Kilmarnock Playground - Boston, MA

Received Wednesday, July 2, 2008.
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Large, white, female. Approx 5'4"- 5'7", flowered blouse, stretch capris, 190-230 lbs, white ballet flats.
Child or children:
2 boys. One AA, approx 3 y.o, green & blue striped shirt, yellow shorts. One Caucasian, curly brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, Thomas t-shirt (blue), blue jean shorts, teva sandals, also about 3 y.o.
Nanny screamed at both children. She ignored them but when they needed something or got too far from her she screamed at them. The little boy in the green & blue striped shirt was BEGGING for water and the nanny kept telling him he would have to wait. The nanny meanwhile was drinking an Arizona Ice Tea. Both boys looked very hot and sweaty. Very sad to see a child begging for water on such a hot day. The nanny was reading a magazine and sitting in the shade. When the boys wanted to take a break and merely sit by her, she screamed at them to go play and shooed them away like flies.
Kilmarnock Playground - Boston, MA 07/02/08 after lunch.


Anonymous said...

And how do you know that this was the nanny and not the mother??

Anonymous said...

and she "ignored them but screamed at them when they got to far away"?

gowannus mom said...

The next person who asks, "how do you know this was the nanny and not the mother" needs to have her face slapped. Twice.

Anonymous said...

ok gawannus but only after yourface is smacked 3 times for being so rude and obnoxious

Anonymous said...

pay no mind. i agree with you. so many posters are sick & tired of that same stupid question. it's on 2-3 different threads tonite alone .... somebody needs a life.

i say, give the person who posted it the benefit of the doubt, they were there. if they say it was a nanny, who are we to say any different?

Anonymous said...

I can usually tell if a child is with the nanny or mom especially if they are able to talk LOL They call one MOM and the other by her name.
I donlt care which oe she was but denying a kid water when they are playing and you sit there and suck up your nice cool bottle of tea?
I would be more concerned about why they were not getting a drink instead of "how do you know it was the nanny crap"

kathleencares said...

Regardless of whether is was the Mom or the nanny, it is a horrible story. Children should not have to beg for water or be treated like that by anyone. So sad!