Starbucks at 1st & 75th in NYC

Received Monday, July 14, 2008
nanny sighting logo Who: Your Nanny
Where: Starbucks Coffee
When: This morning approx 9:45 AM
Nanny: glasses, black, pony tail, round face, cherub cheeks, no make up, black pants with a thick white stripe down one side, grey Oakland Raiders t-shirt, tennis shoes.
Child or Children: One girl, white, two pony tails in red pony holders, blonde, approx 1.5 year of age, blue and white gingham dress with big flowers on the bottom, red sandals.
Stroller: Grey and black metal with Orange fabric, all orange fabric.
What happened: Nanny was having a frozen shake drink and what looked like a 'blondie' and reading a NYPost. Little girl was in stroller crying for juice. The nanny handed her the juice cup (yellow Dora) twice, shaking it, it was evident it was empty but she did it just to appease the people who were watching her. The nanny then took the little girl up to straighten her out and handled her real tight around her body. The baby started crying, and tho it was obvious the nanny had been rough, she started cooing to the baby, 'there there, there there". The baby settled down for a bit and the nanny leisurely sipped her mammoth beverage. The child looked scared and uncomfortable. The child was also covered up with two blankets when the nanny repositioned her despite the fact it felt warm inside and was definitely warm outside. The baby again offered her empty cup to the nanny. I am certain she could have gotten water for free for the child, but she ignored her completely. I think this is a nanny about to break. And it's only Monday morning.


JerseyXJacqui said...

It was evident it was empty? How could you tell?

I'm not really following you on this one, OP...She was rough but gentle? Indifferent but comforting? Maybe you're suggesting she was putting on a show just in case she was being watched?

It sounds like you're more upset about her choice of Starbucks beverage than anything else.

It doesn't make sense that a negligent nanny would put a blanket on a child...I'd understand if it was COLD out and the child wasn't dressed warmly enough, but the blanket thing in this case seems inconsequential...Maybe the child was sick..Maybe we need more details. It wasn't that warm this's only 70 now.

I just don't understand why this was bad sighting...and I'm not saying that to be disagreeable..someone fill me in on something I'm missing here, haha.

emily said...

Not to defend this nanny's behavior (because I'm not!) but it wasn't warm this morning. It was raining and I was wearing a sweatshirt when I came to work. If I'd had the baby out I would have her under a light blanket.

K said...

I understand what the OP is trying to get at, I think. Basically the nanny was putting on a show for the other patrons in the shop, but the OP could tell that the child wasn't being treated right and feels as if the child should have received better treatment, attention ect.
Also yes, almost All Starbucks will give you a cup of water if you ask for it, I do it all the time when I stop in for a caffeine fix with my charge.

JerseyXJacqui said...

I just don't completely buy it. Her post was full of holes and the fact that she basically lied (not to sound dramatic, but she did) about the weather seems a bit odd. Even if you didn't necessarily think it was chilly outside this morning, it's a bit far fetched to say it was "definitely warm."
Maybe I'm just nit-picking, I dunno.

Marypoppin'pills said...

I would like to offer that we don't pick apart OP's whole story.
If some poster's feel they need more Info, then that is understandable.

From what I gather, OP senses that the Nanny may have been slightly frustrated while attempting to "comfort" the infant, possibly being a bit rough or unkind, because she said it looked like the Nanny "was about to break".

We weren't there to see the Nannies demeanor, so obviously OP saw something more to it than maybe she was able to convey in her post?

JerseyXJacqui said...

I wouldn't say that's obvious, MPP. I wouldn't say it ISN'T either...I was "picking it apart" because there have been other "sightings" in the past that were irresponsible and borderline slander. That is why I requested more information. It's someone's livelihood here and I think it's important to make sure it's legit. My gut told me that this particular report isn't. It's all over the place and incosistent. I made sure not to attack the OP and I don't feel I was particularly rude (at least I tried not to be :-)
However, I have a feeling I may come off as slightly abrasive without even realizing it. I apologize if that's the case.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Please don't think my post was intended for you! I was just generalizing ... mainly because if too many posters start doubting the OP's post right off the bat, it may hurt submissions.
It's happened a few times in the past, and that was the only thing I was concerned with.

And what I meant by 'obvious', was that OP really felt there was something wrong with the way the Nanny treated this child, but maybe we need some more details to understand why.

Anonymous said...

It casts a shadow over the OP's story that she misrepresented the weather. What else did she misrepresent, I wonder?

Jen said...

God, I hate how many apologist nannies there are on this site. The post was clear to me -- the nanny was alternately neglectful and rough, and made a show of "care" which was clear to the op was for the benefit of other patrons, rather than for the child.

If this were my child I would be very grateful to read op's post.

Repeatedly handing an empty cup to a warm thirsty child while enjoying your own leisure and snack is disgusting. Since many of the nanny posters on this site seem to have no problem with it, I can only make inferences about their own level of care when with their charges.

By the way -- it was cool early this morning in NYC, but by mid morning it was muggy and warm.
Nice try, though.

Jen said...

Oh, and handling a child roughly and then disingenuously "comforting" her when she then cries from the pain is not good treatment -- even if it seems to be so to some of the nannies on this board.

kathleencares said...

The story doesn't sound that bad to me, but it definitely sounds like the nanny is a little burnt out.

Yaya said...

Sounds like a nanny who worked all weekend...not thinking straight (as far as she could go buy some more water). And a little less patience...

Anonymous said...

If you saw me in Starbucks enjoying a drink and reading, my care would be taking a cat nap in the stroller. If awake, she would be enjoying her own snack and have my full attention, and if she became bored or fussy, off we would go to the playground.
What the OP described doesn't sound like a loving and attentive nanny to me.

JerseyXJacqui said...

Jen, now you're just picking and choosing what's convenient to your was was not muggy at 9:45. It was raining and about 65...How could she possibly know the cup was empty? I think a few of us made it clear that the blankets were necessary considering the cool, wet temperature. NICE TRY though attempting to bring up muggy weather midmorning. It didn't get "muggy" until late afternoon.
YOUR argument is flawed.
As 4:50 said, a shadow of doubt is definitely cast regarding how exagerrated certain details may be..You just chose to ignore those things.

I usually agree with the bad nanny sightings. I'm not some pro-nanny vigilante. I'm not irrational when defending a nanny. When I read something that seems a bit like reaching, it makes me wonder. I didn't defend this nanny's behavior. I questioned the OP's description of the situation and the inconsistent details she presented.

MPP, I understand what you're saying. I hate when the OP's get attacked too because it DOES discourage people to post legit sightings..which is why I tried to remain as objective as possible.

Jen said...

jerseyxjacqui -- I'M picking and choosing? You read a post that described a nanny handling a baby so roughly she starts to cry, a child who appears "scared and uncomfortable" with the nanny, but decide the salient issue is the temperature? (And I'm sorry, you're still wrong -- the rain had stopped by 9:45, and I was out and warm in my shorts and t-shirt at that time. Maybe some people -- you -- have a different threshold for warm?)

Your argument -- wondering how OP could tell if the cup was empty -- is silly. She described the nanny shaking it and it being obvious to an observer it was empty. She also described the child handing the cup to the nanny, implying the child was asking for water. I just don't understand your agenda here -- and there must be one for you to be so picayune with your issues with this post.

Only someone whose own standards are pretty low would be so quick to defend such shabby treatment of a child.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm intolerant to heat, but it was too muggy for me.
It's usually miserable after a summer rain.
Not the same as Spring showers ...
not that the blankets were the end all, be all. I just think this was a mean nanny that should've gotten up and got this poor kid a drink.
Now, the shaking of the empty cup, I'm sorry, but that's a silly argument =- I can tell when a cup being shaken is empty.
And the rough hug - passive aggressive behavior. I think she was trying to put on a show for anyone who thought she might've not been very nice.

Anonymous said...

Where was it CHILLY yesterday?
I went to the pool yesterday around noon and could barely stand it, it was uncomfortable. I live in Bronxville. It wasn't chilly in Bronxville.

Let's not go batshit crazy tearing up a post. If the OP took the time to post, I'm guessing she saw something. This is such a boring post, who would make this up?

Anonymous said...

I was in this very same Starbucks this morning around 9:30. Even thought it was raining and in the low 70's they had the AC cranked up and I was freezing! I didn't notice the nanny or charge but I would have definitely had wrapped a baby in a blanket or two in there! I felt like a side of beef waiting for my morning Jo!

maddy said...

I think you are the trouble maker.
For one, it was not in the low 70's. Second, starbucks does not blast the AC. The thermomometers are controlled at corportae. Why? Because the product starbucks is famous for is steaming hot coffee. And blasted AC would quickly cool that.

I think the overnight low was about 73 for that night. By the way, it is 923 now and 89 degrees where I live. (Just Outside NYC.
Yes, 9:24 AM and 89 degrees.


This nanny could have been nicer. THE END.

maddy said...

your thermometer is way off. You are not doing this blog any service when you pick and pick about nonsensical things. Do you really think if it was freezing or cold, ANYONE would have an issue about a child under multiple blankets?

Grow up. Go read the Spiderwick Chronicles. You're not a nanny. You're not a mother. What do you know anyway?

Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain. ~

Emily said...

Maddy--Jersey isn't the only one who corrected the OP about the weather. Of course it wasn't freezing cold, but it wasn't warm out. I wore a sweatshirt until about 11 in the afternoon, and you need to dress a baby appropriately. A blanket was necessary for a bare-legged child on Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is so concerned with the Weather ... why not give the OP the benefit of the doubt and just worry about the crux of her post?

Emily said...

Well, 10am, I can't speak for everyone, but I've restricted my comments on this post to the issue of the weather because that's what I know about. I didn't feel it was appropriate to comment on the OP perception of this nanny because I wasn't there, but I do know what temperature it was in New York city yesterday. I know how I was dressed and how I dressed my charges.

Metronanny said...

Maddy, I think someone else is a troublemaker, not the anonymous one you have gone after.

I live in just outside of NYC. In fact, I look out of my window and see the GW Bridge. Right now, it's 74 degrees with a high of 83 predicted. I'm usually warm, and the first in my family to crank the air conditioner, and mine is turned off right now.

Yesterday, the temperature when I went out at 10 am was in the low 70s. There was a breeze and so I had a light jacket on. I went for my morning walk and stopped at the Barnes and Noble cafe in Edgewater. Even though they are not known for having their air conditioner set high, because I was damp from walking in the rain I was chilled in there. So I want to know, where you live, just outside NYC, and it was 89 an hour ago. The temperature could not have dropped over 10 degrees in an hour!

UmassSlytherin said...


normally I enjoy references to Harry Potter, but you're freaking rude.

One does not need to be a nanny or a mom to have a valid opinion.

You sound unpleasant. I doubt Mrs. Weasley would have liked you much, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

metro nanny and all who think it was cold yesterday,
I was in the city when it rained for a bit. It had started raining early. The rain wasn't hard nor soft, just in the middle. It had the heavy dankness of it that I knew it wouldn't be offering much refreshment. Sometimes a rain comes along and clears the air. This rain was thick and hot. The temperature may have been upper 70's at that time, but the humidity was about 100 percent. You don't have to be shagging Sam Champion to do the math on that.

LindaLou said...

you guys are actually arguing about the weather. lmao! :P

Anonymous said...

I love how you're all arguing about the weather on the INTERNET when you could just go and check it out with a few clicks.

Yesterday, in NYC the high was 80 and that didn't happen until 2pm. At 10am it was about 74.

ny born and bred said...

74 degrees in ny in mid morning with 100 percent humidity. that's a bit like standing in landfill being peed on by a diseased donkey while being blowdryed by a raging hairdresser.

It's not like it was bird chirping, beez buzzing, cool wind blowing kind of late summer. It was the middle of the freaking summer.

kate said...

I bet you that most of these anonymous posters or ones like "ny born and bred" (who I've never seen on here before) who are supporting the OP's weather claims are the OP herself.

Anonymous said...

Now Kate, why would you say that? Don't go starting trouble by accusing people of doing stuff like that. I myself am tired of all this weather chit, let it go already!
Please refer to #4.

for real now. Good grief!

laurie said...

I'm sorry, "what looked like a 'blondie'" made me snort coffee out of my nose.

Bwaaahahahah I'm so glad I have a life.