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.... What?!

Fight on CL because a Mother wanted last minute Childcare:
I need a babysitter for tonight (Wheeling)
hi,I`m a mother to a 4 year old. I really need someone, last minute, to come to my Wheeling home,to babysit my daughter. She goes to sleep around 10:30,I would need help from 11pm till about 2am. My husband works at the bar and I would like to celebrate new years with him I`ll pay $40 thank you very much, my phone is (213) 281-****
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Pretty disappointing .... (Everywhere) - OP
Hi all ,parents ,nannies, babysitters!!! This letter goes to everyone ,don`t get me wrong, it is my opinion. Lately, people here have shown very different, at some level ,immature way of thinking when it comes to children and child care providers. It`s so disappointing that whenever I post I almost expect someone to correct me or to put my thoughts in a doubt. On the new years day ,I posted an add ,asking if someone could babysit my child ,while I go, celebrate with my husband and friends. My husband happened to work that day/night and I didn`t want to celebrate by myself. So I posted an add for a last minute babysitter. Gosh ,I`m sorry ,but last minute babysitters exist ,I`m one of them. Well sure enough, I got some weirdoes calling me, e-mailing me, harassing me for no apparent reason!!! supposedly I`m crazy for posting such a thing!!!! Ok ,people ,first of all ,this is a website for posting adds about childcare ,I have all the rights in the world to ask for a help, regardless of the situation/occasion. If no one could help me out just, either don`t reply with your crazy thoughts, or at least negotiate the pay, if you get upset about the $10hr rate! What is wrong with you people? have you tried putting yourself in my on any other`s position before harassing and calling names???? Immaturity is something that`s very difficult to fight when so many of you are selfish and self standard!!!! I am a mother, a childcare provider ,and I happened to ask for a help on new years. Am I guilty because of that???? This website has changed in so many ways. I used be able to communicate with so many moms and providers in here.. But now ,it`s a mess, everybody is angry and weird!!! WHAT HAPPENED? And this Shauna case ,is it going to close anytime soon? whenever I come here ,searching for a job, I see, at least 1 post about her MySpace page!!! I ,once, tried to understand this situation, I posted my opinion. Shortly after ,I got blamed and accused of being her!!!! Oh my dear God, will I ever do that again???? This is so stressful and not fair. Get over it already, concentrate on positive a little bit more!!! I`m offended, upset and confused!!! since when I can`t post an add about childcare???Since when I have a fear of others being angry? Have some respect for each other. This is not the end of the world for me ,of course. But I know for a fact ,that while someone searching for a good, reliable nanny here ,on Craig’s list, or posting about their qualifications as a nanny, people like you-angry and weird, cut their chances of succeeding. Thank you very much.
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TO: Pretty disappointing .... (NW Suburbs)
The fact that you would post a blind ad for some stranger to watch your kid on short notice says it all. That is you KID! I don't know about you but I wouldn't leave my child with someone I didn't know, met on the internet, didn't do a background check on, and didn't have several real life references for. Yes, you deserve every bit of backlash you probably received. Shame on you for putting your childs LIFE at stake because you wanted to go out. Do you have any idea how many weirdo's are on this site ALONE??? Consider yourself lucky you stayed home, safe with your kids instead of leaving them with god only knows who and coming home to your kids and belongings GONE..or worse. Oh, and for the love of god please learn how to use a comma.
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RE: Pretty disappointing .... (Everywhere :)) - OP
Ok, lady, or whoever was writing with such hate!!!! 1. I found a girl who was able to babysit for me that night. Just like I`ve found many others before ,kind and reliable. 2.This is not an English class, and if I happened to be from a different country, doesn`t mean I don`t speak English very well!!!! 3.I have all the rights to express my feelings regarding this website ,because people like you, nasty and angry ,make us, normal people not to even bother, coming here ,looking for help!!!!! You are not the judge, nor the master of the sky. You have no rights ,coming here, writing the BS of yours. I suggest to just ignore. But of course, your ego wouldn`t let you do so, would it??? I don`t know you and don`t even want to know, but I sure do know that you`ve had your bad experience in the past ,with childcare. I`m sorry for that, but it doesn`t mean you have to be involved in my dilemma!!! oh, and if you don`t like the fact that I didn`t use the comma properly, here you go: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :) bite me!!!! hope you`re happy and warm!!!!
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Amazed at the actions of some parents said...

I can't believe people would just allow someone they didn't know to babysit their child. A child is supposed to be the most precious gift given to you and you are supposed to treat it as such.

I have a similar story. I had just started a nanny job with a family that I had known previously because I was their oldest child's teacher. I had been with them 2 months at this time. They decided to go out of town on a cruise with their best friends and they had lined up family members to watch their kids. Well the best friends childcare arrangement fell through so 3 hours before they were supposed to leave I get a call from my boss asking if I would watch their 6 week old baby for them for the week while they went on the cruise. I jumped on it because I really needed the money but then later I realized just what they had done. They didn't know me at all. They left their 6 week old baby with an almost complete stranger for an entire week and they never called or checked on us. They had also told me my boyfriend was welcome to stay with me and I was free to take the baby wherever I wanted. At that time they had never met my boyfriend and only knew very vague details about him and yet he was free to stay over whenever he wanted. My boss nor her friend did a background check on me, and didn't even know my address or any other important information about me.

nurse rachet said...

The "bite me" Ad made my day! Too funny!

Best Seller said...

The Nanny in #7 would never have a life! They want her available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week! $300 a week is crap for what they are asking for, even for a live in, and they leave you no room to get an outside job. These parents must be high if they think anyone will accept that position!

As for #14, why did that person find it necessary to include in the post that the mom was a "socialite"? I guess that means she will never be home, never see her kids, and going to the spa and shopping are more important. Who really has a clear idea of exactly what a socialite mother does? It reeks of snobbery in my opinion, and I wish them luck finding someone to work for them, too!

Austin Nanny said...

Amazed...I once got a call from a friend who asked me if I wanted to go to Mexico with a family over spring break. The plan was the family would hang together until afternoon nap time, then I would take over so the parents could have alone time. They didn't even want to interview me, I was just supposed to show up in 2 days with a suitcase.

I really needed the money but I was so freaked out that they would let a complete stranger share a hotel room with 2 toddlers I turned them down.

Jane Sucks said...

I agree. This website is a lost cause.

Amazed said...

Wow Austin it's sad what some parents will do.

disagree said...

I disagree - I think that if a trusted friend recommended a sitter that person is not "a stranger." If my best friend said that her sitter was available when I was in a bind I would say sure and go w/ best friend's sitter. And that is because I trust my best friend. In the poster's comments here you were all referred by someone who knew you well. There is a huge difference between that and craigs list.

uranidiot said...

Jane Sucks said...
I agree. This website is a lost cause.
10:34 PM

Where the F did that come from? Nobody said anything in this thread concerning this site, or Jane. Step away from the crack pipe, please.

Jane Sucks said...

Learn to read.

Jane Sucks said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
uranidiot said...

"Learn to read.
11:50 PM

Dear idiot,
I did. And I don't see where you have to "agree" with someone that said this website was a lost cause. Point it out!

Amazed said...

Disagree even if my best friend recommend someone to me I would still be leery with leaving my child with them. Heck my best friend's husband offered to watch my son while we went to dinner and I was nervous the entire time we were out!

I also pointed out that I had only been working 2 months when they asked me to watch the baby for a week. To me 2 months isn't long enough for me to trust someone to watch my child for an entire week.

Yaya said...

How can ppl be so naive to trust a stranger to come watch their kid last minute?!?!

jennifer lecarlo said...

Jane continues to rock the Eastern Seaboard. Show your face, you dimunitive twit.

CL is scary said...

I think Jane was referring to the Craigslist site as a lost cause, no? That's how I read it.

jane sucks said...

To Quote Pretty disappointing:

"This website has changed in so many ways. I used be able to communicate with so many moms and providers in here.. But now ,it`s a mess, everybody is angry and weird!!! WHAT HAPPENED?"

Still Disagree said...

Disagree again -

Although you had been w/ the family only 2 months you had been the oldest child's teacher. That usually goes w/ it some kind of background check, interview process, etc. Again, if I was in a true bind (a cruise already booked, money paid, leaving in a couple days) and my best friends Nanny who had also been a school teacher was available I would take the opportunity. I don't think that is irresponsible. But it really isn't worth arguing about on here. I was just trying to show a different point of view.

But I do agree the Craig's List posters grabbing strangers at the last minute is insane.

do you know who I am? said...

jane sucks,
I know who you are. So watch yourself, you troublemaking psycho.

Are you really that stupid?? said...

jane sucks said...

To Quote Pretty disappointing:

"This website has changed in so many ways. I used be able to communicate with so many moms and providers in here.. But now ,it`s a mess, everybody is angry and weird!!! WHAT HAPPENED?"
9:59 AM

Those were Ads taken from Craigslist, dumbass. They have nothing to do with ISYN.
The loser mom from CL said that because she was upset from getting blasted for wanting a complete stranger to come and babysit her kid last minute. She wasn't talking about THIS website.
You are such a freaking moron.

jane sucks said...

Is that a threat? Sounds like it. You don't know who I am and you don't sound too stable.

jane sucks said...

And to Are you really that stupid?? said...

She was talking about this website. you are that stupid.

jane sucks said...

I stand corrected on the source of the site that pretty disappointing was talking about. It was craigs list.

CL is scary said...

I'm just curious, but when they post the "CL-WTF" thread, do people from here ever go and post/respond something to the original poster on Craigslist? There's a link directly to the ad, so it is quite possible. I'm just wondering, since one of the ladies said she got a bunch of emails with people telling her how irresponsible she is and flaming her. I've thought about it, but haven't done so.

Marypoppin'pills said...

CL is scary -
No, that Ad wasn't put on ISYN until after all of that happened. I went on CL and found those myself.

huh? said...

You mean there's a link from CL to the ad on this blog?

NannyInCharge said...

I'll never understand how a parent can be so trusting with their kids! Very scary indeed.

I've gone on last minute jobs where I haven't met the family before, but they were always friend's of my employers and usually lived in the same neighborhood.

Crazy how this happens so much on CL.

WTF? said...

Yup. Since fights on CL aren't quite stupid enough of their own accord, post them on here.