In case you missed it...

"But we left the heat on!"
That was a Southampton couple's excuse for leaving their 9-week-old baby alone in the car while they were watching the Kentucky Derby at an Off-Track Betting site, Southampton Town police said last night . After the 2-month-old infant had been in the parking lot for more than 20 minutes, the new parents came out and tried to drive away, police said. But the cops detained the couple, Krystal Rose Downes, 24, and Jhimy Alban Vintimilla, 28.
Police gave the couple a misdemeanor child-endangerment charge and they were released with custody of the 2-month old.


marypoppin'pills said...

... "they were released with custody of the 2-month old."

What? I guess the next time they go to the Derby they will just leave the baby at home alone altogether so they don't get caught.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a classy bunch..

lovely :rolls eyes:

Anonymous said...

I wish some people would stop reproducing.

A Fabulous Nanny said...

bahaha 11:42, my thoughts exactly :)

Sprak said...

I wonder if they leave the baby in the car when they attend their "Gamblers' Anon" meetings. Maybe prospective parents should have to pass an I.Q. exam.

Anonymous said...

I have never understood how child endangerment can be a misdemenor? It should be a felony. You have to admit that it was nice of them to leave the heat on lol This will not be the last time that CPS has a "relationship" with these two morons. If they cannot fathom what they did as wrong this time wait until they leave the child at home alone.

Anonymous said...

Child-endangerment/abandonment should be a felony in all 50 states. Maybe that would knock some sense into people like this!

Miserly Bastard said...

I would never do this with my own child, but this does not sound like the worst case of child endangerment ever brought. They left a sleeping kid in the car for 20 minutes; sure, they should have brought the kid into the OTB with them, but whatever--they might have poor judgment, but they're probably not bad people.

Anonymous said...

Miserly Bastard, they left a sleeping child in a car, apparently very far from where they were for 20 whole minutes. They didn't make a quick run into Dunkin Donuts. This child was out of view. How could you possibly judge a nanny for saving her charge from a WILD ANIMAL in one thread and then defend the parents who left their TWO MONTH OLD ALONE IN A CAR FOR 20 MINUTES, while it was running, completely out of sight!?

Another nanny-hating hypocrite obviously.

Anonymous said...

Actually, let me correct myself. I have NO idea whether or not the car was completely out of sight. I assumed it was based on what the article said, "The car was left running in a busy parking lot outside the Suffolk Regional Off-Track Betting Corp. branch in Southampton, on Long Island."

I just pounced on commenters on the coyote thread for not collecting all the details before making judgements, so I guess that was actually hypocritical of me.

HOWEVER, I have a feeling you'd be very hard on a nanny if she did this with her charge. Would you even think twice about berating her? Even if the car WAS in sight (I still doubt it was, but that's neither here nor there), it was still incredibly foolish, negligent. Poor judgement? Of course. Bad people? No, I doubt it...but again I say, if it was a nanny who did this(go back a month or so to the reporting about the nanny who ran into a store for 5 minutes to get coffee while her charges were in the car-she was torn a new one), she'd be made out to be the most horrible caregiver in the world! And I'm NOT exaggerating.

Miserly Bastard said...

I'm not defending these people, I'm just saying they're not exactly scum of the earth, as prior posters had implied.

I don't hate nannies by any means, but I do think there are far more bad nannies than there are good nannies. By contrast, there are far more good parents than there are bad parents.

This is why, I think, the sentiment on this board is generally that nannies are "guilty until proven innocent", whereas parents are generally "innocent until proven guilty."

I hope you understand why the parents feel this way.

Chizmosa said...

What a very irresponsible parents who prioritizes a derby game rather than their 2-month old kid.

Anonymous said...

Far more bad nannies than good? Far more good parents than bad?
How could you possibly have enough information to surmise that?

I think it would be impossible to come to ANY reasonable conclusion regarding how many good parents vs bad and bad nannies vs good there are.

You may not think you're a nanny hater, but to me, based on your pseudo-statistics, it sounds as through you're predisposed to that way of thinking and don't even realize it.

mpp said...

JerseyXJ is on a tangent today, and taking no prisoners.

Thank you for your post @ 2:01.
My sentiments exactly.

Miserly ... I will say, you seem to be going in different directions yourself, and it's really odd why your defending some actions and damning others.

Nanny saves baby from being dragged off for dinner by Coyote = Bad!

Baby left unattended in running car to possibly be kidnapped = Good!

Um ... O.k.

anyasnew said...

The baby was left "for more than 20 minutes" in a "busy parking lot" in a "running car". That to me says it all. What would some of you be saying if a weirdo had simply broken into the car, and driven a way with the baby? After all, it'd be pretty easy, considering the car was left running (keys in ignition) and a 9 week old infant is utterly defenseless. Even in the 'best case' scenario of leaving a baby this young alone the average person has to be concerned about many things; what if the baby spits up and chokes? What if it gets too cold, too hot? What if someone decides that's the perfect car to break into (*ding ding ding* we have a winner this one has keys in the ignition!) The parents got lucky this time...and the key word here is *luck*. I don't know about you, but I'd rather keep 'the innocent' safe by a hell of a lot more than luck!

undercover regular said...

Exellent post! I wish more people saw it that way.

Anonymous said...

What about the parents of madeline McCann..they too left sleeping children.alone in a hotel room..the whole world gushed about what great and loving parents THEY are..get a clue people..keep your children in site at all times if they are not sleeping in the saftery of your own home. Parents who want to go to the races or eat out without the kids...don't have's called condoms!!!!

Anonymous said...

Madeline MacCann's parents were doctors and ther ARE loving ,good parents. The dined out less than 40 yards from where Madeline and the twins were sleeping.

I lv my child in the car quite often if she has fallen asleep while out..she finishes her nap and I grab her. I check on her every 10 minutes just as maddies parents did.

This is very common!

amber said...

705 madelien mccann's parents were narcissitic assholes. They also lied about how often they checked on their daughter. Don't forget, three nights before she disappeared, the narcissitic parents were jonesing to go get their buzz on and trying to put their three tiny kids down and madeleine took off, rebelling against being put down at 630 pm. She ran around and hid from her parents before being hid. She hated being left alone. She hated being put to bed so early. They were on a family vacation where they dumped the kids ALL day long in some daycare. They picked up the kids and put them to bed so they could continue their fun.

May they rot in hell, both of them.

Anonymous said...

Common? I think not. Most parents and competent caregivers would not leave a child, especially a young infant, alone anywhere, let alone in the parking lot of the OTB, which attracts a particularly unsavory crowd. I'm disappointed the Southampton police didn't do more here.

undercover regular said...

I can't believe your praising the McCann's as good parents. They cared more about a night out with their friends than they did the safety of their own children.
How is that not wrong?

And your last sentence really did it for me:

"I check on her every 10 minutes just as maddies parents did."

Outrageous. You know why? Because you see how much good it did them ... they lost their little girl.
You my dear, should not have been allowed to procreate.

I feel very sorry for your children.
I hope nothing bad ever happens to them.
But if it does ... tell me,
who's fault will it be?

LindaLou said...

are you kidding me? neither the mccann's nor theses derby jack@$$es are good parents. you don't want to call them the *scum of the earth.* heck, i'll do it for you! that's exactly what they are.

lorenza said...

Good one, LindaLou!

Anonymous said...

Hey, "miserly bastard":

My parents beat the crap out of me on a regular basis.
My nanny treated me like gold.

Your "theory" is flawed.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Such sad memories on the blog tonite.
I'm so sorry for you, 12:03.
I hope your doing alright.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 12:56AM

Yes, I haven't spoken to my parents for years.

But I still keep in touch with my former nanny and send her flowers every Mother's Day.

Miserly Bastard said...

Maybe it's just the circles I run in, but all of the parents I know I would consider to be "good" parents, and a number of us have had issues with nannies ranging from the questionable (i.e., nanny fell asleep on a beanbag while the child was crawling around on the carpet) to the insanely ridiculous (i.e., nanny caught smoking dope). Call it selection error, but at least among affluent, white-collar professionals, I think my pseudo stats hold water.

PS-re: the McCanns, I think this is a cultural thing. Americans would probably not do it, but I understand the practice isn't that uncommon among Europeans and English.

Anonymous said...

Miserly B, do you honestly believe that parents who have all the resources in the world and still choose to leave their children with a nanny during all their waking hours, get to be called "good" parents. I think that's completely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Miserly Bastard, you sound like such a snob! Have you and your AFFLUENT circle of friends ever considered that maybe you are part of the problem, not just the nannies?

Maybe I've been reading too many Nanny Diary-esque books, but thank god I work for middle to upper middle class families. Most of them know how to remain humble.
And the few working class families I have babysat for during the past 10 years...let's not even get started. Down to earth, kind and reasonable.

Why? I suspect it's because they haven't been conditioned by their STATUS, money and their SOCIAL circles to look down on those people (AHEM) "less fortunate financially."

I'm obviously making generalizations based on extreme cases (i.e. Miserly Bastard and families like the one in The Nanny Diaries for example). I'm not accusing all affluent people of being shallow, lowly and snobbish.
Nor am I giving every working class family a big, hearty pat on the back for being kind, humble and down to earth.

Miserly Bastard said...

It's not snobbery, and I didnt mean the term "affluent" to mean anything other than upper middle class.

Anonymous said...

So many people, so many attitudes.

Cut the guy a break already.

Anonymous said...

2:31, that's what you're here to do. Way to go, voice of reason!


Miserly Bastard, truce. Maybe I got you pegged all wrong based on MY inability to follow your logic.

undercover regular said...

It wasn't just you Jersey, the poor guy had it coming from a bunch of us, in different threads, including me.

We just spoke our opinion, and he didn't catch an attitude about it, so I think we ought to give him a rest, lol.

Thanks for being cool about it.

Anonymous said...

MB..the name is very fitting!!

Affluent or not..leaving children in locked cars,hotel rooms or with a nanny 24/7 is all horrible and just because someone has $ does not make any of it..OK!Doctors,different cultures..they are simply terrible parents!

Your white collar-affluent stats hold nothing where I am concerned!

not our type said...

Classy folks with manners do not categorize the less-fortunate into convenient stereotypes the way you do, Mr. M. Bastard.

Tactless folks lacking in manners do this sort of thing.

Guess we know what "category" YOU belong to, don't we?