In the News, May 24, 2007

Villanova heiress Susan Tabas Tepper is in police custody and has been charged with simple assault and harassment after allegedly scratching her nanny and pushing the woman and her daughter. The Villanova heiress, who smacked her children's nanny with a bag of carrots last May, was charged yesterday with roughing up another one, along with the woman's 9-year-old daughter... Continue reading Heiress Again Accused of Assaulting a Nanny

Chrisanna Northrup, a married mother of three school-age children, spotted problems soon after hiring the nanny, but ran into legal roadblocks evicting her from their home. Northrup and her family spent a harrowing 30 days as the nanny remained in their home, threatening extortion, wearing Northrup's clothes, throwing parties and even recording pornography on the family television... Continue reading California Mother Sells Real Life Nanny Horror Story for Six Figures.

What is making nannies – and others — stop and gawk is an over sized poster featuring a Brooklyn Heights nanny wheeling her charge down a Brooklyn Heights street, displayed in the window of the St. Francis College Callahan Center... Continue reading Nannies of Brooklyn Heights, On Display


Anonymous said...

laughing my ass off at all 3 stories! Especially the first!

Anonymous said...

See, everyone was gawking at that nanny. She was quite a site! There have even been fender benders in the area.

Anonymous said...

That heiress is a fat ass.
Can't she use her money to get a trainer and some amphetamines?

Anonymous said...

6:56 you're such a bitch

elise, PA said...

Are you defending the fat, nanny beating heiress? Some piece of crap who was born with money and never amounted to anything but a pile of useless shit? Known for being s cruddy mother, lousy friend and stingy SOB.

Well at least she can buy a few friends with that money. No one else can stand her company. That's for damn certain.

Anonymous said...

What really goes on behind the doors of Susan Tabas Tepper's Main Line mansion? Only her four children know.

In a suprising development today, the girlfriend of one of her EMPLOYEES (read needs his job) came forward to defend Tepper and say what a great employer she is.


Anonymous said...

re: story #1
In Boston they ask, how much does he know? In New York, how much is he worth? In Philadelphia, who were his parents?
-Mark Twain

Anonymous said...

Is Susan Tabas Tepper the chick who raises tigers in her house? I never thought of her as being fat.

meg said...

Her Alter Ego's Blog

"I can't, I CAN'T leave this one alone. Philly has their own Naomi Campbell-like servant beater. Seriouly, some Main Line Broad apparently has not only beat up her NANNY/HOUSEKEEPER, but pilfered the nanny's purse.

Hmmm. Misplaced sense of entitlement? You think? Well as a wise old dame I once knew used to say money don't know who owns it

Here ya go, with giggles galore (not that assault is funny, just the premise of some rich babe beating her servant in 2006 like it was 1806)":

NBC 10:Main Line Woman Accused Of Attacking Housekeeper/Police Say Employer Also Stole From Employee

VILLANOVA, Pa. -- A Villanova woman has been arrested after police said she beat up her nanny and housekeeper inside her Main Line home.

According to court documents, the suspect, Susan Tabas Tepper, attacked her nanny, Xiomara Salinas, and then told her not to call police. The documents say Tepper told the Salinas, "I'm important. You're nothing. No one will believe you."

Lower Merion police said the incident happened inside a house on Eagle Farm Road in Villanova.....Court documents said, "As Salinas was cleaning up the floor, Tepper picked up a bag of carrots and threw it at Salinas, striking her in the chest."

Police said the fight escalated when Tepper criticized Salinas for not speaking English well and then threw Salinas into the refrigerator. The criminal complaint went on to say: "Tepper continued the attack on Salinas by pulling her hair, scratching her face, pulling her eyeglasses off of her face and then breaking her glasses."

Lower Merion police said Tepper also stole $800 from Salinas.

Tepper has been charged with robbery, theft and simple assault.


Philadelphia Inquirer: Main Line woman is charged in assault on nanny :

A Main Line woman has been charged with robbery, theft and assault after her nanny and housekeeper complained to police she had been physically abused on her employer's multimillion-dollar estate in Villanova.

Lower Merion police were summoned Sunday to the Eagle Farm Road mansion of Susan Tabas Tepper, 43. The housekeeper, Xiomara Salinas, told officers that Tepper was upset about the contents of a refrigerator in the kitchen. Salinas said she was first hit in the chest by a bag of carrots thrown by Tepper. After telling Tepper she could not work for her, Salinas said, she was pushed into the refrigerator and struck on the top of her head with a telephone handset.....

FOR a detailed of account of what went down this time around, you must visit
Her Alter Ego's Blog.
Her Alter Ego's Blog.

Anonymous said...

Susan Tabas Tepper-
when the last nanny threatened to call the police, she said, "You're not calling anyone, bitch! I will call the police. I'm important, you're nothing. No one will believe you."

Has anyone considered talking to the children? She sounds like a violent, emotionally abusive, rage filled loon. Who is looking out for those kids? The littlest one is only two!

Anonymous said...

I think Tepper has one child who has cancer, so be cool.

Anonymous said...

Well she was drinking both times she assaulted the nannies, so I guess she has a drinking problem.
Poor kids tho. all of them.

Anonymous said...

Susan Tepper isn't the only one who has ever attacked her nanny.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so noted=
but back to Tepper.

You know she has a boyfriend, right? Given that she's his sugar mama-why didn't he rush to her defense?

anyone know?

Isn't a boyfriend of that stature kind of like an employee? So it's his job to defend her.

It can't be THAT hard for a millionaire woman to find a loyal boyfriend? Or can it?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever see the boyfriend...this may explain it:

on the left

Lizzy, PA said...

I heard she paid for his $400 haircuts and teeth whitening. Hmmmmm. Still not a pretty sight.

Maybe rich women who end up with ugly, money grubbing lotharios are made to go insane by their very situation.

Perhaps what we need is to have some pity for this poor, wounded mother of four. Her money takes care of everyone else and their problems but all she really wants is someone to LOVE HER. (not her money).

Anonymous said...

i worked for this lady...during the time when the second assault went down... i hadnt known of her past offense but knew i was walking into a nuthouse from day one. just didnt know how psychotic she really was. everything was done ass backwards even though she always sad she hada reason for why. it paid 20/hr and as a college student...who could say no?i have worked with crazy people whats one crazy person? obviously really bad news, you were to be the childrens friends and not boss them around. yet, if they didn't get their bath that night when she said they had to, and you inforced this rule, you were still wrong bc the child said they didn't want one (this happened just about every night). you cant have children andnot have any rules for the household, if just doesnt work that way.they would also order 150 dollars in chinese food for the two older boys...any night of the week they wanted. nothing was limited, and nothing was special. and there were no suggestions allowed even though her 2 year old was on similac still at 2 years old and 40lbs. nothing healthy is going on in that family, i can tell you that...

jill said...

Tell us more!
Your story is worthy of it's own post. Really! You don't have to name names, but tell us more!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please tell us more. This household sounds very familiar. I know a nice nanny who was fired right in front of the kids because she spoke firmly to the kids, and that was the very first time she had ever done so, and she had a good reason to try to get the kids in line. I knew these kids for years and I refused to babysit for them, and I refused playdates with them because they were total uncontrollable brats. The mother spoiled them rotten, and wanted the nanny to fix everything without raising her voice. Crazy people!