Question about Nannies bringing their children to work

Received Wednesday, July 2, 2008 - Perspective & Opinion
Hi, I am a nanny for a great family in NYC. I been with this family for 4 yrs. They have 2 children. They have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old. I have children of my own. I have a son that is 8 and a daughter that is 10. My children attend an after school program. My children come with me for 20 minutes in the am while they are waiting for the bus. Every once in awhile they will come in for the day. When it is the last day of school before summer camp etc .....

I work 10 hrs a day. They run late a lot from anywhere from 10 minutes to 3-4 hrs late.
In my original contract we agreed on comp time for any over time I did. Now they are saying because my children come with me that counts for any extra time I am there. So they think I shouldn't get the comp time just work over and deal with it basically.

So how do I deal with this????? They offered for my children to come there. Once in awhile I will ask if they can come one day here or there. My children are in school full time and they go to summer camp also. I do babysit here or there at night and I do not charge them. So what is the standard with nannies and their kids??????


Anonymous said...

No no no no. You need your comp time. They agreed your kids could come in the beginning, that doesn't count. Many nannies bring their kids to work and they still get paid because they are still working!!

Anonymous said...

The standard is work it out in a contract before you start!! If over time the situation changes reneotiate your contract!! Children accompany nannies to work all the time. It simply depends on your bosses veiws.
I took both my daughters to work with me,as a nanny, for 2 yrs and it was a wonderful situation for all of us!

fox in socks said...

I don't understand what you're saying, OP. Are you saying that when they're late on a day when you've brought your children to work for the day, that they don't want you to take comp time on a different day to make up for the overtime on the day you brought your kids?

Or are you saying something else? For instance, maybe they really don't want you to bring your kids anymore for some reason, and they are saying if you do bring your kids, this uses up your comp time.

If it's the latter, I think you should talk to the family. There must be some reason why they don't want you to bring your kids anymore. If they don't want you to bring them anymore, try to find a way to avoid bringing them ever again. Maybe use your vacation days for when you would have otherwise brought your kids.

Keep us posted. Good luck.

lost in newyork said...

I don't understand what you're saying, OP. Are you saying that when they're late on a day when you've brought your children to

sometimes i do have to bring them when they are late
but they also come at other times here or there .

so they are saying they feel when my kids come with me it makes up for any extra time i am there . so sometimes i have them there when they are late but alot of times it is just me there when they are late !!so they think i shouldnt get any comp time or over time when they are late .

so now how do i handle this i am very attached to both of thier kids and so are my children . but i feel like after all this time i am burning out that i need time off too . my contract gets renewed every august so should i wait or bring it up now ?

Anonymous said...

OP, sounds like you are very confused and stressed about the issue right NOW...straighten it out NOW! If they don't want you to bring your children...make other arrangements. If they're just using the fact that your kids are there with you to justify not paying you or giving comp time...VERY bad employers! Good luck with THAT conversation.

Anonymous said...

Your employers are taking advantage of you. Three to four hours late, and not paying you unconscionable. Why do you sit at night and not charge them? Because your children are older, it is probably fun for your charges when they do come for the day. Some employers would see this as a plus. You need to sit down with them and talk this over.

lizz said...

7:13 and 8:04
I think I understand what she is trying to say...her employers said she was welcome to bring her children to work with her on occasion(and it seems to me it is very occasionally)She was promised overtime comp when they are late, but now they are docking her for having her children I have it correct OP? If it is stated in a contract that you were to be paid overtime and that your children could come, then they are in breach of contract and you need to speak to them...working 10 hours a day is long enough...but to add time without pay....thats too much. Then to go home to take care of your own are going to get burnt out ( and resentful for not getting what you were contracted to receive.)

Anonymous said...

I say quit... find a new job that doesn't take advantage of you!

Anonymous said...


I don't think it's very nice for them to be cheap with you. It seems that after four years of you being a good nanny, bringing your older children once in a while *should* be more than fine. In fact, this reminds me of something my family would do to me and they are very cheap.

If they aren't willing to afford you your comp time, I am afraid it is time to start looking for another job. Don't quit until you have something else lined up. I know change is hard, but staying in this situation doesn't seem to be earning you a place in the family's heart.

Anonymous said...

I think they are taking advantage of you because you let them! Why would anyone even want to work for free.. at all? If this was any other job, it would be almost unheard of. I would never work any hours for free, whether they be overtime or extra nights. They obviously are not good employers and if you are a good nanny, you can definitely do better.

kathleencares said...

From what you're saying, it sounds like the parents are in the wrong and are taking advantage of you. I would definitely talk to them and remind them of your original contract. Also, remind them that they agreed to your children coming along once in awhile.
You should also not be babysitting at night and not charging them. I would talk to them and maybe start looking for another job. They don't sound like the most honest people.

Hong Kong said...

It seems like You and Your employer have a bad connection. I work lots of overtime in my job, however I get benefits when I ask for them instantly. There is no hesitation from my employer. However I searched a while to get an employer who has such good connection to me. You might consider talking to Your employer to improve Your conection... spend some time with them, for example at a BBQ. Or even quit and find something new.

Then also be aware, that they have much more money than You. They can always afford a new nanny. That being said, learn some other skill in Your freetime to get out of it.

Anonymous said...

if your a nanny and you have kids take care of THEM! not other peoples kids!

this frustration is delt with people who have husbands who have been the primary care provider while the wife cares for the kids (or vice versa) and then just cause they are bored they go and think hey let me get free daycare and get paid for it!! i am not saying men should work women should stay home what i am saying is that if you have a substantial amount of iincome coming from either male or female then one of you should stay home and take care of THEIR kids not others! they need you!