me so sick we never went back there again.


sharkbait said...

Please don't be "that" person. You know, the one that comes on every other sighting and asks that question: "How do you know it was the nanny?"

I want to wretch every time because people on this blog have fought back and forth over the reasons a hundred times and I wish that one question could be banned!

Anyway, OP said one of the kids called their nanny "Erma" - besides, OP watched (and remember, was irritated enough by it, too!) - that I'm sure he/she was able to discern these kids were not being neglected by their own parents.

Don't get me wrong LTG, I think your tops, but I just REALLY hate that question.

Ok, I'm gonna go take a xanax now.

lovesthegirls said...


Its a valid question. I am curious A) why there is rarely the assumption that these sightings can be deadbeat mons-aunts etc. B) Perhaps I was one of the mothers of these children... and wanted to ensure my assumption it may/may not be one of my nannies. C) If it was indeed a nanny, I want to know how they get away with doing this.... don't parents smell liquor??? So, sharkbait, please don't insinuate I am "that" person. It is a TOTAL and completly valid question. Thanks!!! :P

lovesthegirls said...
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mom said...

IMO, it doesn't matter at all whether WE know if it turned out to be a nanny/mom/aunt/cousin/sister, as long as hopefully somebody who knows the children involved can see the post and make sure whatever dimwit it was isn't left in charge of the kids alone again.

I suspect that people who become defensive about "couldn't it be the mom instead of the nanny" are those who assume that those of us here are somehow out to prove something negative specifically about nannies (as if we somehow don't like nannies, or think they are generally bad caregivers)...when really I suspect that most, if not all, of us here have nothing to prove against nannies in particular, but are rather just concerned for children in matter who is watching them.

The site may be called ISYNanny...but it serves to out bad childcare by anybody at all in the process.

lovesthegirls said...


Couldn't agree more. With the exception of the comment re: out to prove something bad. I was not becoming defensive. I just find it funny that a majority of the time people DO assume it is a nanny. The funny thing is-- a majority of the time I am willing to bet the perp IS a family member. Esp. the posts such as these where negligent behavior could be proven right off the bat (ie smelling happy hour all over their nanny, or the 14 yr old saying "Gee mom.. nanny X drank the same thing on that commerical today yadda.. yadda.." No defensivness... just would prefer the correct group gets due blame.
THAT being said.. no one should have too much to let and drive themselves let alone kids.

I hope I am communicating my thoughts well.. may or may not be. Who knows my point is-- just make sure it is a nanny. ANd NO-- this was not me... we don't even have a Dave and Busters up here... but they sound like a blast for grown ups!

mom said...

Quite well. You make good points, Loves the Girls.
And, as fo Dave an Buster's...I htink it's more for the young adult crowd. Picture a giant Chuck E Cheese with bigger games and alcohol. We went for adult nights out there with with friends a few times at around age 30...seemed to me that the guys had a GREAT time while we wives had a decent time playing the games. Seems it wuld be a fantastic place for a guys night out to unwind...but my friends and I would never choose it for a ladies night...if that helps describe it.
I did have fun with my kids there a couple of times...but as this post illustrates so well, it was hard to treally relax because you really don't want them out of your sight for even a moment at D&Bs...and if you have more than one kid, good luck corralling them all together!
I suppose that's one nice thing about the proliferation of video games that kids can now play at the house...they don't have to risk life and limb for a good time!

MissDeeHatesPuddles said...

Mom: How scary that some creep was watchhing your child. I can only imagine how uncomfortable that made you feel.

We don't have Dave and Buster's in Madison, WI yet. And from what I have been told, it's like a Chuck E Cheese for grown ups. Hardly a place I would take children, especially J, my charge, who is only 3. And yes, we don't know if these women with the children were relatives. We do know that they were irresponsible and negligent.

worried neighbor said...

OP, Could the nanny, Erma have been Filipino by chance? Also, can you give an age range for the nannies? I think this could be my neighbor's nanny, but don't want to worry my neighbor before checking the stats with you.

mom said...

worreid neighbor,
I don't understand how mentioning this to your neighbor could cause her any undue or unnecessary concern. Either her nanny took the kids to Dave and Buster's on this specific day or she didn't. If she didn't, worry is over before it starts. If she did, your neighbor has every right and reason to be worried. Just tell her.

hmmm? said...

Nannies want to get laid too

worriedneighbor said...

The neighbor I'm referring to tends to be overly dramatic and blow things way out of proportion. I'd rather play it safe than sorry and get info on the nanny first before I bring it to her attention.

mom said...

But I still don't get how asking if her kids and nanny went to Chuck E Cheese will get her overly upset. There's NOTHING to worry about if they didn't go there, so how can blow that out of proportion, since it will be a big nothing to her? If they were there it is most likely her kid is involved, in which case her potentially feeling overly upset is irrelevant in comparision with the need to protect her kids. Even irrational people have a duty to protect their kids, no matter how personally upsetting it may be to them to have to hear about and deal with unpleasant situations involving their children. It's part of being a parent.

worriedneighbor said...

I guess I didn't explain the situation well. I live in a neighborhood that's not very involved, and therefore have met my neighbor once. I've lived here for over a year and a half, but my charges family has known them for much longer. In any case, if I were to speak to her, much less ask what her kids were up to, it'd be suspicious.

I understand your point, but I think I'll take it up with my employer from this point and see what she thinks.

mom said...

Oh, I see. That does make sense. I thought this was one of your friends. If it were one of my friends I would simply tell her I had seen the post and she ought to look to make sure it wasn't her kids. But its a little trickier if its a neighbor of your employers.

Maybe just print out a copy of the post then and get it to her anonymously. (But do it in a way you're sure she'll see it.) If it's not her nanny she'll simply be bewildered. Bewildered isn't that stressful...and she wont be mad at you either way.

amazing nanny said...

I am a nanny in Nyack and I think I know one of the aupairs you saw...I have never seen her with her charges, only in social settings. If I could get more information about the one in particular I would be able to let the family know of her behavior...