An Employer Rants Against Overpaid Nannies

Friday, January 9, 2009
Photobucket Dear Smug Nanny,
Just like the housing bubble has driven our current economic mess, so has the nanny bubble. What is the nanny bubble? A bunch of glorified babysitters not only being overpaid but demanding benefits not relevant or deserving. I cannot wait for said nanny bubble to pop.

In the end, we will have nannies who work the jobs they are told to work for an appropriate, not inflated amount of money.

In addition, look for these changes.
-The median nanny hourly salary will be $2.00 an hour OVER minimum wage. Not $12 an hour, Not $15 dollars an hour.

-All nannies will work on the books and be responsible wholly for their portion of IRS taxes and medicare. That's right.

-Nannies will be given two weeks paid vacation. Both weeks vacation will be at the discretion of the employer. The first week vacation is not to be taken prior to the seventh month or work and the second week of vacation shall come within the 12 th month of service. All nannies will be given five paid holidays. Sick days will accrue at the rate of one paid sick day for every six months worked.

-Nannies will be required to dress in nanny uniforms so they are easily recognizable when in public. This national nanny uniform will involve a yellow polo style top and black pants. The nanny will also be required to wear black athletic shoes. No high heels, wedges or fancy boots will be permitted. A "bee look" will easily differentiate nannies or paid caregivers from mothers, mils, aunts, etc.

-Upon hire, all nannies will be photographed. One copy of said nanny photograph will remain with employer and the second will be mailed off to the national nanny database which among other things will contain a listing of "Nannies working" categorized geographically.

-This same national database will keep track of negligent nannies, deceitful nannies, nannies who steal and nannies who misrepresent their qualifications. Said national database will be freely accessible to all potential nanny employers and contain photographs of the nannies.

-Excepting live-in nannies, all nannies will be required to arrive at work with their food provisions for the day. This shall include all edibles and sufficient beverage supply so that the employer's food supply is not infringed upon by the nanny's needs.

-All nannies will be provided a telephone by employers. Said telephone will allow outgoing phone calls to five pre programmed phone numbers as well as 911. The telephone is to remain with nanny at all times as it also contains a GPS system that will track the nannies movements and send reports to the parents via computer.

-Nannies will began assuming the following responsibilities in addition to the tasks of nanny- meal preparation, dishes, cleaning the kitchen after breakfast and lunch, vacuuming the home, making beds, family laundry, mopping the kitchen floor. This limited cleaning tasks will assure that the home remains sanitary and safe for the children during the parent's absence.

-No nanny shall be permitted to have guests to the home, except with written permission by the parents.

-No nanny shall at anytime meet up with, ride with or otherwise congregate with any person or persons unknown to the parents of the child.

-At the parents discretion, the nanny will be subjected to drug tests. Should the nanny refuse to take said drug test, she shall be immediately terminated.

-The nanny shall bring her possessions into the home and out of the home in a clear, see through vinyl bag. In the absence of such bag, the nanny shall use clear Ziploc bags to transport her belongings to and from the home. This will alleviate any temptation to steal.

-The nanny will have a designated "break time" during the day. Even though she may be with a child during said time, this shall be her one and only allotted time to make or return any personal phone calls. If the nanny maintains her own cell phone, it should at all times remain on vibrate. The nanny is not permitted to answer the phone at any other time other than this 1/2 hour break.

-The nanny will be required to document the days activities in a notebook for the parents. Said documentation will include details of what the children ate during the day, the activities the nanny and children did, any outings, injuries, complaints, sickness, etc.

-The nanny will be advised in advance that if she is fired for any justifiable reason such as theft, insubordination or mistreatment of a child, she should NOT expect any severance pay.

-The nanny will be required to have CPR and First Aid certification and maintain current said certification at HER expense.

additionally, for Live-In Nannies-
-The live-in nanny shall be required to weekly room checks to assure home owner that the condition of the room remains sanitary and undamaged.

-No alcohol, drugs, pornography shall be allowed in the home at any time.
All medications, even OTC brought in to the home should be cleared with employer.

-No overnight guests shall be permitted.


j.d.c.f.b. said...

I can't even put into words what I think of your rant. Oh, wait, yes I can - b****

Nanny from Fargo said...

Is this supposed to be satirical?

If not... I don't know where else to begin besides at the top of this ridiculous rant.

1. $2.00 per hour over minimum wage is just plain offensive. Do you really think you can find a quality nanny at that price?

2. Working on the books is good. Please realize that employers are just as bad about this as the nanny.

3. Vacation time, sick days, and holidays should be similar to normal workplace standards.

4. Nanny UNIFORMS? Like bumblebees? Did you come up with this little gem of an idea? I mean this in the kindest possible way... PUH-LEASE. Do you want us to wear blinky fanny packs, too?

5. Nanny photos... hmm. Interesting. Interesting. That is all.

6. How will this database be regulated? How will it be ensured that this won't be used to falsely accuse and wrongfully ruin a nanny's good name? This will definitely cause a good deal of lawsuits. Does your employer have something like this for your business? How does that work out?

7. Food and drink is a perk for nannies. Nannies often make meals and treats for their charges. That's really, really stingy to expect them to bring their own food and water/milk. Just plain cheap.

8. Cell phone plan could work for some. Seems a bit extreme, but it could work, I suppose.

9. Your cleaning expectations are ridiculous. Vacuuming the home? Mopping the kitchen? Doing the families laundry? The list goes on. All of this for $2.00 per hour above minimum wage? WOW. Sounds to me like you can't choose between a housekeeper or nanny- you want two for the underpaid price of one! How rude. I have big problems with this.

10. Guests/ meeting up: Okay. That's pretty standard.

11. Random drug tests? Don't you need reason for this? This is fine for at the nanny's time of being hired, but not any other time with no just reason.

12. Clear bags? WHAT? I have no words for this suggestion. This is the epitome of disrespect.

13. The designanted break time is not a "break" if she/he is still responsible for charges for that time.

14. Documenting day's activities is fine. Some parents really would read that. Many wouldn't.

15. Severence, CPR, ect.. fine. No big issues there, I guess.

16. Room checks? I wouldn't feel comfortable with that, as a nanny. One reason why I would never want to be a live in. Does your boss have weekly cubicle checks? Its the principle of the matter.

17. I have issue with clearing all medications with my employer. Frankly, that's none of their business.

18. Overnight guests- fine, that's fine.


OP, How would you feel if your employer subjected you to these rules? This is a bit 1984. Good for a incredulous laugh.. but that laugh is quickly followed by a grimace.

jess said...

Bwah hahahahahaha!! Good Luck finding any respectable, qualified nanny to agree to this. Thanks for the laugh.

Lindsey said...

HAHAHAHA. I almost have a hard time taking this seriously, and think it may be a joke. A nanny is a Nanny not a housekeeper, unless agreed upon and pay should be raised considering she is doing the jon of two people. $2.00 and hour over min wags?? I can see how much you value your child's well being. Like the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for."
I think a universal nanny uniform is not such a bad idea but not a bumble bee look. You know some moms get all butt hurt if someone mistakes the nanny for the mom so this would avoid that situation. Like I stated before a live-in nannies room is her space, that she rents (in most cases a nanny is paid less if she gets room and board) there would be no inspection unless you want a good ass whoopin! I think the vacation and sick days is ok but 2 sicks days a year? one cold last longer then that. I say 5. On the books is spot on. If I want to buy a bottle of tylenol I will and I won't be running it by anyone! This data base thing, just wishful thinking! Get over yourself taking care of children is a hard job, even harder if they are not yours. You go ahead and make your nanny upset and resentful, I'd watch your back though. Nannies seem to stick together.

Jewel said...

Amusing and ridiculous. Seriously who in their right mind would work for an employer like this? A nanny job should be similiar to any other job when it comes to vacations, severance pay, etc....when working in an office does your boss give you specific days you can take for your vacation? Why do some families think nannies should only take their vacay when the family does? That's such BS. So glad the family I work for actually know to treat a quality nanny the right way!

nannyneedsanap said...

2.00 over minimum wage? That will get you an uneducated foreign babysitter at best. Sounds like you can't afford a real nanny, and are maybe a little jelous of the perks and benefits that some of us nannies are receiving. If your job required you to be CPR certified, would you really expect to pay for it out of your own pocket? If you worked at Applebee's would you expect to bring a bag lunch every day? Certain things go with the territory, and I don't know of a single nanny who isn't allowed to eat whatever she wants in her employers home. If you can find a nanny thats willing to clean for you and follow your rediculous rules, then more power to you. But if I were you, I'd start looking for a nice daycare center.

snarkymama said...

OP would you work for a company that set rules like this? I think not.

Anonymous said...
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PL said...

Regarding "1. $2.00 per hour over minimum wage is just plain offensive. Do you really think you can find a quality nanny at that price?"

This is exactly the point of this rant and it makes sense. A nanny is not a professional. She babysits. The $2.00 over minimum wage seems fair to me.

I agree there is a nanny bubble. Just in reading these nanny comments you can tell that a nanny pay bubble does exist.

I think nannies are way overpaid and I am sick and tired of hearing them say they don't clean.

june cleavage said...

1) Too many nannies act like prima donnas.

2) If you are paying for someone to be in your house and instead of daycare, why would you want to offer surplus sick days? Why wouldn't you dictate that cleaning is a mandatory part of the job?

3) $2.00 over minimum wage should not get you "an educated foreign babysitter" as suggested ny nanny needs a nap. A foreigner without an education has no business working with children or working at all in the US. Has anyone else noticed that we are in a recession?

4) Jess says "good luck finding any respectable nanny to work for this". That's the problem. The ideals suggested here should be the job. They should be the job that a highly respected nanny covets but because of said inflated nanny salary, nannies everywhere seem to suffer from delusions of grandeur.

Great rant! Best ever. So tired of the whining nannies on this board was I!

st paul said...

this is funny.

grinning in Alamo said...

I'd love to see all of those soul sucking pariahs dressed like bumble bees with their asses GPS monitored. No more lying about going to the park!

chunkofterror said...

Well done. Thank you for your effort!

Manhattan Nanny said...

If you manage to hire a nanny who agrees to these conditions, be sure to check isawyournanny on a regular basis. She is bound to show up here. Of course it will be hard to identify bad nannies by description if we are all running around in bee suits.

Sarah said...

I am a college educated, professional nanny who deserves the high salary and benefits that I receive. And you.. are a jealous BITCH. Get over it, because this "bubble" of people working hard and being fairly compensated is unlikely to burst.

chick said...

Well, I appreciate the thought and effort that you put into your manifesto, but I do want you to consider a few things, OK?

"The median nanny hourly salary will be $2.00 an hour OVER minimum wage. Not $12 an hour, Not $15 dollars an hour."

This little rule will eliminate any nannies from the work force that are educated and intelligent enough to have a choice of other jobs. Why? Because no matter how much a nanny with brains and class loves kids, she will not choose to starve in order to work with children.

So, since all good nannies will have moved on to other work, you'll be left with the dregs. I guess the "nanny uniform" idea would be smart then, because it'll make it easy to ID all the slugs stuck caring for children because they can't do anything else.

And your little database plan is nifty, except for the creepy sleezy part of the idea. Who will monitor the reports to be sure some beeyotch of a parent isn't jealous of his/her nanny and setting them up to be blackballed?

"Nannies will began assuming the following responsibilities in addition to the tasks of nanny- meal preparation, dishes, cleaning the kitchen after breakfast and lunch, vacuuming the home, making beds, family laundry, mopping the kitchen floor. This limited cleaning tasks will assure that the home remains sanitary and safe for the children during the parent's absence."

Right. Because I just LIVE to touch other adult's dirty clothes. And what will the children be doing while "nanny" cleans the house? I guess they'll be staring at the boob tube?

The cold hard truth is that TOO MANY PEOPLE think they somehow "deserve" to have a nanny, although they can in no way financially justify the expense of a professional nanny.

Angry, broke middle class people resent the idea of paying a living wage to the people who care for their kids. These people should wake up and realize that being able to afford a nanny is a luxury and a privledge, not a right.

There are other, less expensive forms of childcare. Use them and quit yapping about how overpaid nannies are. It's only a "ridiculous salary" when you can't afford to pay it.

I am a professional nanny, and I am worth every penny of the money I make. OP, I think you're either jealous you can't afford me, or you tried to cut corners and wound up with a loser nanny because you can't afford the real thing.

I pity your kids if you think that they are only worth slave wages.

Hardworking Nanny said...

I'm kind of appalled at parfts of this rant the responses of some of the people on here to it. I'm a nanny and I love my job and while I concede that a lot of this rant stung a bit, I can almost see where the OP has a point.

However, I'm pissed about the pay issue. Good lord people, we take care of your children and your home ALL day long. I, for one, am constantly keeping my charges stimulated, be it physically or mentally. I not only maintain a happy and clean home but I work hard every single day to enrich my charges' lives. It pisses me off that you suggest I am not worthy of my $15 an hour pay. Try living your day by MY schedule. TV OFF. Schedule. Routine. REAL, EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES that I work hard to plan out and organize so that my 6 year old charge is at a 3rd grade reading level in kindergarten and my 4 year old charge could practically skip kindergarten next year.

No, not all nannies work as hard as I do, but it's up to YOU as parents to find the Nanny that can give your children what you want them to have. If you find one who won't work this hard then by all means, pay her what she's worth. Don't lump us all together in the same pay bracket.

I've seen nannies "working" who aren't worth a dime of what they make, and ya know what? It's not her fault she's duped some careless parents into thinking that any young girl with a slick smile can properly take care of a child. You bet the Nanny bubble exists, but it's not our fault, it's yours. You created this mess.

My (widowed, no less) boss makes over four times as much as I do in a year at her job as a Marketing exec. and although she works her ass of for it, she STILL concedes after a weekend without me that my job is freaking hard.

Give me a break. If you're being taken advantage of by your Nanny then take care of your own problem, don't blame us good Nannies.

Hardworking Nanny said...

Sorry, cut and paste some things and got screwed up. That first part is supposed to be: I'm kind of appalled at parts of this rant and the responses of some of the people on here to it.

Sorry about that.

not a park slope nanny said...

Loved your post, Chick!!

Another thing I'd like to add:
I really think it's pathetic when a Parent advertises for a "mother's helper/babysitter/au pair"... but the description of duties are exactly that of a Nanny. They think that by NOT advertising for a "Nanny", they can get away with paying a paltry amount.

Chick is 100% right. Having a Nanny is a luxury, not a right. If you can't afford a professional Nanny, put your child in a licensed Daycare facility. If you do your homework, you'll find one good enough.

Must Love Dogs said...

While I surely hope that this post, is just to get a rise out of nannies, part of me fears that this is not the case.

I too have a few points to make.

First of all, the wage. I agree with the posters who said having a nanny is a luxury, not a right. Secondly, on this same point, if you want to pay a nanny such a low wage, I suggest trying to get a beginner as they are quite a bit more naive, and probably won't have the experience to be asking or receiving more than 12 dollars an hour.

Next, I REFUSE to work for a family who will not pay taxes. I would be willing to pay for my half of my taxes, but my employers must, and I do mean MUST pay for their half. I will not take part in illegal activity.

I get this whole guest thing... not meeting up with people the parents don't know.

Drug tests can be random at most jobs... and do not have to be announced, I guess OP you have a point there.

A nanny log... I do this... as to ALL of the nannies that I know. GPS... well who is to say you couldn't put a device in your car? Your nanny would NEVER know... and you can track them with out their knowledge. But I suppose a cell phone thing would work just as well. But then again, this might infringe on a nannies right to privacy.

I personally always assume that I am being tracked and make a point at never lying about my whereabouts.

Ok... now about the vacation days...2 weeks I get, but I think that it is fair if the family gets to choose one week and the nanny gets to choose one week. Its called being adults, and compromising.

Now, about this bumble bee suit... I agree horrid nanny posting would be much harder to site. I mean she was wearing yellow shirt and black pants.... and had blonde hair. Ok thats about maybe like 23% of nannies.

I also only wear jeans and sneakers and tshirts to work. I have never to been to NY or LA or such places, but I could never imagine wearing heels and expensive clothing to work only to have it used as burp, spit and snot rags. Ewwww!

Lastly, I am fairly certain, that prescribed medications, are covered under the ADA. While we nannies are NOT disabled, it is ILLEGAL to bully a nanny into sharing private medical information. You could be sued, and I assure you that YOUR nanny, NOT you would win.

NannyInCharge said...

This is hilarious!! I really hope this is a joke.

If it's not, how about either take care of your own children since you can't afford a nanny, or just don't have anymore children.

My employer tells me all the time how amazing I am with her kids. I make a very fair salary and I go above and beyond on a daily basis to earn this.

Your wage ideas are ridiculous and you definitely will get what you pay for. Maybe you should go post a flyer at the local jr high school and see if you can get a young teenager to slave away at your house for minimum wage. I feel really, really bad for your kids.

alex said...

Whoever wrote this, I feel bad for your children. The tasks required of the "nanny" and everything else would require much more than $2 over the minimum wage. This care is for your children and I honestly would pay as much as I could to care for them. (I neither have children nor am a nanny but it is besides the point.) Try getting anyone to nanny with all of these. Also, what about someone who has 5 kids vs. 1? City vs. small town? etc. Different parts of the country make different wages because cost of living differs. You obviously have no sense or class. When you work at a job, you can pick your vacation time as long as your employer okays it, nannies should be able to do the same.

Jewel said...

JUNE CLEAVAGE: A foreigner without an education has no business working with children or working at all in the US. Has anyone else noticed that we are in a recession?

Sweetheart YOU ARE SO PATHETIC. A foreigner has every right to be in this country as long as they are here legally. Lets not forget who this land originally belonged to and that unless you are a TRUE NATIVE AMERICAN then you need to shut your damn trap. Just because your English may be flawless does not give you any right to put down people who are 'foreigners' and who are here to make a living. As long as they do their job well and in most cases nannies do a helluva better job than parents-I think you should shut it! FYI: This recession is a result of greedy people in America NOT foreigners-own up!! I'm glad the bubble is popping on some of the rich.....

AMA said...

Must Love Dogs
I think you mean AMA = American Medical Association


Must Love Dogs said...


nope, I do mean ADA

Americans with Disabilities Act. Although, the AMA, refers more to rights of patients and such.

You bring up a good point thou... there is also the patients right to privacy... so I am sure that this flows over into the work place. But... let me check with the three HR experts in my personal family and get back to the OP on this whole medications thing. I could be way off base here..

june cleavage said...

I was responding to a comment that I am sure references illegals working as nannies, so get off your liberal high horse and help a former nanny get a preferred shift at the local Burger King.

Minority said...

I know we're in the minority (namely since ISYN is mostly nannies making sure they aren't featured in a bad sighting), but I have to say I find a lot more truth to this post than ridiulousness. Yes, some of the OPs ideas are silly like the bee uniform and even assigning an absolute wage to nannies at $2 above minimum. But the general theme of the post is spot on. Nannies, particularly in nyc, have long been riding the ridiculous bubble as have lots of other overpaid, underqualified fields. As an employer here for the past 6 or so years, I have become disgusted with the sense of entitlement that has increased exponentially in the nanny community. It *is* nice to finally see things swinging back the other way. I certainly don't want nannies or anyone else to end up underpaid or mistreated, but I would like them to end up in a more reasonable and deserving salary bracket which is well below the current $15/net hour IMO also. The benefits like vacation and sick days I don't begrudge cause no one can do a job well without a few breaks. But the complete refusal to do even basic tidying; the excess cell phone; the building trust then holding employer hostage for unreasonable raises; etc were just getting out of hand. Was it every nanny? No, of course not. But it was certainly a lot more than it should have been. It will be nice to see a correction in quality, salary, and duties back to a happy medium.

cali mom said...

Juicy! I totally agree with Chick. And while OP does have some perfectly valid suggestions, some are just ridiculous fantasies. $2 over minimum wage, end of story? State minimum wage or federal? I can only assume she is one of those people who think a new nanny should be hired every year so as to prevent the children from forming innapropriate attachments to the people who are 99% responsible for meeting all their needs. (Translation: jealous needy bitch).

As far as vacation planning, yes, many employers in other industries DO reserve the right to approve of planned vacation time. Deaadlines and projects are involved, every job is not a minute to minute matter of answering phones and running a cash register. And yes, many employers DO random drug testing. Right to "privacy"? When you're out in public, there IS no such right. Nor is there when you are in someone else's home or in any place of business. Ugly uniforms? Obviously OP is just jealous of her nanny's clothes and figure. No purses allowed? So OP would walk around town with her wallet and tampons in a ziplock bag, inviting theft and ridicule. Or at least thinks that nannies should be fair game for thieves. Medical privacy laws trump employer's rights to "approve" ANY medications, sorry OP.

But all these comments about how nannies are a privilege and people who can't afford the Lamborghinis of Nannydom should just go with daycare brings up something I've been thinking lately though. Ever consider nurses, police officers, firefighters, EMT's, doctors in residency, and anyone else who may not work a simple 9-5 M-F shift? These people frequently word weird hours, and unless it's a very well kept secret, there are pretty much NO "daycares" available from 10PM-4AM or 3:30PM-midnight. I have friends with 2 kids that fall into this category. They sometimes are able to stagger their shifts, but if Grandma was not nearby and 100% available to help out for free whenever needed, they'd have to move to Iowa because the cost of living anywhere in the Bay Area is essentially impossible with 2 kids and one parent working.

RN said...

Cali Mom,
I would like to see more daycares that offer overnight and extended hours. I am a shift worker myself. Some days I work 8-6, other days I work 3-12, other days, 12-8 and no, I cannot choose my hours. I have two children and arranging childcare is absolutely exhausting.

And to respond to this rant, I completely agree. I am a professional mother of two children. On the days I have my children, I go to parks and listen to nannies bitch about their employers, complain about their $15 an hour cash in their pocket wages. Complain that their employer only gave them $20 for lunch for her and the two children and just how crazy said employer was to think they could eat on that in the city. I listen to nannies say with satisfaction, "I aint no office girl. If I don't recognize the number on the phone, I aint picking up and taking no message". I see their charges beating their legs begging for attention and honest to God, I have to restrain myself because I just want to smack them all across the back of the head!

AMA said...

Must Love Dogs
There is still a Patients right to privacy, that's why you have to sign a medical release in order to have other Drs. share in your medical care/files.

You are correct.

M said...

As a homeowner, you can demand anything you want of your guests or tenants, including what they can or cannot have in your home.

I think it is a good idea to know what kind of medications the nanny is bringing in the house and where she intends to store them. God forbid something should happen and your child should get some of the pills, how would you even know what was wrong with the child?

Accidents happen.

And cianara overpaid Jamaican beyotches!

f-off you slag! said...

"And cianara overpaid Jamaican beyotches!"

- Boy, are you gonna piss off half this blog!

"God forbid something should happen and your child should get some of the pills, how would you even know what was wrong with the child?"

- Um, why would the children be going into the nannies private quarters, into their medicine chest? I think you're way off base. It's noneya business what meds we take!!

Yes but... said...

Isn't it sayonara?

Beegurl said...


Okay, I see your point.

I've been a nanny for 15 years, and it is ridiculous when these 21 year old snots are all, "I am entitled to $20 an hour. I do not clean. I do not do laundry, etc, etc.." and yes, the nanny bubble may burst...a bit...but this does NOT MEAN that we will be dressing in McDonald's looking uniforms, carrying our personal belongings in clear plastic bags (what, exactly, pervert, do you think we are smuggling in, or out, paranoid sociopath? "I know that nanny is stealing my terlit paper and Ima catch her!")OR giving up any of the respect or benefits we, as professional childcare providers have earned, and you have NO RIGHT to try and demean the work we do or take away the dignity of our positions.

I'm sorry if the bubble burst on you and you now find yourself with a houseful of overpriced shit you can't use, OP, because you were greedy and foolish and didn't plan ahead or save any money, but please do not take out your bitterness on those of us who are just trying to get by, same as anyone else. The majority of us are NOT entitled, we do clean (even if it is only tidying up and doing the children's laundry), and cook, and run errands, and manage the household, as well ad providing safe and loving childcare for our charges, so do not dare to try and denigrate us or our work just because you (or your husband) struck out on Wall Street and you can no longer afford the luxury of our services.

Now why don't you make use of your computer while you still have it and sell some of your shit on Ebay instead of spewing it on Isawyournanny, you hater? Kthankbye.


cali mom said...

Exactly RN. ANd this also reminds me, the common indignation at the mere thought of a nanny ever being expected to cook for children, and the argument that nanny's feeding job ends at slicing an apple and fixing a sandwich, also applies to this parents working odd overnighht shifts scenario. Yes, it's possib;e that most of the time mom or dad could cook up a dinner in advance and nanny would just have to warm it up a bit, and sometimes they might order a pizza for dinner, but really...all schedules and nanny employers are not the standard that is so often assumed here.

Nanny in Cali said...

Uh..forgive me but the mandatory uniform to be worn by ALL nannies?! Are you the same person that mandated that all Jews in the 40's wear the Star of David like Anne Frank? want clear ziplock baggies? Why? Is that what you store your stuff in that you smoked before you wrote this stupid rant??

Nanny in Cali said...

Oh and one more thing OP...go on....just don't be sad when your children grow up and have the same ideals that you have now. They can use these ideals when you need to be fed, diapered in Depends, etc, and they are looking for a care-giver for you. I hope they find someone for you who is cheap so they can save $$ to keep in their own pockets.
Karma is a bitch and it will bite you in the butt, don't worry.

Philly Nanny said...


It seems as though OP has had some bad experiences with untrustworthy nannies with poor work ethic.

This is the OP's fault. Good, hardworking nannies will only work for families who are looking to establish mutual trust. Families who respect the fact that nannies are people too! They have lives outside of work, are NOT slaves, and deserve to be treated with dignity.

I don't use this word often, but you are a crazy bitch!

Exhibit A:
The nanny shall bring her possessions into the home and out of the home in a clear, see through vinyl bag. In the absence of such bag, the nanny shall use clear Ziploc bags to transport her belongings to and from the home. This will alleviate any temptation to steal.

You would hire someone to be responsible for the well-being of your children EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T TRUST THEM NOT TO STEAL????

You have your priorities backwards.

ludicrous! said...

I don't know about OP, but in response to nanny in CA, I can say that when I am old and withering away, I hope my children will trust my care to the standard- a liscensed practical or registered nurse.

Apples to oranges really.

I think the whole point of this rant is that nannies are not skilled people. I'm sorry, yes there are some exquisite exceptions, but on the whole, most nannies are just blah. And yet they still have the nerve to hold their hand out and ask for more, more more!


What a Hater said...

Typical troll behavior from someone who can't afford decent childcare. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, a lot less. Lot of haters. My guess is some of us make more than she and her husband COMBINED.

Anonymous said...
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TC said...


Let me guess Op, you can't seem to keep a nanny and have no clue as to why.

Thank God I work for a wonderful lady who treats me like a person, I take pity on the nannies living in your hell

Beezle said...

I'm pleased to discover I'm not alone in my disgust of this post.

I'm a nanny with a wealth of experience and have a strong background in early education/child psychology. I've been fortunate enough to work for nothing but especially kind families in all my years of childcare. The families have not only recognized my gift for working with children, but have shown appreciation for my abilities in the kindest of ways, which are too numerous to mention. I hope the OP isn't seeking out any nannies (nor do I hope they're a parent), for their employers/children are in for an incredibly invasive, miserable, and controlling environment. The mere thought of working in those sub-par conditions makes me want to run to the hills and tear my hair out. Only a fool (or someone very desperate) with little to no experience would agree to work under such unfair, unethical, and micromanaged circumstances.


great news- yellow polos can be quite cheap said...

I think many of the ideas proposed here are good, although I disagree with the see through purse. If you trust your nanny with your children, you should trust her with everything else you own easily.

Love the nanny uniform idea.

Ellyn said...

I think the nanny salary should be $2.00 over the minimum wage in her city. Some cities have higher minimum wages to reflect the higher cost of living, for example- Albequerque.

Appreciated PROFESSIONAL nanny said...


This is exactly the point of this rant and it makes sense. A nanny is not a professional. She babysits. The $2.00 over minimum wage seems fair to me.

I agree there is a nanny bubble. Just in reading these nanny comments you can tell that a nanny pay bubble does exist.

I think nannies are way overpaid and I am sick and tired of hearing them say they don't clean.


A nanny is not a professional? She babysits? If that is the case, then don't expect her to do anything other than sit on her butt on the couch, watch MTV or read Seventeen magazine and let the kids have their way with the house. Don't expect her to do your laundry, cook for the kids, clean up after them, run errands, handle discipline or anything of the like. After all, she's just a babysitter.

As for the bubble? More often than not, nannies these days are being asked (or being told) to do things that go above and beyond the realm of caring for children. Some will do it and some will not. I will gladly do the laundry for the children, but I am not going to touch your skivvies on a regular basis. I don't take care of you.

My job duties consist of caring for the children during the day. I will make them meals, clean up after them, do their laundry, provide stimulating and educational interaction and activities, provide love and mentoring, discipline when needed and lots and lots of laughter.

Like others have said, having a nanny is a luxury. I've heard my boss tell me this often and then thank me for providing them with the ability to leave their children in a secure and loving environment during their work day. I have been told that without my services, their lives would fall apart.

I am thanked often, both in words and in other forms of compensation. I receive lovely gifts, tremendous bonuses, considerable praise and most of all TRUST.

I am truly hoping that the rant that was posted, as well as the above comment that was left were in jest. If not, then I truly hope that you don't manage to lure a prospective nanny into your webs.

Think about your children, not yourself. What do you want for THEM in regards to childcare?

pat in texas said...

I think you mean Santa Fe? In Santa Fe, the city's mandatory minimum wage rose 42 cents to $9.92 an hour.

so anonymous it hurts said...

babysitting - something my 14 year does with proficiency

light housekeeping = a fraction of my 60 year old ecuadorian housekeeper's day

Dont kid yourself. What is skilled about this?

ellyn said...

9.92 an hour? I think $11.92 an hour for a nanny is MORE than enough!

Nanny from Fargo said...

BOTTOM LINE: You get what you pay for. You want to have your housekeeping done as well as your "nannying," at $2.00 above minimum? Good luck with that.


A job at McDonald's sounds more appealing than this joke of an offer.

Sorry to pop your cheapskate employer bubble.

Just Saying said...

And does the author of this rant seriously think that
if someone was willing to comply with this rigmarole, they would necessarily take good care (let alone better care) of their child? Please.

linda said...


OK, I am SO going to America! This is the most fun thing I have read in ages, if I do decide to come as an au pair I would love to see if people actually are like this.. thank you OP, for the best laugh all day!

millows said...

well if thats real they are bad parents. anyone who gave a rats a** about their kids would not put down childcare providers like that. It has to be a joke.

British Nanny said...

If these work conditions were really imposed on nannies, Mary Poppins would get out her umbrella and whip the OP's behind. This has to be a joke.

I have taken a job in NYC where the ad called for someone with a degree, the ability to speak a foreign language and years of experience with children. The fact is that many employers want their nanny to be a personal teacher not a glorified baby sitter, therefore they pay accordingly. My hourly rate works out just above $30. As others have pointed out, you get what you pay for. OP, my bubble isn't going to pop anytime soon. Infact, it is going to get bigger and bigger and lift me higher and higher, so that I am floating high up in the sky with all the other deserving Mary Poppins like nannies :)

nurse rachet said...

That's the best I've seen it described. Good for you British "Mary Poppins" Nanny!!

OP refuses to pay for nothing more than a "glorified babysitter", so that's what she gets. Her poor children, I feel sorry for them.

Her last babysitter probably looked like the crack Nanny.

Juju....nos EUA.. vida de nanny!! said...


The salary thing is hilarious!!!

I am a nanny for almost 10 years!! I never dress in high heels or any fancy clothes to work!! always dress with comfortable clothes to make easy to work and eat on the floor to play with the kids!!
Food I always brought my!! The picture thing is a good idea!! the phone too, to avoid nannies talking on the phone while working!!!

In Brazil where I came from the nannies have to work in white uniforms, and they do!!!!! this maybe a good idea!!!

very funny!!!!

Juju....nos EUA.. vida de nanny!! said...

I mean seat on the floor, and not eat!! haha

What a Joke said...

Oh this is just flame up everyone. This is the second or third one like this in a year. It's crap. I earn every penny of my weekly salary so I don't really care what this person is spewing.

h said...

Darling Dolls,
I think the entire point of this post is to suggest that nannies will in the very near future, no longer get to turn their noses up at a nanny position with conditions and requirements. A nanny will no longer get to say, "I don't clean". So to all of you who say, "I wouldn't work for you" and "You're just going to get an awful babysitter", think again. The sky is falling, the economy is crashing and unemployment is going to hit double digits. Sure you can pass at jobs like this and others like it, but how much unemployment do you think you are going to collect after you get canned from those jobs where you don't pay taxes to began with? The point, dear nanny is that you will be on your knees begging for the chance to work with children in a pleasant indoor environment. Begging.

it will get better said...

I think you're wrong, h. We have a fantastic President that will cure our economic situation within 6 months.

Nannies will soon be able to pick and choose jobs again, and the pay will increase for them as before.

midwest nanny said...

Yes! Our Saviour will take office soon! Oh Hallelujah.

Obama will lead the way said...

I also have faith in our President. He will come up with a plan to save us all. Not only the poor are affected, it is the rich also. When an Economic crisis befalls ALL financial classes, help is indeed on the way.

curious said...

Does anyone know if Obama is working on an economic stimulus package to bail us out? I thought I read somewhere that he was.

LAMB said...

Honestly, where do poeple like you come from. OP you and everyone who agrees with you are out of touch with reality. Salary, uniforms, clear plastic bags, drug test... BULLSH*T. Why do you people want someone to care for your children and feel they deserve next to nothing for it. I am so fed up with you b*tches who think being a Nanny is a stroll in the park. To start with 95% of these Nanny positions always start off with the children being number 1. After the honeymoon is over a sh*t load of extra duties are adding on with no extra pay. Being a Nanny is hard work and all you b*tches who think we are overpaid should stay home and take care of your children yourselves. Most of you who gripe about Nannies being overpaid or over-rated are either jealous of the connection your children have with the Nanny or have self esteem issues.

LAMB said...


Jingle Bells said...

Enforcing your Nanny rules and regulations gives you:
Received Friday, January 9, 2009
5'10 25 years old aprox 140lbs white female, bleach blond short hair, very tan. Children involved approximately 5-7 year old males,brown hair, fair skin. Nanny comes outside of house through a four car garage, hides in the corner and appears to be smoking a glass pipe, 15 minutes later nanny is seen driving with kid in car. This has been going on for over a year. The address of the incident is on Saddle Ridge Lane in Long Grove, Illinois and the pictures are off her Myspace page. I have debated about how to get involved in this situation. I tracked down her myspace page, (nanny is subject of much neighborhood chatter but parents seem oblivious) but shortly thereafter the page was set to private.

DC nanny said...

huh!!!!!11 ha aha ha aha this post is rib cracking..... ha a aha ha aha a aha ha aI cannot stop. what are we doing?????? re- introducing slavery???? ain't it a lil' too late. I thought children are the most precious "things" to their parents and that's why they are working non-stop to give them a better life than they had growwing up!!!!! Why do they have a problem paying for childcare? I know there are those who know the value of nannies...cannot be measured in monetary terms but these cheap cheap skates?? no words for you.

Sincerely OP has a psychiatric problem and now I have every reason to go into that field...there are a bunch of psychos out there.... that need my help. haa ha aha ha ahaah aha ah jeez!

P in Dallas said...

The 6AM-3PM shift at Burger King is no easier than your average nanny job.
Stop with the self congratulations. You watch children.

Go back to Brazil said...

You still didn't get it right Juju.

Ugly dummy.

ericsmom said...

Well, in NYC you can't have a meal for under $20 with two children and one adult. Unless, you think the nanny should pay for her own meal. But with this type of job that she does the employer should pay for her lunch too, if the employers wants her to take the kids out.

And most parents really don't want their kids taken out to Mcdonalds. Even for pizza its not cheap. At a mall in my town the price for a plain slice was over $3.00. The soda was $2.75. I thought that was expensive! If each kid has two regular slices and two sodas thats already in the range of $18.00.

Happy NY Nanny said...

This is wonderful comedy.

Of course, the reality is that average salaries will probably come down in the next year, but you know what, I'm happy for now. I make $120K per year as a nanny and I love every minute of my job. I've put 80K away for a "rainy day" on top of my 401 K, so if I lose my job, which is always a possibility, I'm not going to go hungry anytime soon. Plus, I've got 3 years of great relationships & references. I know some of the most influential people in New York City--not just know them by sight, but chat with them intimately while waiting to pick the kids up from school. I'm still rather young and I've almost finished my masters degree.

I wonder, OP, do you have that kind of security and pleasure in your own day-to-day work? I doubt it, because you probably wouldn't be ranting otherwise.

OP - stay tuned said...

I am the OP and pleased to see that there are people out there who are as frustrated as I am with these demanding nannies.

Em said...

Hahaha. I can't believe so may commenters really addressed all points of this post.
I mean seriously, who cares if this is a joke or not. It really doesn't matter.

It's apparently National Nanny Hate Day, and that's ok.
In the Op's dreams, this is what she'd like, because she's yet again another parent who cannot afford to have a nanny.
Why, how entitled you seem Op, lol, it's not our fault that you are poor, seriously. You probably should have considered this fact before birthing, so if sympathy is what you are seeking, you will find it in other moms such as yourself who have no business procreating.

You and your family are just a burden on society, and personally.
Here's what I
d like to see happen to rectify said problem... no parent should be allowed to reproduce until they have shown that they have ample means to take care of their children, because frankly, this kind of mindset that you have must affect you psychologically and then guess who reaps the wonderful benefits of that- you're right, the same child you shouldn't have had in the first place.

Well, I suppose it's nice to have dreams, and that's exactly what that will forever be, because if you think any nanny in their right mind would put up with any of the crap that you mentioned then you have got to be joking.

First of all, most of us would just go back to the professions for which we are trained.
If you have saddled yourself with a nanny that is not worth her salt, that's your problem isn't it?
My bet is you can't afford better care.

So I guess the notion of slavery is alive and well...why else would some of you have the audacity to suggest that a nanny clean your home. If you want a housekeeper, hire one.
Nannies are not little slaves in your homes to do your every bidding.
If you want a slave, then I suppose you need to move out of the US? because last I hear slavery was abolished, and with good reason?

How would you feel if your boss, said well this is a recession and I'm about to pop your bubble, because frankly you are over paid. I think we will fire the cleaning people and add mopping the floors to your list of tasks.

Oh and by the way, this must be done after hours on your time , and you got it, I think an overtime rate of minimum wage is in order, hmm...

Who cares whether or not a nanny is seen as a professional? or somebody that is trained in that particular filed. Some people are just naturally gifted at some things.

Will you refuse to buy an artists painting because he wasn't trained?
Even though you prefer their painting above all others? See how silly you seem and are?

Now to the value of your children? how little do you value them? i mean really, do you think much of them at all?
Why don't you just leave a dog in charge of them, would that suffice?

Nannies are smug, as doctors are smug, nurses, business men, teachers etc, because they are people and people are sometimes smug, don't you get that?

I want to explain something about this 'smugness' that people keep referring to in nannies, because I don't think you all quite know what that shows.
It is very telling my friends.
You are in essence saying 'how dare you' 'you are nothing, you have not earned the right to this attitude' and do you know what that makes you? prejudice, plain and simple.

You need to see people as people, just like you, no matter what they have chosen as a profession. It's who you are and not what you do that makes you who you are. Got it?

I love when people ask me what I do. I love the knee jerk reaction to the 'I'm a nanny' lol.
I mean they look at you, talk to you and then they assume that you are working at a professional job, which could be true since I do have a profession, but they never quite expect the 'nanny' to come out. It is actually quite hilarious.

So here's what I think, those sprouting at the mouth about nannies and their lack of education etc are just jealous, plain and simple, but most importantly they lack self esteem, because they think their 'professional' jobs should make them rank higher you know the allowance to be 'smug'.
But self esteem issues are the root cause of that type of anger. someone who is self assured does not judge people by what they do or how they look, they judge character.

So unfortunately Op, you already have your children, and you don't get to tell nannies what to do, sorry. No my friend, it's a nanny's market, and if you can't afford one, then choose the more viable alternative for people in your class- that of daycare.

Fyi: Its not our problem if parent's work odd hours and cannot find care. That is the responsibility of each parent to sort out these issues BEFORE having kids and stop being a burden on society.

Bottom have your problems and we have ours and never should the twain meet.
A job is a job is a job.

I have heard about entitled nannies, so let me tell you about entitled parents: They are the ones who have made no additional provisions once they have hired a nanny. Unbelievable!
...because a nanny should apparently never be sick nor need personal time, and the vacation should be taken at the same time with the parents, why, because they have made no provisions in the case this mortal being cannot fulfill her job for one day to 2 weeks.

That's what I call entitlement, here's another. You leave your house a mess and you think nanny should clean it right up. You don't say. My, are you entitled. Who died and made you queen?

An employer who shows up late without notice, how entitled!

...and trust me the list could go on for days.

Here's what should happen, all employers should be required to wear bumble bee suits, so that people can see them shopping on nanny's time and ask them if they should not be home with their kids, and relieve their nannies.

A parents salary should automatically be docked when they are late, that's right. The next time you get your paycheck, you realize that your boss and the nanny has now collaborated. Boy would be on time from there onwards. Of course you'd be ticked- naturally!

Additionally , your boss should charge you for sitting on his chair, that's right, notice how thread bare it has become? it's your butt that did that. How about you carry your own chair to the office, after all if you wanted to sit so badly, you'd do it.
I'm sure your job could be performed standing up. Who cares, you are not the boss, and you better produce as much with a smile on your face and wipe off that smug attitude.

Yes, and how about a national database of screw up parents, ooh la la now there's a hoot, picture and all. 3 pictures like a mug shot.
That's for all you cheapos, now in the hall of shame for scrimping on childcare.

And by the way, here's a mandatory drug screening for you or else you cannot work here, and it is my right because I pay here's a cup and 'snap' what's that sound? it's the sound of your hair being ripped from your skull. Now that ought to tell me if you're really drug free.

Oh, and that fancy bag, well it has nothing on this baggie, haven't you seen it, its very popular at the airport. It's in gurl!

Now you see how ridiculous all those things sound? it's the same way yours sound. Get a grip!

Em said...

Op, what is frustrating is you having children, but not to worry, we won't work for you, we value ourselves way too much.

MissDee said...

OMG, I read 1/2 of the comments this am when I arrived at work and my charge was still asleep. Now I sit and skim through the 20 something more comments on this post.

Jingle Bells: AMEN for that post of the crackhead nanny. You hit the bullseye with that. OP will get exactly what she pays for-a nanny who looks, acts, and has a MySpace page worse then the crackhead nanny.

British Mary Poppins: I am happy for you and admire your background and confidence. I think you should shove Mary's unmbrella up OP's behind.

And as for you OP:

Shut up shut up shut up. SHUT UP! Just because you had a bad experience with nannies gives you no right to come on here and talk about us. OK, so your nanny walked out of Burger King and decided she wanted to be a nanny rather than ask people if they would like cheese on that Whopper. So you decided to hire her, and she proved that she had not one shred of ability to be a nanny or work well with children. Anyone can apply to work with children, wether it be in a daycare, preschool or as a nanny-some people can't work in childcare. Your previous nanny or nannies judging by what a obnoxious, jealous bitch you are must have ben awful for you to come on here and post what is a funny but hateful rant. Uniforms? I wear one at preschool, on weekends with my charge I wear jeans, tees, and sneakers. Medicine? I carry Claritin with me. A clear plastic bag? I don't work at a mall.

FYI: I work two jobs, have great bosses, flexibility, and should be making twice what I make per hour as a part time nanny. I am a good nanny and teacher like the other childcare professionals on this blog. That's just it. PROFESSIONAL. Just because your nanny wasn't as good as we are, you want to attack us? Whatever.

Sarah said...


I am one of those "21-year-old snots" that is making $20 an hour. I am college educated and have been working in this field for years. I consider myself a professional at what I do, so then why don't I deserve the same salary my other recently graduated friends are earning? Get over yourself.

Nanny with a degree said...

ludicrous! said...
"I think the whole point of this rant is that nannies are not skilled people. "

The point is, employers like OP hire unskilled people, and call them nannies.
A professional nanny is educated, knowledgeable about child development and certified in infant/child CPR. but no, they hire the nannies RN described overhearing....... "I aint no office girl. ........ I aint picking up and taking no message".
How are their toddler charges going to learn correct grammar? How is the nanny going to help with homework?
Either hire professional nannies, or stop complaining, you can't have it both ways.

Kathleen said...


I think you should know, that NANNIES ARE NOT GLORIFIED BABYSITTERS.

Do you have any IDEA what we do all day when you are at work??? We do NOT sit your children in front of the tv all day. We do not ignore them. We do not sit there and chat with our friends on the phone and online while your child is in our presence. We deserve to be compensated for everything we do. Our jobs are to nurture and care for children, to help raise them, and to treat them the way that they SHOULD be treated. A nanny is someone who makes a career out of taking care of your child/children. Do you not realize that we also have lives and bills and everything else that everyone has in life? We have to make ends meet just as well as YOU do.

A babysitter is just someone who comes now and then and watches your kid, pops a video into the dvd player and ignores the kid the entire time. For that person, maybe she/he SHOULD be paid your bogus 2.00 over minumum wage.

NANNIES actually care. You should be ashamed of your comments and you should apologize to your nanny if you even have one. If I was your nanny, I would quit. No one deserves to be treated like you are wanting to treat your nanny.

You treat your nanny well and they will return the favor for you and your family.

Don't be such a b. You should examine your life. Maybe you should not be paid the wages that you are for your job, because you are just a "glorified worker". Whatever.

Luck to you finding a good, quality nanny. I hope you don't end up with some horrid person, because if you pay like you say you are going to, this may be how it ends up for you. You will learn in the end.

Nanny from Maryland

get off your high horse and arrest me said...

ya know.... I actually took one of my bosses tampons once because my period came early. I told her too...and said I could give her the 75 cents for it. She thanked me for my honesty, but said that I obvioulsy needed it and shouldnt feel bad... I mean for god sakes OP... I guess by her using the water in your sink, the soap in your dispenser, and the TP for the toilet...shes "stealing" that too

QUICK call the police hahahahahahaha

Define normal please said...

OMG!! wow. there are so many comments but I'll stick to this main point. Alot of people (probably those who are NOT nannies themselves) talk about how spoiled we are etc...But at your job: Do you go to the bathroom when you want? WE CANT otherwise a toddler can do a thousand things in those seconds or throw themselves on the floor and scream like mine does when I have to We don't get a formal break to "walk away" from our job. you go out to lunch. We can't, our "job" is with us 10-14 per day NO REAL BREAK!!! And like others have said with all this House cleaning business..if you have EVER EVER had a nanny job, you KNOW WELL you cannot get everything done during a 45 minute then you are housekeeping while the child follows you around wanting to play and you just cant because you must do mommy and daddy's laundry (otherwise "nanny" is slacking)...sorry baby I'll be done in a few then we'll read, promise.... a nanny is ONE JOB a housekeeper is ANOTHER JOB asking someone to full-fledged do both for 2 bucks over min wage is ABSURD! T_H_I_N_K before you speak.. Do what we do for a week and see if maybe...just maybe, you're ignorant judgment has altered just a wee bit...Like they say..."Don't knock it til you try it" it applies in many ways. whew..... ;o)

Gloria said...

I think my question is what exactly are the skills that a nanny possesses? Set aside the less than 1/2 of one percent of nannies that have college degrees in early childhood development or other child related fields, what are the skills? I have a super sitter who is 17 years old and a high school junior. She turned 17 last Friday. She has CPR certification. She has first aid certification. She is a life guard in the summer. She has taken a childcare class in school as well as a babysitting class at the Red Cross. She babysits most Friday and Saturday nights and every Sunday afternoon from 12-6. She makes the children lunch, supervises their outdoor play, bakes with them, paints with them, draws with them, reads to them, completes worksheets with them, helps them with their homework, plays board games with them, she will take them to movies or to lunch.

She's a great, great babysitter. But she doesn't want to make a career out of being a babysitter.

Similiarly, I have a neighbor who works at Subway Sandwich shops. She is on track to be valedictorian of her class. She goes to work when scheduled, has been recognized for her customer service, cleanliness and accounting abilities, but she doesn't want to make a career out of it.

But according to the nannies on this post, if said Subway technician decided to make a career out of making sandwiches, we who ate her sandwiches or employed her in our Subway chain should quiver in excitement over her very being? We should overpay her just because she is doing the job she is prescribed? We should shower her with gifts and bonuses?
How would that make sense? It wouldn't. And the Chain would go out of business if they were held hostage by every do gooding high school student that decided to make a lifetime career out of assembling tomatoes and chopped meat on footlong subs.

The same thing applies to nannies. It does take skill to work with children. But your skills are not so extreme that you can continue to hold your employer's balls over a fiery cauldron!

And again, there is a distinguished minority of nannies that should and would not be included in the changes. Their EMPLOYERS know who they are, but clearly THEY don't know who they are.

nycnanny said...

GREAT post, Em! I was waiting to see what you had to say, and you did not disappoint! Thank you from the bottom of this nanny's heart for stepping up.

i hate junk mail said...

Damn, missdee, you go girl! I loved your comment, lol.

Glory, glory, I am all fired up said...


While you make a point about the whole subway thing.... making a sandwhich..... does not take as much skill as caring for kids....

Subway, and other such places are not FIVE star restaurants. You are a mom... obviously... you know how on mothers day... there is always that list that if you added up EVERY single thing a mom did in her household she would make an insane amount of money..... well basically a nanny is a third parent who does plenty of things that she should be paid for.

Try this link...

Or google "if moms got paid"

This article says that in 2005 a stay at home mom would make $134,121 annually... this was accumulated by lists that both WORKING and STAY AT HOME moms came up with of the top 10 jobs they preform...

SO say a nanny does half those jobs... say... 5 of those things... so half the pay.... thats 67,060. Ok so lets say she only does half of those jobs... thats 33.350....

So... lets think about this for a minute. A nanny who does scores of things in your house... is not worth 33k a year?

I think its a little silly to say that a mom is worth that much, but someone who comes INTO your home and MOTHERS your children as if they were her own deserves sh*t for pay.

I do NOT expect gifts. I do NOT expect a bonus. I do NOT expect a raise. I have been lucky to work for wonderful people who offer me these things because they value all that I have brought to their lives, and their homes.

I have gone to college. I have certifications and TONS of credits up the a$$. I LOVE what I do. I deserve a raise just as much as any other hard working person out there. It may not be to the extent a big company would give, but a cost of living raise is pretty standard.

I ask you this. If you were to interview for identical jobs, and option a.) offered you a raise every year, as well as health contributions, and vacation. AND, if you are really awesome, and have positive reviews and work performance you qualify for a bonus.

Then there is option b.) only said well you can work here but you get no raises, and you are on your own for healthcare, and well you get no bonuses, even if you have awesome work performance, which would you choose?

ANony-nY said...

You silly nannies are reading everything you can except the obvious. No, nannies are not subway sandwich makers. But there are many awesome 16 year old sitters. If they choose to make a career out of babysitting, it's on them. It's on you. Yes, you nanny dearest.

It isn't up to me to beat the drums and salute you. You're a babysitter, a self glorified babysitter. There is no need to leave your children with trash. Childcare should be affordable. Why should there be a threat that if you don't pay $15 an hour, something is going to happen to your children? Do you know how sick that is?

There are a lot of people out there who work their asses off everyday. You are no better and no worse than them.

But I've got my hat pin and you best bet I will do everything in my power to burst this ridiculous "nanny bubble".

Austin Nanny said...

OP, do you think this is a communitst country?

Just because you can't afford a Ferrari, you want to force everyone to drive a Kia.

So by your logic, someone with a 4.0 from Harvard and 10 years experience doesn't deserve a better salary than a community college drop out who's never held a job?

And I guess Long John Silvers and Nobu should charge the same prices cuz they both serve fish?

Austin Nanny said... spelling sucks!

you so funny! said...

Ahhh-hahahahaha, Austin Nanny! Good one!.... they both serve fish! LMAO!

Yaya said...

*cough* *cough* *cow* *cough*

OG Nanny said...

Let's put this way, if nannies subscribe to this bullshit, how about parents subscribe to this:

There will ONLY be a two parent household. One parent WILL always be AT home for any child under the legal age of 18.

Next, if you're pregnant, you will be given a test to determine if you're a fit parent. Not only will your IQ be tested, but you'll have to satisfy mandatory childcare education courses. If you cannot meet these very basic of requirements, your child is removed from your care at birth.

Then we'll look into your history. Drug, priors convictions, and financial. If you have ANY illegal drug experiences or so much as a misdemeanor, you're denied rights to have children. If you are not financially stable, meaning you do not make enough above the poverty line in your area, you're not eligible to be a parent. This also includes schooling. No longer will the entire city/county you live be responsible for educating your offspring. Of course with having one parent in the house, home schooling will be an option.

If there is any history of mental defect in your extended family, you will also be denied the right to be a parent. You will also not be allowed to parent if you're a smoker, an overeater, or have alcohol in your home.

If you fail as a parent, such as your teenager gets knocked up, your mentally challenged child goes Klebold on a school, or DD gets a DUI, not only does the child suffer the consequences but so do you in the form of paying restitution AND jail time.

Let's not point fingers at the people who put their LIVES on hold to take care of your precious children when you live glass houses.

cali mom said...

OP, thank you! You sure did get poor old Em riled up but good, and THAT was highly amusing. I bet she even thought she was making some sense, she was busting so many blood vessels as she went on for days...

JerZee said...

Nobu and Long John Silvers. Only one blonde I know would ever make that comparison.

No, darling. The point is so many nannies are LJS material and trying to pass themselves off as trained chefs. Trained chefs should make a better wage.

So should 1 percent of nannies, but if you think I believe the percentage of nannies that deserve perks and accolades is greater than 1 percent then you have me mistaken for some other fat redhead.

i fucking hate nannies said...

Wait, what is this,
"Let's not point fingers at the people who put their LIVES on hold to take care of your precious children when you live glass houses".

Are you out of your idiotic mind?
It's a job, just like any other. You answer the ad and you either accept or reject the job. You don't get to do anything more than that. Who in the hell do you think you are? Who asked you to put your life on hold to be a babysitter? Go educate yourself, you silly bumpkin. The medical world is still recruiting, hiring and training, but of course that will take gumption and tenacity. Do you have it?

jennifer lecarlo said...

This is so extreme. I do wonder what happened in OP's life to cause her to adopt these views.

I will say that I have a nanny and she is in that coveted 1%. It was a difficult search to find this nanny, I have to admit I got some help from Jane. Our nanny has been with us now for 2.2 years.

During the interview process, I did interview a number of nannies who had many prerequisites for me but were able to offer little or no training or comparable experience. Some of the requests these nannies dared to make had me laughing them right out the door.

Anonymous said...
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the weasel said...

you need a moniker.

I am a nanny in the NY metro area. Last year I made 106,000 on the books. I received a $5,000 cash bonus and approximately $5,00 in gifts.

But you nannies are crazy if you think I'd stand in the way of bursting the nanny bubble. It surely wouldn't affect me. There are a whole lot of mediocre and dismal nannies making $14-17 dollars per hour, tax free.


i love gloria and cali mom said...

Gloria: Thanks for that post. Though it seems to be falling on deaf ears to most of the nannies on here. It's actually astounding how completely incapable so many nannies are of seeing that they are just as overpaid considering their skill set as some of the Investment Bankers were. I totally agree with you on the tiny fraction of nannies who are entitled to what they are being paid. The rest have simply being riding the coattails of the qualified. Luckily the recession will weed out the good from the bad. I'm also hoping it will do this to virtually every other industry including civil service, health care, lawyers, and even the useless and rude saleswoman at Macy's. I don't discriminate in my disdain for people being overpaid and underqualified.

Regardless of what many of you nannies on here think, many of you absolutely have contributed to the nanny bubble and the rising rates of pay going to the underqualified. It has somehow become the norm that *all* nannies should make a minimum of $15 an hour from the 19yo student who babysat in high school to the 35yo career nanny with a degree in ECE. So the truly great nannies on here should be just as grateful as the employers that there will be a correction in quality. This should make it much easier for good nannies to get the good jobs and, as so many seem to asserting, continue to be paid well. The only nannies who should feel threatened are those who know they are not very good compared to their colleagues. It's kind of scary how many of you replying feel so defensive and frightened by the bursting of the bubble, while at the same time insisting that the OPs rant is completely baseless and you will all continue to get paid exactly the same. Which is it nannies, cause you can't have it both ways?

Cali Mom: Although I also find Em to be fairly annoying, her latest post takes the cake. She honestly sounds borderline psychotically disorganized in her ranting. Her posts lately have become more and more rambling. I wonder if there is any chance of a true underlying mental illness such as a hypomanic episode or (more likely) Borderline Personality Disorder. Cause she never has ANY insight into how disorganized she is and always posts multiple replies whenever questioned, which go from a little bit odd to nonsensical.

I'm fully anticipating her latest reply to this post, though am eagerly awaiting either the usual "I won't even boter replying (though i am anyway) because what you said is just plain rude (which is actually the theme of most of my posts even though I never see it). Please get a life (cause obviously mine is extremely fulfilling thus my consistent placement in the top 10 ISYN posters). And no I am not posting while working (even though I post at all times of the day throughout my reportedly busy and highly paid workday) because the kids I watch are somehow always napping/resting/in school/fill in excuse."

Or maybe I'll get really lucky and get one of the half page long ramblers she posts that lose me after the first paragraph and end with a nice insult. Oh and are then followed up with a borderline apologetic or slightly insightful response to some other semi-supportive poster who feels sorry for Em to come to her defense. You know to try to show how fair-minded and self-aware Em really is. Please don't disappoint me, Em. I'm waiting!

Joy said...

The consensus is in and the winners are all of those who agree that the majority of nannies are overpaid.

I loved the post by I love Gloria and Cali Mom. I don't pretend to understand Em. I have previously been annoyed by some of her posts which seem to suggest she belongs to her employers and has no free will. (Back several months).

I will tell you a story about the nanny bubble as it has happened. This is a true life experience. Nanny A had been making the equivalent of $18 an hour on the books and her employer had been paying both portions of the taxes, both the nannies and the employers.
The employer decided that was no longer working for her as she sought to trim the fat in her budget. So she told the nanny that she would need to assume responsibility for her portion of the IRS taxes. The nanny might have pouted and cried, but not to the employer. Then the employer later decided that most people do not have their health benefits paid for wholly by their employer, so she wondered why she was being bullied by this mediocre nanny to pay her health insurance costs. After discussion, the employer decided to inform employee that if she elected to continue insurance, she would be responsible for 80 percent of the cost and the employer would chip in 20 percent. This amount would be deducted from her check in small increments every week. Now, this really ruffled the obstinate nanny's feathers, but she nodder her head, accepted the change and went about her normal nanny business. (It stands to reference here that she had one of the easiest nanny jobs west of the Rockies). The employer's children were all in school and the employer wondered how much she really needed the nanny. She decided to then cut said nannies pay, trimming it down to $15.50 per hour, on the books with an employer contribution of 20percent towards health care.

The nanny still did not walk. Why? Because she knew she could have it much, much worse.

Unfortunately for the nanny, she was a lazy piece of shit and was canned alltogether a few weeks later.


chick said...

OP is getting rebuttals from nannies who see that she has no sense that some nannies (1%? 10%? 17.6853%?) are worth every penny they make, and would in no way tolerate the work condidtions she would impose on ALL nannies, regardless of their abilities or deficiencies.

Does it annoy me that some nannies who are bench sitters make more than I do because their clueless employer pay off the books? Sure. Do I fault the nannies? Not really.

I fault the employers who are so desperate for the "status" that comes with having a nanny. Because of that desperation, they hire unqualified or incompetant babysitters, pay them far too much, and never clue in to the fact that their children would actually be MUCH better off in a good to excellent daycare center.

Go with what you can realistically afford folks. Don't dress up a goose in a leotard and call her a ballerina. A goose is a goose, no matter how you choose to describe her.

Lunch for $20 said...

I can't believe anyone thinks it's hard to get a basic lunch for two young kids and a nanny for $20, even in NYC. Ericsmom, I don't know any little kids that would eat two slices of pizza and two sodas each. I highly doubt the majority of parents even want their kids drinking soda on a regular basis (especially if they are the type who don't want McD either) so change that to a cup of water and a slice each. Or just buy a small pizza and split it between you. Or go get each of the three a deli sandwich and drink. Or be creative and buy a loaf of bread and some sandwich fixings and let the kids build a sandwich. Buy a few pieces of fruit from a stand for dessert. Seriously, I can think of and routinely do buy so many lunches for myself and 3 kids for under $20. Can you walk into any restaurant and budget under $20? No, of course not. But if you know that's the employer's planned daily food out budget, it should be NO problem for any reasonably bright nanny to manage this with a modicum of planning. I routinely get my lunch at work from a local deli for $5-7 for an adult. It's just not that hard. Also, the idea that any nanny is ENTITLED to more than $20 is further evidence of the problems OP's post was trying to highlight in the first place.

nanny here said...

I think that every employer on this bored should put ads in the paper for what they can AFFORD. Not just to keep up with the Jones'

I get a health contribution. My employer was willing to pay all of it, but I insisted that chipping in 35% was more than enough. After my 3rd year, my insurance suddenly doubled... and at that point my employer upped the percentage to 50%.

I am to work early every day. I stay late everyday. I do not get OT, although as a legally working, ON THE BOOKS employee I should.

There are perks that some employers offer. There are also nannies who will not settle for anything less than what they want.

A good nanny is one who compromises.... but does not compromise herself to the point that she is less of a human being. Much to the same employer should also compromise, without compromising themselves, or their families.

If you cant afford 12 or 15 or whatever an hour, there are plenty of alternatives.

In all my years of nannying (15+) I have only been sick a total of 8 days... and I had to take a total of 6 bereavement days when 3 of my 4 grandparents died, as well as two uncles. This is all in the past 15 years people. I have never taken a personal vacation. I have always taken my vacations when my bosses do. I only ask that they give me as much notice as possible... (generally 4-6 weeks) so that I can make plans to go someplace if I so choose.

Not all nannies expect such luxuries, but most employers offer them. NOT because it is the nanny norm.... but because it is the norm in most jobs.

I dont know of any corporate job where you dont get vacation. A health plan, or a contribution to one. I also dont know of a job where you are not allowed breaks. And I agree with the poster that as a nanny.... you cant just leave the kids and go to starbucks.

ANYWAY... back to the point. If you dont want to pay a nanny 15 an hour dont. If you want to pay your nanny off the books go ahead. But dont get mad at a nanny who expects you to pay what you are supposed to pay as an employer.

And a point to make.... EVERYONE, and mean EVERYONE knows that teachers are probably some of the most UNDERPAID people in the US.... I am not saying that nannies are full bore teachers... but across the board those who work with kids... and certain areas of healthcare are some of the most underpaid individuals.

I am not saying that nannies are a part of this... but overall child related jobs are not seen as valid, nor are they seen as "worthy"

so glad I didnt listen to a hater said...

I was once told to get a real job.

Ya know what? I have one. I pay taxes... I go to work. I am an employee, I have a boss... most of all I PAY MY F-ing taxes... therefore it is a REAL JOB.

Further anyone... who thinks that being a nanny is not a "real job" I ask you this...

what part of your kids aren't real?

West Side Reality said...

Regarding lunch for two children and a nanny in NYC for under $20. Absolutely and it pissed me off too that some nanny had the audacity to suggest that the $20 ration and restaurants where $20 would best serve her and two children were beneath her.

When I take my children, and I have three, to lunch- they don't eat much. A single slice of cheese pizza or their favorites, bagels with peanut butter and jelly.

This food greed is further demonstrated by some of these nannies thundering around the West side.

vt said...

Yes Petunia Piddle Pat, working as a nanny is indeed a real job. Working as a nanny is a real job in much the same way that working as a janitor at Penn Station, a bus driver, a fry cook or a doctor is a real job.

Historically, the only that has ever lent and grandiosity to the notion of being a nanny is the esteem of the family a nanny holds employment with.

That's the truth. You can ignore it, celebrate or put it in your pipe and smoke it.

Em said...

And I say to all, WHO THE HECK CARES?
Rant and rave and get your tight little panties in a bunch. We are so happy to be the ones to make you all wring your hands in despair

Hey NYNanny, thanks for the compliment!

Now let me see just how many times I can answer the same question, because last I checked I can write whatever I want to however I want to, haha isn't that great.
Panties getting any tighter yet?

I love this! The bubble that is, and none of you can do anything about it.
Not a darned thing!

Here's a not so novel idea ladies (and I use that word loosely) don't hire a nanny and stop worrying about what the Jones's are paying their nannies.

It makes the lot of you seem silly, very silly, and that's why we are hired to let your kids grow up to be unlike you.

In fact most of you are incompetent parents.
Dumb as a bucket of rocks, with again I'd like to remind everyone, a great sense of entitlement.

Yes, I'm thinking that perhaps I will just go and have a child, place a crown on my head and hire a nanny, and never lift another finger in my house.
...and while I'm at it, I'll pretend that I really love my kids and really want to spend time with them. We are onto the lot of you.

So carry on, this is your moment to shine, rant and rave, and when you are done the nannies will still collect their checks!

...and since I do like to ramble on and on, why stop here...

What anger!
'Grandiosity' you say Vt, and... so... the point would be???
So we call it grand and it's not? ok, so um, I dunno, sue us? sue the parents?? sue the world at large?

So tell me desr parents, how can we help you?
Would you feel better if I said that I thought actors were overpaid for walking across the screen reciting lines? Some of whom never went to acting school?

Hmm, have you seen their salaries lately, do they deserve it? tell me

What of singers, who never went to school, do you buy their albums all the while complaining that all they do is sing?

What of Oprah? I spent 6 years in a college and university, how many did she spend? yet we continue to spend dollars on her?
After all, all she does is talk, talk, talk, damn someone should pay me that much for talking.
So many analogies, so little time and space.

Oh wait, there is space!

Perhaps a na-na-na-na-na is appropriate at this point? because what else can I tell ya.
Get over it, get over it, get over it!
As for the genius who was telling us how this bubble all began, well you are quite the buffoon, aren't ya?
So that's where it started huh? lol, dumb and dumber on this board I tell you.

Why don't you parents form a little club, you know a website dedicated to your little rants, trust us, we won't visit, then you all can carry on your mindless chatter about how unfair the world of nannying is, whilst the rest of us will continue to get on with our lives.
Go on now, you all need each other, life is truly unfair, you had kids and now you have to pay someone to take care of them, boohoohoo.

Love love love it!!!
Can we make you cry some more pray tell?

12:45AM RE-POST for Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

With the uniform suggestion and nutty database idea, I can't help but imagine this is facetious.

However, just in case this nut actually exists I have one quick answer, no. I'm a member of the family or a friend of the family. I work because I love children and this job is informal.

I'm not hocking a useless credit card, doing mindless filing, working with Word, Quickbooks, etc.

I'm a teacher, ally, world class cook, a moral shadow, a shield against harm and playmate rolled into one, for all children involved.

I'm good at what I do. I have a great deal of experience and education. I deserve to be paid well.

* Never mind the incredible living costs of my area. If you want me at a moment's notice, having me nearby costs $$$.

12:45 AM


Best Seller said...

I just had to say that this thread has elicited some of the most thought-provoking and intelligent responses I've seen on this board in a very long time and I want to say to all of you - damn good job!!

Schooling and ruling said...

I FUCKING HATE NANNIES-As for putting our lives on hold, not many of the nannies who make over 60k a year are married OR have children. What sort of "normal" job is that? Never mind the married part, you can swing that if you have an extremely understanding husband who is also career driven, but most nannies retire from this industry because they have their own children. How many well paid nannies, and I mean above what the OP is suggesting and then some, have children? You know why there are some of us who make what we do? Not only are we educated, but we're EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE. We go away with our work families for WEEKS on end. We work past that magical 6pm hour and at minutes notice. Now who the fuck do you think can do that WITH THEIR OWN CHILD?!? Christ, talk about idiot country bumpkin, that's some extreme logic for you, moron.

So, I FUCKING HATE NANNIES, what "medical" job that in my late 30s could I train for that would pay me 80-100k a year? Nothing short of 6 years I'm fairly certain because most BSN I know start out under 50k a year. Let's face it, you're just a very jealous person who is struggling in the non nanny world to make it and it burns you up that there are those of us who've managed to make it. Piss off and stew in your bitterness some more.

I don't think so said...

Why is it that any time a person dares to question or challenge a Nanny about her pay or duties or whatever else, they are told "YOUR JEALOUS!"
Jealous of what? That you get worked like a horse, have no free time to have a life of your own, have to be at someone's beck and call, get thrown up and shit on by babies, micromanaged by an elitist mom, made passes at by Dad, snubbed at the holiday dinner, picked on by MIL's, etc.?
Yeah, we're all jealous of you. Got it.
And don't tell me that some or all of the above doesn't happen to even the most "professional" of Nannies.

i don't think so said...

And before someone decides that they have nothing to say and are so pathetic as to jump on me about my spelling or grammar, I'll fix it for you:

*YOU'RE* jealous.

cali mom said...

i love gloria and cali mom, Em sure didn't disappoint you that time! Sounds like OP sure did hit more than a few of her nerves, and my prediction for the very near future is that she will soon come back to expound at length on why she thinks her shit smells like roses.

Chick and I don't think so make some very good points too. I was going to say that about the pizza-anyone under 130 lbs should NOT need more than one slice of pizza for lunch and if a child who is young enough to need a nanny weighs that much, someone should be limiting their pizza intake. and they should NOT be drinking soda.

Now really, the difference between a babysitter and a nanny IS like that of a short order cook vs. a chef. Some people need one, some people need the other. And you can certainly bet that in this crappy economy, you will see more and more people choosing that $6 Big Mac combo over the $400 Fois Gras with truffle and persimmon chutney (organic, of course) with bleu cheese, walnut and rose petals spinach salad and gateau au chocolat with Dom Perignon. Anyone who says this is untrue is absolutely living in denial, and though much of OP's rant was just sensational and exaggerated, to get a response, I suspect she is closer to the truth than some nannies would like to admit.

And yeah, there is practically NO company based in the entire U.S. that covers 100% of the health insurance costs for employees, and there is NOT ONE that would cover both THEIR taxes and their employees' taxes.

You're Still Jealous said...

If you're not jealous, then why do you insist we only make $2 dollars above minimum? What Commie thinking is that we can't excel at what we do and why knock what we make IF YOU'RE NOT JEALOUS?!? Tell me what it is exactly?

Doesn't matter, this is the United States of America and WE as a CAPITALIST country and can command what we do. Piss off you puerile whiny bitches.

cali mom said...

schooling and ruling, you are furious at the suggestion that you would actually have to devote some time and money to study to change to a medical career? Is there someone you blame for that simple reality?

shalom bitches said...

Dear Employed Nanny,
A few suggestions. On Monday morning when you show up for work, show up 5 minutes early with a smile on your face. If the dishwasher is full, empty it. If you don't usually launder the children's clothing and the basket is bulging, drop a load in. Fold it, put it away. When the phone rings, dial up your most professional voice and asnwer "X residence". Take a message. Sweep off the front porch. Make a list of things the house is running out of. Bake some goddamn cupcakes.

Dear Unemployed Nanny looking for $15 dollars an Hour,
It's already not happening. Demand all you want, you're not going to get it. Why? We can collectively decide we are no longer going to pay these outrageous wages to common nannies. And collectively deciding we are. At PTA meetings and in Y corridors, we congregate and roll our eyes at your salary demands.

But don't take so much offense, even the price of gold is falling.

Teaching the clueless yet again... said...

Cali mom-if you actually had a job or profession as it were, maybe you'd be able to comprehend. Why would I re-educate myself JUST to start over at the bottom rung of say $20-25 an hour? Why would I spend thousands of dollars to pay back just to start at such a low wage? Let's put in terms that even YOU can understand sweetie, if your children are less than stellar, do you have ANOTHER one to see if it's better? Christ on a cracker, you people are thick and I'm not just talking waist lines.

6 Figure Nanny said...

Dear Unhappy Employers,

Don't judge yourself by what other people do for their families. Does it say anything about your family at the Jones' can buy a sailboat, winter in St. Barts and summer in Provence? Why should how much I get paid have anything to do with you? Why do you feel the need to tell me to sweep the porch or wear a uniform? My boss pays me well to watch her children and I take pride in my work. I don't judge my job or life by your family, why should you do the opposite?

nyc mom said...

I find it remarkably interesting that a common nanny theme in this thread is that employers must be jealous or somehow trying to beat other families if they feel that current nanny salaries are inflated. I also find the idea that nannies see themselves as luxury items pretty interesting.

I'm a doctor - a job that most people would judge as a much higher "status" than being a nanny - assuming these judgments are in any way meaningful. It has never once occurred to me to think of myself as a luxury item if folks can afford to use my services. Nor do I routinely think - hey, if they can't afford me then they aren't entitled to these kind of services. I often reduce my rates to help out the less fortunate and actually work in a free clinic during some of my hours, as do many of my colleagues. And for all the automatic response that will say I must make so much more money than nannies so I have these choices, let me correct that falsehood early on. I make a bit under $120K - less than some of the highly paid nannies on here report making. My hourly income when averaged out is net between $20-25/hour, again less than many nannies. And that is after 4 yrs college, 4 yrs med school, 4 yrs residency (making about $40K a year gross) and a starting debt of over $200K.

I have a nanny, as do most of the folks I know. I certainly have never once seen it as a luxury or an entitlement. I have a great nanny now, but have had my share of bad experiences, and can guarantee I'd love to have the hours to accomodate daycare if I could. I'd much prefer the less complicated relationship and lower price tag, as would almost everyone I've ever discussed this with. We have nannies b/c we have no choice. I find this idea that a nanny is a status symbol really just silly and such an odd way to see yourself.

Emily said...

Nannies are luxury items. How can you argue otherwise?

meghan gallagher said...

Nannies are not luxury items. I am a shift worker and no daycare can accomodate my schedule. Therefore I have a live-in nanny. I had to offer live-in because I couldn't afford a nanny otherwise. We bent and twisted the hours and perks to try and make it as appealing as possible to our nanny. She seems satisfied but she knows there are other nanny jobs out there that pay much more. She is however, shy on experience so we hope she will stay with us for at least a year before moving on.

Some families can throw money away on pig chauffers. There is nothing wrong with that nor is there anything wrong with paying your nanny $50 an hour if you have excess cash and the money is remarkable. If I had tons of money, you better bet I would make paying a SUPER nanny priority one. But there aren't that many SUPER nannies and there are even fewer employers who are able to pad their nannies salaries.

kaas said...

Healthcare is a NECESSITY. One-to-one childcare is not. There are cheaper options such as daycare available.

I was a full-time nanny. I am now a student at a top university. I earn well over $20 an hour as a part-time nanny for the same family. I would not have agreed to commute 3 hours or skip some lessons if I was offered any less.

The more something is in demand, the higher the price.

Emily said...

Just because you've decided to go the route of a Live-In nanny--a luxury item--and you're not a rich household, doesn't mean that nannies aren't luxury items. If daycare isn't an option because of hours, families can have grandparents or other relatives help out, can change their hours or use people who provide childcare from their own homes. Nannies are for families who can afford them or families who sacrifice to have them. They ARE luxury items.

Dr. Jekyll said...

Dr. Mom,
What is it that you specialize in that you only make $120K as a Physician, in NY, no less? Maybe you work in one of those Express Medical Care Centers?

Either way, our first clue that you are unhappy with your Nanny is that you are complaining about her "price tag". And since you aren't very content with the wage you make, maybe you're just jealous that your Nanny has it more cush than you do? LOL, does she take half your earnings?

Happy NY Nanny said...

I find people trying to argue that nannies are anything but luxury items so funny.

Travel is a luxury, but lots of middle class or lower-middle class families budget to be able to take regular vacations, right? So, does that make travel anything other than a luxury? NO.

This is America. No one is going to tell you you can't have a nanny. It's ridiculous, though, to try and rewrite the facts and pretend that having a nanny is something you're entitled just because you have children.

make up your mind said...

Happy NY Nanny
You just contradicted yourself, and you are supporting our argument. That's exactly it:

"No one is going to tell you you can't have a nanny. It's ridiculous, though, to try and rewrite the facts and pretend that having a nanny is something you're entitled just because you have children."
4:12 PM

Happy NY Nanny said...

Make Up Your Mind,

I didn't contradict myself, but perhaps I wasn't being clear.

We live in America, so, as I said, no one is going to tell you you can't have a nanny, just like no one is going to tell you you can't take your family of 5 to France for a week in the spring. BUT it is RIDICULOUS for you to act like you're entitled to a vacation in France because you live in America or to hold it against France that it costs so much to visit there. It's the same with nannies. Go ahead an employ one if you want, no one will stop you. But whining that they cost too much isn't going to change the reality that nannies are luxury items.

Does it make sense to you know?

Happy NY Nanny said...

Sorry for the typo. I meant, "Does that make sense to you now?"

make up your mind said...

Actually, yes, it does. I thought you were saying that Nannies weren't luxuries because you were comparing them to the inability to afford expensive vacations.

You 2nd comment clears that up. We are in agreement that they are in fact are luxury. Thanks.

LMAO said...

Yes, that's perfect! I'd love to see all these disgruntled mothers complaining and warning France that it's going to get it's comeuppance and have to wear a uniform and empty the dishwasher soon!

cha cha said...

To the less than intelligent nanny suggesting that nannies are luxury items,
Guess what?
Nannies should not be luxury items.
Nannies are like Miami real estate, they were unchecked for a bit so they drove their prices up so high and tagged themselves luxury properties. Guess what? No one is buying and the prices are coming down.

There are a lot of split families and single mothers and alternate families out there. We don't all have grandparents two miles away. You're a complete idiot for implying as much.

As an employer I know that nannies are a necessity if I want to work. But that doesn't stop 8 out of 10 nannies replying to my position and arriving on my gilded door step from thinking they are about to back the brinks truck up.

Not happening.

For real? said...

"gilded door step"? Hahahaha!!! You have GOT to be kidding! The only reason it's not happening is because you're a cheap-ass bitch. That's why you will be stuck with a 2nd rate POS park bench nanny! Good luck to your kids!! They'll need it!

fedupin CT said...

I pay my nanny $11 an hour and I pay her on the books. She doesn't have health insurance (I offered to procur it for her, but she didn't want to pay for it). I pay 100% of both of our tax requirements. Every week, she gets a paycheck for $506.00. That is 46 hours. She doesn't complain because she knows that her friends at taco bell make that every two weeks. She's a great nanny who worked at a daycare for four years before joining our home. She takes care of all of the children's needs including their laundry and meals and supervises their clean up of their bedrooms. We have a housekeeper come twice a week. When the nanny works above her hours, we pay her $20 an hour. That's almost double time. She is a part of our family and knows it.
She is not being mistreated or taken advantage of and I don't have to worry that she is going to go Lizzie Borden on my children because I am not paying her as much as some people choose to pay.

Most of the comments from nannies on this post reek of fear. You must be so very afraid that you too will face a paycut, but why shouldn't you when nearly every other sector in our country has. Teachers are taking paycuts.

Oh wait, you're better than teachers. And you all have your teaching degrees.

pea said...

cha cha: who comes to your house without already knowing what you're willing to pay? that's kind of crazy.

nyc mom said...

Perhaps we need to define "luxury" to decide if a nanny is in fact a luxury for many families:

Here's the first two definitions I found:

1. Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort.
2. Something expensive and hard to obtain.

My nanny is not inessential. I need to work. I need childcare that can accomodate my hours. I have never found a daycare, including home/family, that could do so. In addition, I have 3 kids and need school pickups. My experience was that daycare for 3 kids was more expensive than a nanny, and did not have the flexibility to pick up my kids. But if any of the nannies on here can identify an actual, real-life, new york city, less expensive childcare option that can meet our family needs then by all means PLEASE let me know.

In regards to #2, I have not found it hard to obtain a nanny. In fact, the last time I put up an ad for one I got over 100 responses in two days and had to take the ad down due to the simple volume. Of course there were lots of underqualified applicants, but I definitely had lots of choices amongst very qualified, kind, experienced nannies. And as we have seen on here, expensive is a matter of judgement and there is clearly a huge range of nanny salaries.

So I think it's pretty clear that for a working family with any sort of unusual hours and a lack of nearby family support, a nanny is definitely not a luxury. It sounds like some of the nannies responding that they ARE luxuries, are in fact working for folks who use them as such - which is fine, but to assume that is the norm shows a pretty narrow view of the world. As I have clearly proven, for us (and many folks in similar positions) a nanny is both a necessity and cheaper than daycare so NOT A LUXURY. So let's put this issue to rest once and for all.

And to answer someone who asked, I am a psychiatrist. Our starting salary in the NYC metro area is generally $110-120K at a major academic center, though can be a bit more if you shop around and make some sacrifices. I work at one of the top few hospitals in the city, though as I said also do some community based clinic work by choice. I have, however, also done more "prestigious" private pay/private practice work so have a pretty good view of the whole field. This is a common average salary for many fields in medicine in nyc including general medicine and peds. Specialists and surgeons absolutely make more, but they have the extra years of residency, extra debt, and extra hours of work to accompany it so it's all a trade off. I find the rampant misperception of what doctors in NYC make to be astounding so like to provide some actual facts when possible. Also in response to the idea that healthcare is a necessity, this is true in some cases. However, it's also untrue in many cases. I've done both the essential psychiatry for the severely mentally ill and the LUXURY (correct use of the word this time, unlike about my nanny) life therapy.

To Dr. Jekyll, I'm very happy with my nanny as I stated. I am unhappy with the rising cost of childcare, but don't begrude her one penny. Of course I wish she did not take half my salary, but since the other half is essential to live on, I don't really have much choice. Nope, I'm not content with the wage I make. Absolutely think I should make more all the debt and education considered, along with thinking I am good at my job. Also not content with the lack of annual bonus and first raise in 10 yrs last year. But life is complicated and I can both appreciate my nanny and think nanny salaries have risen disproportionately to quality in recent years. I have the ability to have complex thought processes that involve more than absolutes.

cali mom said...

Cha cha, very well said. I think what you meant by your gilded doorstep is that every nanny who comes for an interview seems to ASSUME she will automatically get the job?

And OP's point is, that nannies DO seem to consider themselves a luxury item (and whether they are or should be is highly debatable), but IF they are, look at how many luxury items are getting snapped up in a jiffy these days compared to a year ago. Come on nannies, don't tell me you can't do the math?! Even mansions and Hummers are getting sold at huge discounts these days, or NOT getting sold at all, so why should one "luxury item" be insulated from economic disaster, unlike every single other one?

And yes, once again, any idiot who seriously thinks that "grandma can come on over if you can't afford a nanny" is an actual solution to a real-life childcare dilemma, needs to peek their head out from under their rock once in a while. What part of divorce, widowed parents, global separation, elderly/infirm relatives, People WITH JOBS, etc, have you never heard of? Not everybody has a pool of relatives nearby willing or able to babysit, or be trusted with a child's safety, at the drop of a hat on demand for free. I suppose you'll now try to argue than in addition to "proving" you have a steady enough job to support kids, you must also "prove" that you will NEVER try to change jobs, get laid off, or be asked to take a paycut before you are allowed to bear children. And of course, you also have to "prove" that you will always have one reliable and capable relative who is unemployed or robotic (so as to be able to come over and care for your kids from 11pm-3AM) living with 5 miles of you who is independantly weathly and will sit for free.

Schooling, my current profession is Mommy. Let me guess, you will seriously try to argue that the person who bears the children cannot be conidered a "professional" at caring for them but a hired employee is? That would be funny. I do have another career that is on hold for now while I enjoy my FT Mommying instead, but what of it?

NNJ said...

Wow, one of the psychiatrist at Hackensack Hosptial in NJ makes a killing. One time I was very depressed. He was the boss I believe of that unit. I asked him if I could come see him to talk to. He told me I wouldn't be able to afford his price. Because he didn't take my insurance. (he had a separate practice) At that time he stated he gets $300 an hour! Almost, had a heart attack. Thats the weekly salary for some people. Its really sad to see such a huge gap in wages.

cali mom said...

kaas said...

...The more something is in demand, the higher the price.

Exactly. (((((POP)))))

ericsmom said...

All this nanny bashing isn't nice. Isn't the world hard enough the way it is? Has anyone seen whats going on in Gaza?

So what if a nanny gets $11.00 an hour. So what if they get $15.00 an hour. So what if they get $20.00 an hour. Thats between the employer and employee. Not for us to judge.

Each family has different requirements on what they want. Geographically, nannies in certain areas make more/less.
Just like any other career.

Dr. Jekyll said...

nyc mom
Thank you for letting us see your side of why a nanny wouldn't be a luxury. I'm sure you fall into a very low minority for those specific reasons, but all the same, that was an extremely well written post and I have a better view from my pedestal now. :)

Why do I bother? said...

Those of us in the higher tax bracket are in demand. That's what no one seems to get. We often times work for people who are hard to deal with and that sort of word of mouth makes us golden in our profession. I especially know the reputations of all my employers because my job world is very six degree of seperation. Add in a specialty like autism, and we're even more in demand. We're seasoned and we've dealt with many types of personalities. People who usually hire us aren't typically the nouveau riche such as your Brittany Spears types. We'll always have jobs because we know what we're doing and we know that there is a certain segment who will want us to care for their children when they are unable.

I have to say, I feel sorry for the psychiatrist making only $120k a year. I had a friend who straight out of residency made $300k as an anestethiologist. Of course I can see the difference there. One is necessary, the other not so much. I have another friend who is a Doc in NYC making $1000 an appointment. Sometimes performance is a great sign of how well you do a job. I know I didn't get my last $20,000 raise because I perform poorly.

As for "being teachers" a funny thing that. Most teachers who transfer into this field start bottom rung, even with their degree especially if they don't have previous nanny experience. It's one thing to deal with a class of 25 on a non-personal level and quite another to become a servant in a home, catering not only to children individually but to parents and relatives as well. Something non-nannies can not comprehend. That much is obvious.

nyc mom said...

Yes, NNJ, when I worked in private practice my hourly rate was between $300-400 an hour also. But that simply did not translate to my actual take home salary in any way. I worked for a group so there was an automatic 40% of my billing given to them. If you work alone or for a hospital, that same 40% goes to hospital or your own overhead. Then for every hour I billed I had at least that much time in paperwork and phone calls so cut it by another 50%. Then consider the no-shows (who are supposed to pay anyway, but that's hard to enforce from a legal and human perspective), unbooked hours, and emergency issues. I know it's numbers like this $300-400/hour that someone hears once and thinks it translates to a rich psychiatrist. Just not the case, sadly.

NannyInCharge said...

Luckily no matter what happens, there will always be people in this world who realize that $15-$20 an hour isn't an over the top salary. There will always be families who can afford to pay their nanny this type of salary and I'm so thankful to have years of experience plus amazing references so I can demand a salary that will help support my own family.

nannynomore said...

You know what I thought of when I first read this? Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale".

Can't wait to read "An Employee Rants Against Dumbass Parents"!

The OP's smug tone is nauseating and classist. I feel badly for their children.

weston said...

I think most of the things are great ideas. You have to have your office cubicle conform to certain specifications in the business world, why shouldn't your employer and the owner of the home be able to check your room on a routine basis to make sure you don't have maggots growing out of apples or razor blades laying about? It sounds reasonable to me. The see through bag makes little or no sense, unless your nanny drives to work in which case she could carry just some of her possesions to and from her vehicle in the ziploc bag. I don't think we should require her to prattle about all over the town with such rudimentary pocket work. And last but not least, I don't hire a nanny so that I can pay her 10 days of sick time a week. I hire a nanny so that she shows up every day that I need her so I can get to work. There is no tolerance at my job for sick days or sick children so I need someone I can count on. If not for this, I would most definitely use a daycare rather than allow a singleton to spend copious amounts of unsupervised time with my child and violate my home with reckless abandon.

Cheers OP.

UES Nanny said...

NYC Dr. Mom,

"if any of the nannies on here can identify an actual, real-life, new york city, less expensive childcare option that can meet our family needs then by all means PLEASE let me know."

If all your children are in school, here are some alternatives. My neighborhood PS has an after school program to accommodate working parents. The Rhinelander Children's Center has staff who escort groups from schools to their facilities. These programs provide snack time, arts, sports, and homework help. Some of the private schools have programs as well.
In addition, there are many families who use college students for after school pickup and care. Some home daycares have more than one caregiver, so they can accommodate infants/toddlers and have someone pickup older students after school.
If your salary is your total household income, you might look into these possibilities in your neighborhood

macaroniandcheese said...

Instead of blaming nannies, why not lobby for proper childcare policies from the government? Oh, but wait, let me guess: you don't want to pay higher taxes!

In The Netherlands, childcare is regulated and heavily subsidised. Daycares are very good and nannies are better (perhaps not as good as those highly qualified British nannies but they are all at least average). Taxes range from 33-52% but tertiery aducation is free etc. If you're a cop or a fireman (they do not earn much obviously) with irregular working hours, you CAN hire a nanny AND pay her a DECENT wage (don't forget, she is a person like you as well with needs). I don't begrudge them and think nannies are a luxury but you can't expect someone else to take a hit for you ($300 a week is not going to cut it) just because you chose to get that job.

That goes the same for nannies. When nannies join a family, they are aware they will probably have to stay late somewhat regularly, they know there will be times when employers will pay late etc. I know some nannies try to weed out employers who will take advantage of them by picking a family which does not require housework and which starts with good pay (because you know, the ones who offer you lousy positions are aware you are desperate and WILL take advantage of you...)

Happy NY Nanny said...

NYC Mom, what is essential for your family is in-home childcare, but that doesn't mean a nanny is a necessity. You could chose to employ a babysitter full time like so many other NY families who cannot afford the luxury of a nanny. Just because someone comes to your home to watch your children doesn't automatically make them a nanny.

A nanny has training & knowledge of child development. She can put together healthy meal plans, is certified in CPR, can sit down with a 12 year old and do algebra, can lead children of all ages in appropriate activities so they don't spend hours in front of the TV.

It's perfectly fine to hire a full-time babysitter.

lucy said...

You make me laugh trying to draw some weird line between a babysitter and a nanny when I know damn well every baby sitter I have ever used is better than most people's nannies. Title shmitle.

And, the Netherlands sucks.

Please don't come on here waxing that country's virtues again.

jj said...

Why would OP want you to wear a blinking fanny pack when she clearly has illustrated what she thinks would be an appropriate tote/pocketbook?

Oh silly Fargo nanny.

Anonymous said...
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Beegurl said...

More power to you, but I've been doing it for 15 years and honey, we both know it is not rocket science. Good on you for finding suckers stupid enough to pay you $2o an hour for wiping ass.

tabitha said...

I think it is funny when people say what a mother would earn if she was home and use that to justify what a nanny should make. I have a cousin Carla who lives in rural TN in a beat up trailer in a mobile home park. Her hubsand works at a factory, they don't get any assistance. She is a stay at home mother of twin 3 year olds. Both three year olds can already read and that beaten up trailer is always immaculate. No one is going to pay her 120K to raise her kids and no one should pay anyone 120K to raise their children. If you are paying that much to your nanny, I have to wonder, regardless of your financial circumstance, how much parenting are you doing? If you are that wealthy and that uninvolved in your children's lives, why not just give the nanny custody of the children and buy them a bungalow on the beach? You can visit once a month or as the occasion arises.

I am all for paying a nanny what she is worth, but having a nanny that does it all is not good for your children. Be a GD parent! Raise your own children. College students make great babysitters and part time nannies.

YOU CANNOT OUTSOURCE THE RAISING OF YOUR CHILDREN. I mean, you can and you do- but how awful.

NannyInCharge said...

macaroniandcheese - Wait wait wait. A nanny should expect to be paid late sometimes? Says who? There is no way I would stay at a job that routinely paid me late! A nanny has bills to pay, rent to pay on time, groceries to buy, etc. Why should we expect pay to be late sometimes? I don't expect or accept being paid late. Ever.

nyc mom said...

No, all of my children are not school age. One is a toddler. I have used Rhinelander before for classes. Afterschool classes would not accomodate the hours I need childcare. I work 12 hour shifts including overnights and weekends. And my husband travels for work. Thanks for the idea, but it would not work.

And in regards to nanny vs sitter - I agree this is a very weird distinction. So now a nanny requirement is an understanding of 12yo algebra? Such odd thoughts some folks have. Anyway, I'd be glad to hire a kind, honest, reliable "babysitter." However, I have found that the price difference between someone who by your definition would be a sitter and someone who would be a nanny has never been remarkably different. I already know I can't afford one of the superhigh paid Nannies on here, so once you rule out that level of pay I'v never seen a huge distinction. And I've interviewed and employed a lot of sitters in my life to accomodate my hours throughout training and currently. But, again, thanks for trying. I think this is just further evidence that lots of nannies on here don't have a good understanding of the childcare issues faced by a non-super wealthy nyc family.

Pay me! ....Please? said...

About being paid late...

I hate that! I'm supposed to be paid every other Friday, and I almost ALWAYS have to remind my employers when pay-day is coming up. Its awkward. But, when I don't remind them, they forget to pay me. So, every other Thursday, I remind them.

I have bills to pay, and being paid a week late just messes everything up (this has happened more often than ever acceptable)

Its rude.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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12:41AM re-post for Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it slightly disturbing that a nanny's duties are constantly belittled and put down? "Wiping ass", "being puked on"... Dear Lord, these comments are likely coming from parents. You know, the people who decided to create these little people who need care in the first place!

If it's SO beneath you to do the things that need to be done to care for your offspring, why did you even have them? And then to begrudge the people who do the actual work a living wage? Wow. I'm so glad any idiot can breed.

12:41 AM

(You need a moniker!!)

2:42AM re-post for Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would not work for an employer who demanded this stuff. Some of it is ok, but about the pay. Do parents realize how terrible their "little angels" can be. Of you want a nanny and a housekeeper, be prepared to pay A LOT more. You are asking for one person to do 2 jobs. If it's so easy to do, do it your self.

Uniforms?? really? That's ridiculous.

2:43 AM

(You need a Moniker!!)

C.P. said...

I assume that this must be a joke?

I'm not a nanny (I'm a SAHM) but fully agree that it's an important job that deserves a high, or at least decent, wage and benefits. Yet another example of anything traditionally "women's work" is belittled in this culture. Yes, we have a childcare crisis in this country, and no, not everyone can afford a nanny (I certainly couldn't, even if I was working FT - working in the nonprofit world isn't valued, either) but the solution is not to bash nannies. There are good and there are bad nannies, just like there are good and bad doctors, teachers, cops, customer service reps, investment bankers, whatever. Hire a good one, then pay her (or him) an appropriate rate for the job.

I'm not - and have never been - a nanny, but I can tell what this person thinks of me and my staying home with my kid. Raising a kid is tough - it's not just sitting around on the couch eating bonbons all day. It's made even tougher by people like the original poster who has absolutely no respect for the women or men, paid or unpaid, who do this important job.

And yes, I'm sure that there are overpaid nannies, just as there are underpaid nannies. If the US is going to continue to have huge income disparities between different jobs then why shouldn't nannies make a lot of money? At least they're providing a valuable service to society.

And, for those on the board pointing out the troubles with shift work and the like: it's a major societal issue, sure, and I can see why you'd be annoyed to have people just tell you go put your kid in a daycare and not go the private route, but that's not the nanny's fault.

I still think that this is a joke designed to stir up some conversation. No one is this crazy, are they? If serious, any valid points are completely overwhelmed by the nuttiness of the rest of it.

PinkNanny said...

Oh wow this is fun.


It's really nice that you have created your own pretend version of reality. That's always fun. When I was a kid I used to play that "If I was the president" game too.

The thing is, despite your bitterness of a bad nanny experience, or jealousy that no one would hire YOU as a nanny, your version of reality is going to have to stay in your dreams where it belongs.

It's all about supply and demand, baby. Maybe when you have a dersirable skill that someone wants to pay for you can join us all in the real world.

Meanwhile, I will continue to increase my inflated salary and enjoy benefits and freedom that few working people enjoy. ;)

me again said...

hey weston,

if you work at a job that has no tolerance for sick days or sick children, maybe your job sucks.

re-examine your priorities. if you think people can't get sick, you're sick.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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smartcatz said...

Before you post, read the words right above. Look up. No anonymous comments.

And what is spelled wrong?

Anonymous said...
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former nanny said...

I was a nanny for 10 years. I got paid well below $15 an hour, but I had a few "perks." Yes, I did steal from my employer. I took food, money left in coat and pants pockets, wine glasses, wore mom's shoes. Yes, I did put their child in front of the TV while I chatted on the phone for an hour. I ate their food, drank their juices, sodas, and waters. I washed my clothes at their house several times. I've taken showers. I've searched for nanny cams. Things I never did. Harm the child. Drove recklessly or talking on the phone while driving. I never fed the child McDonalds, or any crappy food. I did cook, I did clean. I would never let the child run around at a playground while I sat and chewed the fat. I lived at the childrens library. I called in sick way too much. I bad mouthed the parents, but never infront of the child. I had 1 phony reference on my resume. I never smiled much, laughed less and yet the child loved me. We all got good and bad in all of us, nannies included. If you expect a perfect employee you are fooling yourself.

Viktoria said...

clear bags... i like that...
What ever happened to work ethic ladies??? I pay my nanny 15$ an hour and I am so fed up with her. Listen, it's a job and if you dont like the rules... get another one.. I worked for 7 dollars an hour and am in disgust at how these "modern nannies" act and think I owe them. If i want to i will give a paid holiday but do not force me ( and our nannies have always been treated very well) I just cringe when i give her money because i can tell she is not genuine and does not deserve a penny over 10$.. does not drive, speak english, tels me what i should do and complains about her legs, stares out the window to waste time, I stay home so she is never alone with 2 kids and i pick up after her... this b"tch is out as soon as i get someone loyal who i will want to help not feel forced to help.

Viktoria said...

all the ladies on here i would never hire... If i am providing food on your table you respect me. You are all ungrateful to have a job and make me sick.. i worked my ass off to get through school and you think it is handed to you... I worked for every penny my nanny gets so for you to even think twice about the rules is disgusting to me . If i pay you i am the boss not you. I will agree 2 dollars over the min wage is pathatic and you will get some careless snot. I would pay 15 if i knew she was loyal and helped me around the house and worked with my son

Viktoria said...

thats what i am saying... if my nanny is amazing and deserves it i will want to pay her more... my kids are important... but if she acts entitled and doesnt do anything 7-10 is okay with me...

Deneen said...

That comment about the Netherlands was wholly unnecessary.

How can a whole country suck, anyway?

Anonymous said...

If you are only paying $2 an hour over minimum wage, I can see why you would need some of those other rules, because the only person accepting a rate like that would be so untrustworthy that they would need the accountability. That's not someone I would leave my kids with. You might be able to pay that rate in a nanny share, with two families each paying that rate to the same nanny for the same hours. I love when people advertise that they want to pay $10 an hour and they want a college educated nanny with years of experience. I would rather loose my house than leave my kids with someone that is not worth $15 an hour or more. I'm so glad I have a wonderful nanny job where the mother is grateful for my experience and ability to work with her son. She let's me bring my two kids with me 4 of the 5 days and pays me $15 an hour even though I told her I would be willing to settle for $12. She respects me, so I will gladly go to the moon and back for her and her son.