Received Friday, January 9, 2009
5'10 25 years old aprox 140lbs white female, bleach blond short hair, very tan. Children involved approximately 5-7 year old males,brown hair, fair skin. Nanny comes outside of house through a four car garage, hides in the corner and appears to be smoking a glass pipe, 15 minutes later nanny is seen driving with kid in car. This has been going on for over a year. The address of the incident is on Saddle Ridge Lane in Long Grove, Illinois and the pictures are off her Myspace page. I have debated about how to get involved in this situation. I tracked down her myspace page, (nanny is subject of much neighborhood chatter but parents seem oblivious) but shortly thereafter the page was set to private.


mom said...

This is somebody's NANNY? I know what people do in their off time is their own personal business. But I'd like to think somebody working as a nanny by day would have at least a drip of class and common sense.
Oh...and not smoke whatever she is smoking on the job too.
I really hope the parents see this. I can't imagine how she is fooling them if your whole neighborhood knows how horrible she is, so my fear is that she's cheap and easy (and not only on her my space page)and the parents don't really care all that much.

j.d.c.f.b. said...

Take thes pics, put them into an envelope and mark it to their attention. Hopefully nanny does not open or mess with their mail.

j.d.c.f.b. said...

dear god, I did not proofread before sending first comment. It should read "these pics" and I forgot to mention that they need to be put in mailbox.

why said...

Why would anyone wait a year before reprting what you thought might be the use of drugs to the parents and the police??? That blows me away??

NAnny Sarah said...


Get involved before something happens to these kids. Pictures are a good idea. Or at least say something to the parents.

NannyInCharge said...

Sounds like a neighborhood with pretty close communication. Isn't there anyone that lives there that is friends with the parents? Maybe they can tell them?

I would act now...well I would have acted a year ago, but better late than never. If she's doing drugs and taking care of children she could be careless and anything could happen.

I am speechless about this nanny!

??? said...

Why is the Op just now coming forward? If she's been doing this for a year why didn't someone tell the parents a year ago? Allowing someone you know is high to drive a child is wrong and dangerous.

Anonymous said...
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justsaying said...

OMG! What a classy chick. Yup, this is someone I would love to influence my children. So they could grow up and be hoochie too. Good Lord...

Janet English said...

That's on her profile on myspace? Wow.

mikey said...

Cute bum. Ugly face. Might scare the kids away.

be a good neighbour! said...

Can you put these pictures in a business-type envelope and "mail" it to the parents? Please be pro-active for the children. If something were to happen to them, you would feel so guilty. Please do it soon!

DenverNanny said...

First off: I'm NOT defending this chick's behavior in any way--completely unacceptable no matter who she is... But are we sure she's a nanny? Reading this made me think of girls I knew right out of high school...and usually not the "type" of girl who would even WANT to provide chilcare.
And just a thought, but pretty sure any decent human being would call the cops on a nanny (or anyone!) doing drugs... Maybe she's a big sis or relative who's parents are oblivious. And any barely-competent (sp?) and computer literate nanny knows better than posting pics like that on myspace... most parents usually at least google a potential employee.

MissDee said...

I read about this nanny on Chicago CL with the link to ISYN. Apparently someone else other than the OP noticed her as well. OK, so let me get this straight, she smokes crack, since that is what you do with a pipe. She drives with the children HIGH, and nobody says anything?! The parents don't know what is going on?! And don't get me started about what she looks like-cute belt, bad hair. Anyone got rubber gloves and hair dye? This nanny needs rehab, a makeover and to get away from these children ASAP.

Silverado said...

Technically, one would drive better on crack, not worse, like alcohol. It makes you more aware.

MADD at Silverado said...

I can't believe you wrote that, what an idiot you must be. We don't always hear about the crackheads getting in accidents and hurting people but you know they exist. Anyone that chooses to drive impaired whether it be from drugs or alcohol is a disaster waiting to happen.

mom said...

You're funny. Yes, she needs all of those things...just for starters!

adah-leah said...

Miss Dee is wonderful.

Yaya said...

Omg-tell the employers! There are kids' lives at stake here!

DowntoEarth said...

OMG she would be gone so fast from my home. No back ground check on this thing???I would be sending this to the parents pronto.

Pied Piper said...

I think some people also smoke marajuana and/or hashish with a pipe.

Swiss Nanny said...

Which is the actual problem? The alleged drug use or the photos? If it is is the drugs, then alert the parents! If you think they are in that big of danger, then do not bother posting the nannys pics on here in hopes that the parents will see them! Write an anonymous letter or something. However, as far as the partying photos, what the nanny does in her free time is really none of her employers buisness. So long as she is not tired, hungover, or drunk from the night before, on the job, then it really does not make her a "bad" nanny, etc. I have some pretty wild nights on the weekends with my friends, yet am able to do my job well come Monday!

Anonymous said...
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Manhattan Mamma said...

Let me get this straight.

You think you have witnessed this nanny smoking an illegal substance then taking the kids out in the car for over a year and then chose to post pics of her from My Space? I have to say I am a little skeptical regarding this posting and the motivation behind it but that's just my personal opinion.

OP, if you really believe this woman is endangering the welfare of children by getting high then driving them around place an anonymous call to the local child protection services. You can also type an anonymous leter and slip it in the mailbox when no one is around.

The pictures posted really have nothing to do with how she does her job as a nanny and should not be up. But again, that's just my opinion.

her own time is her own time said...

I agree with MM. Those pics should NEVER have been posted. What a nanny does in her private time is just that.
As far as watching someone smoke drugs and then drive children away in a car..OP ,I am sorry but your actions are just as negligent as the nanny in question.
You should have called the police and reported a drunk,sick or drugged up driver with small children in the car,asap!
Shame on both of you!

Pls take the pics down. If it were of her smoking the pipe and then driving away it might be relevant..these pics are not though!

not a park slope nanny said...

Uh, "take down the pics"? Since when do you get to make those kind of decisions? Is your name somewhere on this blog and I just can't find it?

I think it is relevant. Those pics show "character"... none of which she has.

mom said...

I agree with Park Slope Nanny on this one. Character is of the highest importance in a nanny...and these pictures scream a thousand words about how this lass has none.

jada said...

MM & Her own time
Let's be honest here. Look very closely at both pics. One has her ass hanging out, and the other has her tipping a big ol' jug of whiskey. Now, let's just say you both have a couple of young kids (you may or may not, but for my story, let's say you do) -- and you're a really good Parent, and you decide to Google her name (which I say is always a good thing to do anyway!)... and these pics came up... would you seriously allow this woman into your home to watch your children?
If you're a good Parent, of course you wouldn't. These photos should be a deal-breaker, no matter how good she was on paper.

These photos are absolutely 100% relevant.

K said...

I went to the Giggling Marlin in Mexico in a blouse way to tight and a mid-thigh skirt with a slit where I was hung upside down on a rope and served shots of whiskey in front of over 100 screaming fans while my husband smoked a cigar and rubbed his cheek across my thigh!(which drove the crown even more wild) Many pictures were taken and many are on my facebook(although it is open only to friends and family)Then after a dance or two at Cabo Wabo my husband & I went back to our room and enjoyed a very naughty adult night with no kids around!
I am a nanny 50 weeks out of the year.I make $18.00 an hr,have dental & medical and have been with this family long term.
What I do on my own time is MY business and if I put those pics on my facebook or myspace it is simply reminicent of an otherwise wild time that is out of the ordinary for us.
I am always professional when at work and on the clock.
If you think ad execs and attorneys and doctors that treat you don't hit the New york & San Fransisco Scene's and party in tight dresses,loose,low-cut,see through blouses and drink whiskey out of a bottle and dance on the bars you are all very naive!! I know a few doctor friends that in fact do party hard. I could never keep up with them!
Parents and nannies are people too. Now I am the first to agree...........
Smoking a bong while caring for the kids(or any type of drug use,ever)..yes that woman should be prosecuted,only after mom and dad get her alone in a dark alley.
But as we all know pictures can be taken out of context just as words can.
The pictures should not be up unless the kids were in them!
If the OP really witnessed the smoking,why not report it? Why just plaster this woman's picture all over a nanny blog?
This post reminds me of something a jealous teen would do or a jealous bored nosey neighbor who can't stand seeing the next door nanny looked at by her own husband every morning!
Go ehaed flame but this is wrong on so many levels.
I know how catty women can be and I smell a big ol' rat here.

Best Seller said...

K, Something tells me you are a lot classier looking than this piece of garbage in the pics. Sometimes pictures do tell a thousand words.

Metronanny said...

I can't place it, but I've seen these pictures before somewhere. I am positive of it. I wish I could remember where; it's driving me crazy.

I would think most parents today with money to hire a nanny know how to google a name a would do so as a matter of course. It's the cheapest (free), easiest and sometimes most revealing background check you can do!

A good friend of mine, a teacher, went to Halloween party and got smashed a few years back. She was dressed in a very sexy costume and many risque pics were snapped. Nothing X rated. Long story short. She lost her first teaching position when several of her students googled her name and posted the pictures in the halls of the school. The way she behaved that night has absolutely NOTHING to do with the sort of person she is or how she does her job as a teacher but she learned her lesson. Big Brother is definitely watching.

butter face said...

Yeah mikey. She's a real butter face. Everything looks good but her face.

mom said...

If all those ad execs, or high powered business people you mention who have a fun night on the town in risque clothing had the lack of common sense to post pictures of themselves on the internet on a not secure facebook page after the fact...yeah, they deserve to lose their respectability and jobs/accounts if their employers, or important cleints, run across them.

Again, character, common sense, and judgment are all important factors to most finding out an employee (especially one with the significant responsibilities usually entrusted to the types of professionals you mentioned in your example)is lacking in one or all of those areas is typically impactful in a negative way on the way they are thereafter perceived at work...and, consequently, on their ability to advance (or, in extreme cases, even keep their jobs.)

mom said...

Something in your friend's teaching contract must have contained some sort of morals clause...or something that gave the school grounds to fire her if she got caught behaving in a certain way in public. That's not uncommon. Although, unless your friend posted the pictures herself, I feel bad for her that somebody else lacked common sense and she got fired for it. A person ought ot be able to have fun and not have it end up on the web against their wishes. But you're right...that's no longer our world.

K, One question. Would you allow the nanny in these photos to watch your children? Say there was no post about the crack pipe...just the photos. If you googled her during the interview process and saw those, and if everything else about her seemed good, would you still hire her?

K said...

mom. Yes . If she had a glowing list of references and long-term work history. Of course I would hire her becuase I am open minded enough to understand that a woman is quite capable of partying on a Friday,Sat or Sunday and showing up for work on Monday to perform her job as expected..on time and with a smile on her face.
This is not the 1900's and women are bright and capable and can wear more than one hat in todays world!
I had no idea that this blog was made up of nuns.
Yeah, the ass picture..poor taste but does that make her a bad employee?? No!
It makes her a women who bared her ass cheeks in a picture. One has nothing to do with the other.

I know several of you have raunchy sex,masturbate,drink and use ilegal drugs.Perhaps you use a bit too much of that prescribed Vicodin or you like the beads that go in the butt or maybe you like to watch a little porn to get you in the mood? I guess that is okay though since you have class enough not to post the pics on your myspace.
Thats right,as long as you don't get caught,it's ok..right?!
Again, I do not condone drug use of any kind and if she was seen using drugs at anytime,yes,fire her and if she was using drugs while caring for the kids,fire her and then hire some 240 lb HS girl to beat the hell out of her.
But please stop acting like a bunch of freakin' saints. We all have private lives outside of work and as long as we do not break the law and as long as it does not affect our performance at work..our private lives should remain our private lives..even if a jealous neighbor looks up our myspace acct and plasters our picture on a nanny blog!!

Mom,I have respect for you but disagree that any woman should be judged based on two pictures that you feel show her entire character.

heck,maybe this was her bachlorette party?
I know mine got pretty wild..shoot,I walked around with a lifesize dildo pacifier around my neck and drank soda with penis shaped ice cubes..never had sex(or any intimate sexual contact either) with the stripper but did some pretty amazing body shots off of him..bad nanny? loving girl about to get married and celebrating with my closest friends! Yeah!!
Now, what if I had a falling out with someone at that party,who took pics,and they decided to post the pics on a public blog?
All I can say is,I sure hope that you would not be judge and jury because,Those pics are not at all who I am. They were one 8 hr period of time in my life. End of story!

K said...

BTW,look at all the women who flash men for beads at festivals, MG and other events..I think they are ridiculous !But should they lose their jobs over it..if they are on the clock..yes,but if they are on their own time?? Hell no!!
I am sure some of them are law students,residents and hold other white collar jobs!!MOMs & Nannies having fun adult time!Not my kind of fun or yours but hey we are all different!

the mrs. said...

See, K, that's just it: "our private lives should remain our private lives.."
It's really unfortunate if she is a good nanny (although I doubt it because OP alleges otherwise) but it was plastered on the internet, and that will cause others to judge her. Too bad, but that's just the way the world works. So, because of these pictures, I would not permit this Nanny into my home and around my children.

Police Officers, Teachers and many other professionals get tossed out on their ass every day because they posed in Playboy or were caught doing the dirty. But for a Nanny, in my eyes, because they work so closely with children, I think they are held to a higher standard... and that is meant to be a compliment. I have very high regard for a woman that's able to step into my shoes and take care of my children so I can juggle a career and family, and a Nanny is an incredible asset to that Mom because she allows her to do that.

JMO said...

K said, "BTW,look at all the women who flash men for beads at festivals, MG and other events".

Funny you should say that because I have seen people loose their jobs because they were seen flashing at MG either on t.v., or videos, and even read of one girl that lost her job because she was in Girls Gone Wild! People are judgmental - we can't help it!

mom said...

K, There's a difference between having a vindictive ex-friend put up photos of you in compromising positions and plastering them up yourself on your own my space page.
The latter shows a clear lack of judgment...and yes, character. So what if somebody takes some nasty pics with their husband or boyfriend? Probably a lot of us have done that at one time or another. If I posted them on the internet...well then, I would expect to be judged for the classless wench that that alone would prove me to be.

K said...

mom,I don't imagine you are the kind of woman to pose for nasty photos..even with your husband.
But that is simply based on the image of you I have formed while blogging with you.
However,pls remember that just because something is written on a blog,does not make it true.

It is hard for me to have any kind of repsect for or to find truth in anything posted by a woman who has for over a year allowed children to get into a car with someone she claims she has seen using drugs only moments before.
I still think the op posted these pics for another reason because if she truly cared about these children,she would have done something asap and not waited a year. Jealousy or revenge..they are no doubt behind this posting.JMO
I would still hire the hootchie (provided drug use was not a factor)over the op anyday!I'd rather have a nanny who looks slutty than a nanny who waits a yr to protect my kids!!Yikes!!

BTW,how do you just randomly track down someone's MySpace? I thought you needed a name or an invite?
Just asking as I am a facebook kinda gal myself!

mom said...

I hafta concede on your point that waiting a year to do anything at all about this horrible situation just boggles the mind. And for an entire neighborhood to be aware of the situation and yet act no further than to gossip behind the backs of the parents about their bad nanny is beyond irresponsible...almost criminal IMO.

And you have no idea what I do in the privacy of my home largely BECAUSE of the stance I take above regarding this exact issue. I firmly believe that those things are best kept between the participants, and that it is very hard to gracefully and tastefully bridge that gap between having class and posting photos of ones vajayjay on the world wide web. Maybe that's just me, but I seriously doubt it.

And as a mom, I would never hire a woman who posted those pictures of herself on the internet. I see nannies as role models for children. They spend many hours a day with their charges most times...often more than the parents do. For me, it would be of the highest importance that my nanny shared my same level of judgment and character, because I consider those incredibly important characteristics in a person. I would never want to take the chance that the same lack of judgment that is displayed in these photos didn't bleed over into anything else in her life (Like her job)...and it would be pretty unususal if it didn't. People who lack judgment seldom lack it in just one area...they are generally pretty well rounded in their dumbassness. Remember, she posted these herself and didn't even bother to make her site a friends only site. That's beyond stupid...for too many reasons to bother listing here.

Janet English said...

Let's not fuss over the box blond 70's surfer hair and ass cheeks hanging out. Everyone goes wild now and again and drinks too much- until a certain age and try to look a little sexual (i won't use sexy for those images) She should be judged on her intellegence- putting pictures like those on the internet is stupid!! Who does that??? Maybe all the crack really made her lose her mind. There are better sites to bash people on- I believe OP.

mom said...

BTW K, I suspct that if I was in a lineup of moms and you had to choose which one you guessed would be me...I would be the last guess you'd make. (Unless one of the girls was holding up a picture of herself naked at the which case you could safely choose her last.)

mom said...

Janet English,

not a park slope nanny said...

"if I was in a lineup of moms and you had to choose which one you guessed would be me...I would be the last guess you'd make"

Now you've got me curious as to why, Mom!?

I figured you to be a slender, tallish, dark hair, mid-40's, soccer mom-type MILF.
Am I close? LOL

Janet English said...

NAPSN, Bet you mom is foxy! I also bet you she doesn't put her chihuahua all over myspace and facebook. Hehe. This all is making me wonder. I'm going away in 2.5 weeks to south africa where it's summer to a beach resort kinda town. Is it as inappropriate to put up bikini shots on a private page?

K said...

mom,while everyone has said "tone on a computer is hard to define" I could tell by yours that I clearly offended you and I am sorry.
If you want to be the bad the bad girl??!!
I was not trying to make you out to be a boorish housewife,I just simply stated I think of you as a woman with a bit more class than one who would pose for nasty photos. HOWEVER
You are right." I have NO idea what you do in the privacy of your own home."
"I have no idea who would be in a line-up"

Sincerely sorry to offend.I had no intention of this getting personal and should not have made the comment I did.
all done.

K said...

Correction:"who you would be in a line-up"

not a park slope nanny said...

That's the whole point I was trying to make, Janet. I'm far from a prude, and I hope you do let you hair down and take some nice bikini pics, hell, go for it and wear little tiny seashells over your nips... just make sure you are careful who sees them!

Have fun!

Janet English said...

Tiny seashells.. I can't stop laughing!

Metronanny said...


She was teaching in her first year and they opted not to hire her back. The reason given was strictly off the record and she was too humiliated, and felt too foolish, to argue. Officially, they just opted against her. She said she likely would have quit anyway. She never would have been able to live it down in that school.

Metronanny said...

Oh and she hadn't posted the pictures of herself someone else had and was stupid enough to attach her name , her real name to them.

mom said...

Ok ladies, I'm really tired and have had some wine...but here goes.

K, I promise I was in no way personally offended. But I did suppose that you pictured me as a lumpy grandmaish type. But I attribute that partly to my name...the name "Mom" just conjures a certain image in us all I think. As I have explained before, I happened upon that moniker sort of by accident, but it stuck fast and so here I am. Also, my conservative nature paints another picture when you have no way to see me or spend actual face time with me.

The way I look does not fit the expected personality with me. The one comment I have often heard is, "You are so different from the way I thought you would be when I saw you." Hence my comment.

Not a park slope nanny...not bad I hafta say!!! But I am blonde. Although I refuse to comment on the MILF part...because either I make myslef sound schleppy all over again if I say no, or people will start a whole flame series on how conceited I am if i say yes...hehehehe!

Janet English, Have fun and do as the natives do! All I'm saying here is that it's great to have fun...but there's no earthly good reason to display it on the web! A bikini is fine IMO...especially if you look good in it. Flaunt it if ya got it baby. But make your site private and invite only people you feel comfortable sharing that with.

not a park slope nanny said...

You don't drive a mini-van though, right? LOL

mom said...

not a p[ark slope nanny,

Nope! I did drive a Suburban during the years when I had three small ones who required a lot of equipment...and separate rows at times (oh thank God for those separate rows!)

But I have always had a love of great cars. My father loved to drive great cars and so taught me to love them too. So as soon as I was able to travel without need of a stroller, diaper bag, several bags of karate gear and a fleet of giant Tonka trucks I went back to my first love...German luxury cars...and no less that 8 cyllinders, because I like to go from zero to whatever in 2 seconds flat...hehehee. But I drive pretty much within the speed limit nevertheless. In my city they'll pick you up for just a few miles over the we have a lot of kids around here. (Does that fit with your image of "Mom"?)

mom said...

PS The title of this thread is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time! MPP or Jane...good one!

Marypoppin'pills said...

Hi Mom
Yeah, I thought it was funny, too! When I signed on and saw "Crack" and then scrolled down a couple of inches and saw her butt hanging out, I almost fell out of my chair, LOL. This one belongs to Jane, and I say "Well Done", too! :)

At the bottom of each Post is the name of whichever one of us put it up.

mom said...

I have missed you MPP. Where have ya been?!

Marypoppin'pills said...

I'm here! I just don't get to post as much because I got this little guy running me ragged. :)

mom said...

Well MPP, All I can say is ENJOY this time! It goes too fast...way too fast.
He's several months older than when we talked about Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Maybe he would like to start on Little House in the Big Woods now. It's geared toward very young kids. The others get more "sophisticated" in the writing style as they go, if I recall correctly, but I was reading them to four and five year olds. I specifically remember my boys roaring with laughter at Farmer Boy. (And Farmer Boy is about Almanzo's childhood, so it doesn't have to be read in any particular order, as the other Little House books ought to be.)
If and when you ever read Farmer Boy to him, PLEASE tell me what he thinks of the chapter about the pig who got some food stuck in his mouth. We were all laughing so hard it was hard for me to even keep speaking to read! Ahhhh...I miss those days so much.
But the hours and hours we all spent snuggled together reading are some of my all time best memories...theirs too. I saw a paper my daughter wrote recently where the whole beginning was a very descriptive memory of how she felt when she would be all snuggled with her brother and me and hearing a story. I loved it, but it made me cry too. Life is way too shory and kids grow up way too fast.

AC said...

I have been looking for a nanny job since May and have not been able to find anything. Then I go on here to find people like this that are working as nannies, that is sad..I'm a teacher and this looks like a drunk and who knows what else.