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.... What?!

1) Needed: Non Crazy Babysitter for the Night (GVP/JC)
Laugh at the title all you wish - but I'm REALLY looking for a babysitter that is reliable, responsible, and NOT crazy. I have two little boys that are pretty well behaved, but have the ability to drive you up the wall. I'm looking for someone tonight because our sitter is unreachable (as they somehow ALWAYS are when you really need them) and my mother is certifiably insane and is giving me the silent treatment again (why, I couldn't tell you). The boys are almost 3 and almost 1, and incredibly easy to care for. At the moment they have runny noses, but have had them for a week without any other symptoms. I would not put them in the care of others if they were legitimately sick. Runny noses only requires the use of a few Kleenexes, not bio-hazard suits. More than likely we'd like to leave around 7:30. Bedtime is 10, food will be given already (except for the little one's sippy cup which is full until 10, and snacks), and we'll be home around 3am. We have dogs and a cat in the house, but dogs can go outside if you wish. Our house is messy and always in the process of 'improvements', so don't expect fancy duds. Pay for 7:30p-3a is $60 (which is impressive considering you'll be watching tv for 5 hours). If you're coming from more than 15miles away, I'll also add in a bit extra for gas. If you want to know any more about me, the kids, or the situation...just shoot me a message. I'm young with a wild sense of humor, but I'm absolutely serious when it comes to who watches my kids. And if no one decides to respond - well then I hope you at least got a smile or two out of this ridiculous ad. Thanks and happy trails ;)
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The Mom in the above Ad then posted this in her Blog:

2) I have decided, however, that I am most definitely NOT using the sitter that I used last night...ever again.I put out this ridiculous ad on CL for an emergency sitter. It was actually fairly entertaining. You can read that here. I got numerous responses from people who apparently did not read the ad well enough to realize that they had to come into our home to watch the kids. I got two responses from girls who said that they'd come here. One of them was entirely too cutesy and nice, a little TOO excited about watching the kids. I invited the other one over to meet me. She's a young mother with two children (almost 21 with a 17mo old and a 5mo old). Pretty nice, soft spoken, and with an atrocious little monster of a 17mo old boy. He screams bloody murder when he's excited. He got excited a lot.Anyways, so we sat and talked as I wanted to make sure that she wasn't a looney toon. Her kids looked well taken care of, well groomed, etc. I asked her repeatedly if she thought she was completely able to take care of ALL of them, as I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. I told her that if she had ANY reservations or doubts about watching them, to let me know. She said that she could handle it. She left and then eventually came back around 7:30.I had to get everything ready by myself because Tyler had already left the house - he apparently had already made plans to go early with the guys because he thought I wasn't getting a babysitter. I was a little more than infuriated that he didn't even THINK about me before making those plans, but...whatever. I cleaned up the place, got the kids food, got myself ready, etc. She came and I made sure she had our list of numbers, another quick rundown of how things go, etc. I left. She didn't contact me at all, so I figured things went okay.I got back home around 3, obviously - from my retarded post. Both the boys were sleeping and she said things went alright. Aiden wanted to get up around midnight and use the potty, so he did and then went back to bed. Not too surprising. I paid her - MORE than I originally intended because of having to deal with both boys and her kids, and being a young mother. I gave her $75. I originally stated $60 - which is MORE than enough considering she was watching tv for 5 hours. I went to sleep and all was cool. Woke up this morning and got my game face on even through the raging headache. Aiden got up and ate cereal and yogurt, I got Conley's sippy cup ready for him and went to get him up. He was awake, sitting in his bed with the most sad, pathetic look on his face. As soon as I got to the crib I could immediately smell pee. I picked him up and his sweatpants, shirt, and bedding were completely soaked. This leads me to believe, with about 99.9% positivity, that she didn't change his diaper before she put him in bed. There is absolutely NO reason he should've wet through his diaper in a night, as it's never happened before. So I had to give him a quick bath before he even got to eat this morning - and we were both upset. Not only that, but I gave her pretty adamant instructions that Conley got to have a cheerio snack around 9 with his last sippy cup of the night. Cheerios were in the pantry, put them on the high chair and he'll get them. Yeah. Pretty sure the box of Cheerios were still closed (new box ya'll). Dumb. Broad. Ugh. One of these days I'll find a sitter that is sane and responsible.
Special Thanks to: Ipv_84, Chrissya, Rachel, MissDee, Jenifer_Taylor and all of the Anonymous Contributors.... you picked some really great Ads this week! I also appreciate the comments sent from those that missed it yesterday! xo Remember: CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday... please send next weeks Ads HERE.



TC said...

First of all it doesn't matter when the kids go to bed you still gotta pay them the same amount. Trying to justify not spending the money by saying you're paying them to watch TV is selfish and just plain stupid.

A babysitter is there if your child wakes up after they go to sleep (which is what happened in this case).

A babysitter is there in case there is an emergency once your child goes to sleep.

A babysitter can not just up and leave once the child is asleep and they should be paid accordingly.

Thank goodness I've never worked for someone who thought they didn't have to pay me as much simply because their child went to sleep....of course entire weekend jobs are another story.

Kathrine said...

These parents always act like my preferred weekend activity is watching TV at very low volume. Well, it's not.

Also, if you would never be able to handle a certain job (too many kids, not enough pay, hours too long) then WHY would you ask someone else to do that job?

You have to know that the care is going to be substandard in a situation like that.

Village said...

This could be the best/worst WTF yet.

To the SAHM who wants to pay seventy thousand a year for a Mother's helper, IT'S NOT ENOUGH!

Nanny Taxi said...

Mothers Helper #3

This person calls herself a woman? She needs to surrender her ovaries at the nearest AutoZone. I have never met a woman who cannot multi-task She can't hang? She's that scatterbrained, that all she can do is fold laundry and she has children? Does she ever "forget" to feed them? Someone should have sterilized this person years ago, she not even qualified to care for her dogs! I can imagine the poor mother's helper working while she's in a corner spinning in circles.

Too Sad To Be Ironic said...

Entry 1, in the blog post the last line:

One of these days I'll find a sitter that is sane and responsible.

The problem is you. You're insane and irresponsible. Duh.

Too Sad To Be Legal said...

omg number 6

I'm assuming this person is not licensed to have a day care.

I REALLY hope that someone answered that ad and then reported the address, or found out the address and the scoped it out in order to inform the parents of the children who go their of what is going on.

That's something the police should be advised about, imo, no person has the right to put OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN AT RISK, not that parents should put their own kids at risk, but dayum....

She is a mess said...

I submitted the first ad, the one looking for the sitter and then her blog post. When I read it, I just couldn't believe she was shocked she got a bad sitter. She knew them for like 20 minutes!

She sounds like an unfit mother in most of her posts, it is disgusting. I can't not read though, it is like a car wreck.

I love crazy blogs said...

I can haz link to her blog plz?

bethany1699 said...

i would TOTALLY babysit for the harry potter lady! I think its hilarious!

bethany1699 said...
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Nanny from Fargo said...

These are all INSANE!

Oh man.... I don't even know where to begin. People are so SNOTTY- sheesh.

$2.50 per hour to watch your child?

$20 to stay at your house until four in the morning?

$8 per hour to practically renovate your home?

WTF is right!

Nanny from Fargo said...

Nanny Taxi said...

"I can imagine the poor mother's helper working while she's in a corner spinning in circles."

.... and I couldn't stop laughing :) HAhahahaa

Baltimore Nanny said...

I can verify the cheap ignorance here in Baltimore! There are many families that are willing to pay proper amounts of money for a nanny, but when I was recently looking for a position I was disgusted by what people thought was "fair compensation" for a nanny.

honest nanny said...

LOL. this first posting was hilarious! so the babysitter forgot to give the kid cheerios and ... maybe, MAYBE forgot to change a diaper. or maybe the kid peed a lot during the night.

what an uptight mom!

honest nanny said...

in response to #13:

when did $100/wk become REASONABLE?! LMAO!

SitterSarah said...

To that first ad-She is damn lucky anyone responded! Who is going to answer an ad for a 'not crazy" sitter? Who puts that in the ad?!? Such weirdos. And I completely agree with TC that a sitter should not be paid less simply because the child is asleep. Again, the entire weekend is different, but one evening should be paid hourly.

And what is the deal with that woman asking for a mother's helper? I might be wrong, but I don't believe childcare is even part of that. She wants a housekeeper. And a cheap one. Good luck to her!

$2.50 an hour should get that woman an incompetant 12 or 13 year old who is desperate for money. Adequate childcare-I think not. Why do people expect that sitters will just accept whatever you throw at them? Do you really think your child is worth only $2.50 an hour?

honest nanny said...

wow. i know the economy is bad, but $2.50/hour? i got paid more than that when i was 11 years old and watching my cousins!!!

i don't understand why people think they can hire a nanny when they can't pay AT LEAST $500/wk for full time care.

craigslist WTF is right!

career nanny said...

honest nanny
Or maybe it's all those sippy cups she lets her kid drink until 10 o'clock at night!! What a nutbag that woman is!

just another mommy said...

#6 - is it even legal to just leave your daycare kids with some random person?

And what's up with the lady asking so much and only willing to pay $2.50 an hour.

CaliNanny said...

Number 8's questions are
hi-lar-i-ous! Would you let dr.seuss into your house...i wonder what the right answer is?!
I also wonder if the harry potter parents are a scam or truly whakados. I had to forward that one to a friend.

CaliNanny said... was cat in the hat, not dr.seuss in ad 8...still though...

Nanny Taxi said...

Ok, I emailed mothers helper, here's how it went.

Subject: mothers helper

You are apparently out of your mind! You are un-employed and you need someone to clean your house? $150? What are you nuts? If you are as scatterbrained as you describe yourself perhaps you should surrender your kids to social services!

She answered

ha ha bite me!
A real classy lady here! Not!

bella said...

That's because she knows what she's doing: trying to get a slave for a bargain.

There's a huge difference between being poor/broke/low on funds, and just out right taking advantage of somebody because you can.

I despise people like that!

for real wtf?! said...

I'm with you! I wonder what the "right" answers to the quiz on #8 are, too! Hahaha!!

worlds best nanny said...

Personally I do not like Dr. Seus. All those made up words can really confuse a kid.

chick said...

I have to disagree, wbn. Sometimes it's just FUN to call someone a diffendoofer.

Or a zamp, or a zlock.

Words are fun, whether new or old
Saying ga-fluppted makes me feel bold

From the top of my head to the tips of my feet,
saying sneezle or zazzit makes me feel neat!

So please do not dismiss words like fluffel and quackterat,
because to do so disses the original Cat in the Hat!

all eyes said...

Forgive me, I couldn't resist and just had to send a message to #8:

Q: At what point can a child cross the street without holding on to a grownup's hand?
A: Can is a word attached to capability and not a value judgment, children typically possess the capability around 16 months.

Q: Name a food that is much better to buy in season at the Greenmarket than in a store. Name a food that is practically as good in stores as it is at the Greenmarket, regardless of season.
A: Irrelevant, you decide the purchases and would you really opt not to hire a nanny because they didn't subscribe to the whole eat locally concept? It's not as if that is high on anyone's list to secretly indoctrinate your children against.

Q: A child asks you where the sun goes at night. How do you answer?
A: The Sun has gone to help Ra in his battle against Apep, but worry not Khonsu will keep an eye on you as you rest.

Q: What are three good rules for organizing and putting away toys?
A: Under the bed, in the closet and in the drawers.

Q: Would you let the Cat in the Hat into your house? Why or why not?
A: Having ran a background check on said cat, yes. He is a joy for kids and cleans up after himself. In fact, I've recommended him as commerce secretary on many an occasion.

I can't wait to hear back and learn how well I did. Oh, and just for your information childcare ads typically go into the childcare section at and not the domestic section.

May you have a wonderful day. Thank you.

I'll report back the reply, if any.

all eyes said...

worlds best nanny, I agree with chick.

Children should think of words as fun.

Besides, there are plenty of real words in each book and the creativity of Green Eggs and Ham is difficult not to love.

worlds best nanny said...

Okay, chick

I will admit saying those words just now were kind of fun. But when a 4 year old asks me what a zazdoodle is, what am I supposed to say?

all eyes said...

worlds best nanny,

I'd say it's a doodle with zaz and chuckle.

But you didn't pose the question to me. *cry*

chick said...

I usually say, "Well, what do you think it is?", and then work off their response. We might describe it together, draw a picture of it, or even make up our own story about it and its friends.

Imagination is an essential element of intelligence, IMO. And Seuss is a terrific imagination starter set.

(I have recived some terrific drawings of critters who had completely made up names.)

seattle said...

just wondering..

how did you manage to find her blog after she posted on craigslist?

all eyes said...

#2 is annoying. Here is an example of a new parent who can't seem to comprehend that their boys would behave differently with others than they would with them, or that the sitter/nanny wouldn't do things at the exact same times.

Leaky diaper? Well that could be the result of the diaper being changed sooner than the mother would normally. Or perhaps the sippy cup was allowed later than the mother would normally allow, or both. Neither of these things are the sign of a negligence on the part of the sitter or nanny. Simply a break with routine.

Cheerios unopened? Perhaps the child wanted a different cereal or perhaps he fell asleep early? After all, who wakes a child specifically for a snack of Cheerios? And she puts this in her blog? The narcissism involved here makes me wonder if she wanted the sitter or nanny to fail just so she'd have something else to write.

How sad!

I'm glad I've never encountered such a person.

all eyes said...

seattle raises a good question, I'd also like to know.

visitor said...

@ all eyes:

I LOL'ed at your answer to "where does the sun go at night?"


all eyes said...

Ignoring that I'm nowhere near the area for a second, it is sad to say I couldn't work for #5.

I once waited behind he who must not be named at the grocery store and as with all lines, you follow the one in front of you. *sigh*

all eyes said...

Thank you visitor. :)

Marypoppin'pills said...

all eyes, brilliant response to #8!

As for the Feature Ad, that Mom blogs on Xanga, and she left the link to the CL Ad in it.

Enjoy!! said...

Seattle: I read her blog, and she posted the blog I submitted and it had the link in it to her CL Ad. She set herself up to be put on this site. She thinks her Ad was cute and clever and she loves being such a 'good mom' while still being young.

Her posting about partying, smoking pot and separating from her husband will make you want to smack her.

I don't know her in real life. She is on Xanga. "Justcallmekat" is her screenname on there.

Nanny Taxi said...

My 13 year old read the Harry Potter couple and has decided he wants to live with them. He is a member of Dumbledore's Army, while I am member of the Order of The Phoenix.

bella said...

I looked up that username on Xanga, no results.

Can you give us a link to her Blog?? I am dying to read it!!!

Immature Mothers Scare Me said...

Number 2's Myspace located:

fawn marie said...


I just went to the blog and she has enabled friend lock. i asked her to let me be her friend so we'll see...

bella said...

Are you the one who found this on Xanga? That would be so bitchin' if you could somehow get to her profile and maybe copy & paste a few of her things. I wish there was a way we could get in to see for ourselves!
Just like a train wreck - you can't help but watch!!

Immature Mothers Scare Me
How in the crap did you find her MySpace??

Immature Mothers Scare Me said...


Simple, prior to her deleting her ad, I sent her an email and she was foolish enough to respond using the same email address she did to create her myspace account.

Then I went to:

And put it in.


This is nothing, give me a phone number and I'll have the name of the owner, their address, sale history on the home, current value, picture of the house, criminal history of the occupants, their political contributions, Myspace, Facebook, and more.

It's simple too, reverse lookup on the number provides address and names of occupants, you dump the names into an area search for Myspace, Facebook, etc. to come up with their profiles, you dump the names into the court system for the state of residence, the Huffington Post has a wonderful resource for checking political contributions, you dump the physical address into Google Maps and click the new street view for a picture of the home, and you dump the physical address into Zillow for current value and sale history.

What use would it all be?

Nothing, but it is amusing no less.

It's why everyone should be wary about what they give out online.

WTF? said...

She sounds like a total dumb ass, but is stalking her really necessary?

Enjoy!! said...

Oops.. someone pissed her off! Here is the first CL Ad's author going on a rant... Enjoy!!

Like I wasn't having enough issues as it was. I get THIS email.

Your sitter is unreachable, your mother won't talk to you, and yet it couldn't be you? Of course of course, that makes so much sense! Cheerios and a leaky diaper. Well shoot, you're so flawless you must have never put a diaper on a little crooked. Never happened before? How will you feel if it happens tomorrow?

For heaven's sake, I've been changing 'em for fourteen years and it still happens to me.

Your problem is you throw away people.

- Anonymous Forum of Nannies

A response was sent explaining that I, in fact, DO have a camera set up in the house (which only a few people knew about) and I got THIS email.

You're a 24 year old narcissistic pot user with trust issues who is unable to hold onto her husband and is being shunned by her mother. Worse, you can't begin to comprehend a scenario where you have any fault without realizing how clear those faults of yours are to everyone else and you want to talk about juvenile? Wow.

You're like a monkey in a cage being put on display to be laughed at by sitters, nannies and other mothers with decades of experience and it's not that we're cruel. Indeed we find it so very sad for your children, those who must associate themselves with you and even you that you are this way, rather it is quite the opposite. There are so many almost like you, that laughing at the more outlandish such as you let's us better handle those almost like you because, they're not you.

And you have been caught in a lie.

"..with about 99.9% positivity, that she didn't change his diaper..."

Oops. If you had a camera, it would have been a hundred percent. I know more than you ever will, but go ahead and rage. I won't see any response to this email. I won't see your blog. I'll never see anything you say or think again and we'll still be laughing at you.

Have a nice day, child.

Caught in a lie I was not. The fact that no one really knew about this cam is exactly why I sarcastically put "99.9% positivity". Jesusfuckingchrist. Pot user? Yeah, because I have chronic migraines that can't be made better. 5 neurologists later and I'm still getting unless you want to pay for a 6th - I'll probably keep on. Can't keep a hold of my husband? He's not the one leaving me. He made his decision when he kept abusing a drink. So fuck you.

Listen broad, dude, whoever the fuck you are. I'm not hiding behind anything. YOU are. You wanna put on your big girl panties and know about my life other than what I write here? I thought I could trust everyone on this list, but I'm deleting everyone and starting over. So. Add me as a friend again, but I won't guarantee I'll add you back.

Chantel said...

I've been reading here for awhile, but am totally new at posting. I'm the same age as #2, have two children and would NEVER dream in a million years of posting an ad on CL for someone to watch my children. It's dangerous. I think she's an idiot.

As for #6, I want to turn her in, but don't know how to go about doing it. I've been trying since yesterday, but no e-mails yet.

Immature Mothers Scare Me said...

[WTF? said...]

We're not stalking her, we'll forget her tomorrow or at least by the next CL-WTF.

We're attempting to learn more about her to understand where she is coming from.

This is critical because she is obviously a compulsive liar. For example, her claim of being a medical user of pot doesn't really fit with her "legalize it" statements on her myspace page, now does it?

Her appearance too plays its part.

[Enjoy!! said...]

Wow, she was caught in a lie. The context she used could never be sarcasm. We have the original text here.

Narcissistic, crazy and regardless of her reasons, a pot user! Even if you're a medical user - which she is obviously not, you're perception of the world is still a mess, you still act crazy.

* There is no getting to her however. Let her have her meltdown.

fawn marie said...

LOL! the drama on here cracks me up!!!

this is hilarious.

bella, i will most certainly try to forward you some info IF she allows me to be her friend on xanga. sounds like she's on a defensive bitch rampage right now...

Some Thoughts said...


I humbly disagree with your anti-CL view. In my view there is nothing wrong with posting an ad on Craigslist seeking a sitter or nanny. With but a single exception, as a nanny most of my business in the last several years has come from Craigslist.

What decides whether you're handling wrong or not is whether you follow through with checking references and doing a thorough background check.

* That and of course, how you treat the sitter or nanny.

That said, I agree with you in regard to this lady, she's an idiot. She is a selfish narcissistic compulsive liar who considers herself flawless and it's sad. I fear how her children will turn out.

honest nanny said...

this just hit me about ad #1. bed time is 10pm?!?!

the little boy i nanny for goes to bed at 6pm! (which admittedly is on the early side, but 10?!)

honest nanny said...

Some Thoughts:

i agree with you! CL posting has helped me find an apartment, couch, cat, friends and jobs! i don't know what i'd do without it.

and you are totally right, CHECK REFERENCES AND BACKGROUNDS! even if it is only for a few hours - so much can happen in that time! i mean, for example your child might not get fed his cheerios and his diaper might not get changed properly! phew, this lady dogged a bullet! haha *note sarcasm*

WTF? said...

Actually, you're just being an asshole and a bully.

It's one thing to comment on the submissions and quite another to seek someone out in order to initiate some weird confrontation.

Immature Mothers Scare Me said...

[WTF? said...]

Wow, all I did was find her Myspace to learn a little more about her and I'm a, that word, because of it?

No, I'm simply trying to understand the girl a little better. For example, again, her myspace page's legalize it comments don't fit with her medical use claims.

What are you doing?

You're attacking me, and in clear violation of ISYN's Comment Policy.

Please step back and take a deep breath. You're not this girl, are you?

Some Thoughts said...

honest nanny,

Same here. Friends, jobs, computers and more. I have no idea what my life would be like without Craigslist. :)

Some Thoughts said...


I tried emailing about #6.

Hopefully they'll be able to do something.

IMSM Scares ME! said...

Immature Mothers Scare Me,

How is her legalize it stance incompatible with being a medicinal user? Unless you live in a state that permits medicinal use (i.e., a 215 in California) AND you can find a doctor to issue the 215 AND you live in an area that has a club that dispenses, then you've got to get your pot the same way a recreational user gets it: through a dealer, who you may or may not know and trust. Legalizing it takes out the criminal element, regardless of your reason for using it.

I'm with WTF: you're a stalker. This woman has enough problems without you getting in her face.

Immature Mothers Scare Me said...

[IMSM Scares ME! said...]

1. Respectfully, you missed the point entirely. In her original blog posts she talked about pot in a context which would strongly suggest recreational use and her Myspace profile focuses on "legalizing it". She didn't bring up medicinal use until her status as a pot user was attacked. The point is, she is a compulsive liar. It served her argument to change her status, but she missed the point. Using pot, medicinally or not - and I won't bother with that debate, does drastically alter one's perception of the world - she refuses to take that into account. It is one of many elements that makes her blind to her faults, the ones so glaringly obvious to us.

2. Taking out my trusty Webster's, the definition of "stalker" is "a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention".

That doesn't exactly describe looking up someone's profile, now does it? That's all I did!

My email to her was "hi". I never said anything more to her. I never looked up anything else on her.

I challenge you to explain to us what is so wrong about looking up someone's Myspace profile?

So on definition you're wrong, by good sense you're wrong and again you are in VIOLATION of ISYN's comment policy.

(Jane will know it is you WTF.)

You owe me an apology.

WTF? said...

Nope. Not me. (you might want to check out that "policy" you keep harping on to see what it says about accusing other people of using multiple monikers when you don't know shit.) And I don't owe you squat, just like the other woman doesn't owe you any explanations about her life. If you don't want other people to call you an asshole, quit acting like one and quit lying about your intentions. They're crystal clear, stalker.

I'm a Mom said...

Good grief, take it easy. IMSM did nothing wrong. She was curious and looked up a MySpace page -- nothing more than the rest of us are doing by reading these CL ads because we are curious what would drive someone to act so irresponsibly around their children. No harm done. I think her knowing all of the resources available to her to check up on someone was what made you think she was a stalker, and quite frankly, I think that information was very valuable (re 8:59pm.)

Immature Mothers Scare Me said...


1. ISYN's Comment Policy forbids any and all personal attacks. It does not address multiple monikers. Perhaps you should give it a read?

2. You have yet to elaborate where I behaved so poorly. Cite what I said, or elaborate on what I did.

3. Where, when and how have I lied about my intentions?

It's time you answer these questions, or apologize and follow our policies, or leave.

All the best. My thanks in advance.

Immature Mothers Scare Me said...

I'm a Mom,

Thank you for coming to my defense. I'm not sure why anyone would think my looking up a Myspace page would be so bad.

If people didn't want their Myspace pages to be looked at: (a) why did they create them in the first place and (b) why wouldn't they have the "private mode" toggled?

In the 8:59 post you mentioned, I warned people to be careful about what they put online and what people could extract with as little information as a phone number.

It is worth nothing:
1. I don't have this girl's number.
2. I don't have that much interest.
3. I usually use these resources to check on parents before accepting a job offer.
4. The only exception to not using it on parents was on myself and my siblings for the fun of it.
5. I only know of these resources because of AP news articles.

Well, just, thank you. *hugs*

IMSM Scares ME said...

WTF is NOT IMSM Scares ME, as Jane can tell YOU. And neither one of us owes you an apology.

Not only did you go out of your way to track her down, you dedicated an entire post to all the wonderful other ways you could have gotten information about her, down to a map to her home (and its present value! And the criminal record of everybody who lives there! Can you tell us her blood type as well?). You then sent her at least one message to bait her. That you know all of this and are so quick to use it, tells me that you've participated in this stalker-like activity before. I'm right, aren't I?

Who made you the internet police? Why is it "critical" to call her on her "obvious compulsive lies?" It's one thing to be passivly amused by these CL WTF?s, but quite another to try to make yourself part of the story.

And, talking about multiple monikers... Would you also happen to be "Enjoy!!" ? And, even if you aren't, I'm pretty sure that you haven't used the "Immature Mothers Scare Me" moniker before this thread, and will likely not use it on others in the future. So, why don't you give the whole multiple moniker thing a rest.

Immature Mothers Scare Me said...

[IMSM Scares ME said...]

1. Where in my 3:51 AM or 4:03 AM posts do I suggest you and WTF are both one and the same? I gave the multiple monikers matter a rest already and no, I am not "Enjoy!!". She crossed a terrible line.

2. No, I dedicated half a post to warning people about what they put online as would be explicitly implied by my saying "give me a phone number" not "give me her phone number" and ending with "everyone should be wary about what they give out online".

3. I know of these resources because I have been online since 1994, I have a memory that serves me well and read an awful lot. I'm also among those few out there who still bothers to subscribe to a newspaper. See my 4:03 AM mention of AP news articles.

Most important:

4. All I did was look up her Myspace profile. The only "bait" I sent her was an email that had a single word, "hi", she responded and I used the email address to pull up her profile. Never said another word to her and never will.

Baring your misinterpretation of my 8:59 post, you have yet to cite a particular activity I've done wrong but you and WTF both have brutally attacked me no less.

I am willing to accept this all as a great misunderstanding, but that would still warrant an apology of course. As adults do.

seattle said...

you guys. seriously.

even if it is stalker-ish, does it really matter?

i look people up all the time. people i don't know. i can usually find their other online aliases and blogs and stuff like that. i enjoy it. its not like the information is useful to me in some way, its just fun to figure people out. i don't really care if you think it makes me a stalker, i KNOW that i'm nosy.

you're obviously nosy enough to be on a blog posting and reading about people you don't know either. that's why i come here. i'm not a nanny or an employer nor have i ever been. i work for a wireless company. i just like reading about other people.

does it matter that i'm nosy? no. and it doesn't matter that you or anyone else is either.

jeez. give it a rest. honestly.

seattle said...

also, telling someone to apologize to you is stupid.

if they say sorry, they probably won't mean it, and it makes you sound as if you are on some sort of high horse.

everyone should just get over it, haha. agree to disagree. or don't, but at least get over it. its just the internet.

bella said...

I'm with Seattle. I'm nosy, also! I admit to having looked people up, just out of curiosity, although I didn't know there was THAT much info out there to be found, lol. I don't know why everybody is getting all bent out of sorts here, it's no big deal, let it go. I enjoy reading everybody's posts and wish all of you would quit the bickering! Oh, and thanks for the info on how you found her Myspace, Immature Mothers Scare Me. You said she deleted her ad and I checked, yep, it's gone!

Immature Mothers Scare Me said...


1. Respectfully, you should have stopped a comment sooner. I liked your first one, but your second felt like a personal attack.

I'm a nanny, telling someone they owe another an apology comes with the territory. It is automatic when identified and rarely thought of. It has nothing to do with a high horse or any ego.

And at first, I didn't tell IMSM Scares ME! to apologize, I said he/she owed an apology. While at first glance it may not seem it, I would respectfully argue that this is a significant difference.

Now later, in my 3:51 AM post, I did finally push the apology on WTF?, but did so only to clarify his or her options, the given apology then saving WTF? from Jane's delete and block promised under ISYN's Comment Policy - or so would be my hope. After all, what else would? What would Jane see as a worthwhile change?

I don't wish for them to go, it seems this could be a great misunderstanding.

2. The communication medium is immaterial to the basic fact that we are all still human beings complete with feelings. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect to find the best netiquette practiced on most forums or blogs, I've been online too long to be so naive, but ISYN is step above the rest.

I expect better here and you should too.

* I'm going to sleep now, I've stayed up too long thinking over another matter and just now finally made a decision. I shall return and until then, all the best to all. :)

Immature Mothers Scare Me said...

Oh bella!!!

I just have to give you a hug before I go. *hugs*


seattle said...

i don't think you deserve an apology. and not JUST you, i don't think anyone does. it just seems a bit nit-picky of you to me. if its not something that's going to affect you tomorrow, its not really worth it, is it?

and it might sound like a personal attack... but that's not how i meant it.

glad you liked my first post and nope i shouldn't have stopped a comment sooner, but thanks for your input anyway.

keep smilin' though. none of this should matter by the morning (that's whats so great about going to bed after a bunch of bickering!)

Philly Nanny said...

Don't turn CL WTF into a witch hunt!!

Whoever emailed that woman with the blog should be really dealing with their own issues. How you could write something so mean and judgmental to someone you've never met is beyond my scope of understanding.

To credit it to an "anonymous forum of nannies" was presumptuous (I post here, and I certainly don't think that email represents my opinion) and just plain obnoxious.

Altruism and empathy are two of the traits that separate us as human beings from other animals. You are clearly lacking in both of those areas. You should really turn your eye inward and think about what it is that makes you this way instead of worrying about people you don't even know.

It's no wonder that this site is lacking in Nanny Sightings. People like you come here and make this an unwelcoming and hurtful place to be--why would anyone bother reading?

Chantel said...

Some Thoughts,

Good! I hope something comes from you e-mailing them about #6.

As for my CL comment, I didn't mean for it to sound the way it did. I've never heard a personal childcare success story from CL. All I've heard are the child sexually abused/kidnapped/murdered stories and of course the nanny being murdered in the park near where I live. It's all quite scary.

IMSM Scares ME said...

Blah, blah, blah, you owe me an apology, but I'm not TELLING you do it. Blah, blah, blah, I didn't imply that WTF and IMSM Scare Me are the same person when I said "Jane will know it's you WTF" at 3:07 AM. Blah, blah, blah, insert next defensive rationalization...

Philly Nanny and Seattle said it perfectly. I suggest re-reading their comments.

justpassingthrough said...

how is she 99.99 percent sure that she didnt put a clean diaper on the kiddo? the only way she culd have known is if she had cameras. and how can she be mad at who she got if she only knew the girl for about 30 minutes and whats up with 2.50 an hour i got paid more than that for a job when i was babysitting. Lord she has things mixed up. and if she is mad at what we say in here, then she can go into a corner and suck on her thumb. and is her kinhd of language neccisary???

Bring on the Stalking said...


seriously, i thought the myspace thing was hilarious and loved that we could have a little fun with the CL poster who obviously finds herself to be an intelligent, witty writer. if you don't have the time for some harmless, online stalking then don't - but who cares if we are? is it affecting you personally? are we hurting anyone? NO.

like IMSM said, we aren't calling her, showing up at her house, or anything creepy. looking at a photo and reading her public blog are harmless.

next topic please.