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Received Tuesday, April 15, 2008
nanny sighting logo Large, Jamaican nanny wearing a very pretty cashmere sweater. (*Edited at OP's request). She had on gold earrings, blue jeans and a very pretty face. She was taking care of two boys, both 3ish. One was buzz cutted wearing a Knicks jersey over a l/s white shirt, the other was wearing black cargo pants and a black camouflaged style sweatshirt zipped all the way up. I don't think they were related, I think they were friends. She kept telling the one that I am certain she was the nanny of to let the other child go first, drink first, etc. It was to the point that she was borderline abusive. She was just enamored of the other child making me think he was the child of a celebrity or something. All that not really important, what is important is that at one point she took the child that was definitely her charge aside and told him, "no one is ever going to want to be your friend. you want to have no friends?" The boy was already crying and she made him cry more. Then the nanny said something like, "no one wants to be friends with a baby. Why don't you just stand here and cry like a little bitch..baby (she corrected herself) and I will go play with Chase." Then the nanny left him there and went over and involved herself with the child, Chase.
Parent- this nanny isn't helping your child by treating him like this!

* 4/16/08 12:09 AM I apologize for the less than thoughtful comment regarding the sweater, believe me that was not how it was intended. I am especially sorry because it distracted people from the true content of this post and the full scope of what I saw, which involved a small child being treated quite cruelly by his nanny.


Anonymous said...

O.k., this post has been up for over 4 hrs., and nobody has mentioned to the OP that her comment below was really insulting?

"Large, Jamaican nanny wearing a very pretty cashmere sweater, probably a gift from her employer."

While I think this nanny should be bitch slapped for treating this poor kid the way she did, I'm kind of incensed that OP would say such a thing.

Why can't the nanny afford to buy her own cashmere sweater? Hmmm?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me that OP said that. It is obvious to me that many moms on this board are elitist, insensitive snobs.

Helaine said...

I just assumed that she mentioned the sweater because an employer might recognize the nanny by her sweater, especially if it was a gift. I suppose that comment could be misconstrued.

This is a somewhat upsetting post, another example of a mentally abusive nanny and yet it received so few comments in general.

fng said...

Why would the sweater be a gift from the employer? Because she's Jamaican and can't afford cashmere? Because she's Jamaican and has poor taste in clothes she buys for herself? Because she's large and can't afford?.... What gives??

Sorry OP I can't get past that first comment.

Anonymous said...

What the nanny said to the child was unconscionable, and yes, abusive.
OP makes some assumptions here. A celebrity's child! It sounds like a simple play date to me, and the nanny is trying to teach her charge to be a good host, but of course shaming and belittling him is not the way to do it.
As for the sweater, I, a lowly nanny, have several cashmere sweaters, and none are gifts from employers. This will just boggle your mind OP, but some of us make good salaries, and have generous families and boyfriends as well. I wear Gap to work though!
A Nanny

Anonymous said...

The sweater comment was completely out of line. So much as a matter of fact, that I didn't even read the rest of the post.

cali mom said...

7:57, exactly!

5:43 said...

I knew I wasn't crazy. Because I was a little offended as well. Thankyou, especially 7:57.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, OP.

Anonymous said...

I know the point of this post was overlooked, but we appreciate OP taking down the comment about the sweater.

Now on to business -

Too bad this child was too young for you to fish any info from him to enable you to contact his parents, so it looks as if we just have to pray that someone that knows this child sees this post.

Thanks Op.

lorenza said...

It's very refreshing when someone admits to being wrong and offers an apology. Good for you, OP. I think the nanny in question here is totally despicable. Mental cruelty leaves deep wounds.

Diana Ross playground said...

A Diana Ross playground. So weird. Nanny Sighters, take pictures. Men aren't the only visual creatures!