Madison Square Park in NYC

Received Thursday, May 24, 2007
I was at Madison Square Park with my son at 12:10 am today (Thurs 5/24). From afar, I noticed a nanny was shaking a stroller EXTREMELY violently as she sat on a bench and chatted away the gorgeous afternoon with another nanny. The infant was clearly annoying her with his crying. When I say violently shaking I mean she using so much strength the stroller was being jammed off the ground and hitting it in its place sharply - nothing resembling a soothing swaying motion. Had the baby not been strapped inside he would have been shaking and hitting the bassinet's sides. I shudder to think of the emotional, not to mention physical repercussions of such neglect and lack of attention. The stroller wont last long at this rate either.

I slowed down and stared as I approached them, and she noticed. She stopped the violent shaking and started swaying the stroller as if that's what she had been doing all along. I continued to look as I walked away, she took note of my disapproval and she finally picked up the crying obviously upset baby.

I got a good look at the stroller and nanny and a so-so look at the infant. Stroller is a black Stokke with a soft top, mauve in the shape of a horseshoe attached. There was a red and white tote hanging on the stroller, but I don't know if it was a diaper bag or the nanny's tote.

The nanny was black, and had her hair in weaves (long)that were tied in a pony tail or something of the sort. She wore glasses, and big gold hoop earrings. She was wearing a purple shirt, jeans (capris I think)and brown platform sandals/slippers.

The infant was probably a boy - Caucasian - was wearing a pale blue romper or onesie with some light patten - stripes in some areas. He also wore a white bib. He is probably between 3-6 months old, but I could be wrong. He had light colored hair.


Lisa said...

So all you did was give her a dirty look??
Oh, that's just great.

Anonymous said...

Did you read the post?
The OP was aware that one of the mother's called the Police.
That is exactly what should have been done. OP is posting this because bitch nanny ran off like the coward she is.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious lisa that you do not pay attention to detail. Please put the right comments with the postings. I am an executive caucasian woman and I have a caribbean nanny for years who takes really good care of my children. We all criticize but there are faults everywhere even with us parents. I mean I am not condoning what is being stated but some of us have a habit of embellishing stories.

Anonymous said...

HUH? I feel like I missed something. Nothing is embellished here. In fact, it was much worse!

Anonymous said...

6:39 -
YOU are the one referring to the wrong post. Lisa is dead on.

6:52 -
See above and also, what the hell are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

my bad.

Anonymous said...


If I spoke my mind every time I saw a nanny neglect or endanger her son and I would never get to the swings in the playground. Oh yeah - and one of these aggressive looking nannies would have a yelling field day with me. No thanks. Was too nice a day for that.

Also its the job of those who PAY the nanny to communicate how they want their child treated. It is also their job to SPY on them, yes I said SPY, and make sure they are not putting their chatting with fellow nannies first (as they all do). We all have supervisers at work. Supervise your nanny at HER workplace. You will be shocked, and you will fire her.

I have always wondered, arent you paying your nanny enough to get your child home and in his/her crib for a nap? When did stroller napping become the norm?

Anonymous said...

You are so correct!
If anyone wonders why we don't always jump up and get in these nanny faces, perhaps they should flash back to:

and take a good look at that nanny.

I can't save everyone.
But I can save myself and my own 2 children!

Anonymous said...


Vague confusing response. You sound like you are rationalizing/justifying your tolerance for a sub par sad.

Anonymous said...


Did it not occur to you to call the police?

Do you not know about shaken baby syndrome?

Do you even have a single brain cell?

How will you feel when the same child is in a vegetative state for the rest of his life, not knowing his name or where he is or why he is here?

How would you feel if it was your child?

You, my friend, are just as guilty as that horrible monster of a "nanny."

Why did you even bother to post here?

I hope you had a fabulous day after you walked away from that child, you sick fuck.

Anonymous said...

who the hell are you to say whether a child can nap in a stroller or not are you the parent mind your own damn kids, to each his own

Anonymous said...


Let me guess. You are an angry nanny who does not care about what is best for her charge. Am I right for $200?? As long as you can meet up with your nanny pals and yap yap yap all day....when you are not shopping....

Read a childcare book or two in your spare time. Sounds like you have a lot of it.

jmt said...

Good for you OP for giving the nanny the prolonged Evil Eye. Apparently that was all that was needed to get her conscience back online. Hope she remembers that people are watching.
Who would shake a newborn so violently? And think that it would be soothing? She's never going to get a baby to quiet down like that! Dumb.

Anonymous said...


Get off your fucking high horse. Im a parent dumbass. Some kids sleep in their strollers. Some dont. To each his own idiot.

Offended nanny said...

Please don't say ALL nannies, when you are referring to SOME nannies. I am a nanny who has undergone extensive training (child psychology in University, as well as Early Education total, I have over 4 years of schooling all evolving around children and childhood development.) I have never once "yapped with other nannies in a park as ALL nannies do" nor have I done any thing remotely resembling the disgraces you are describing! In fact, if you want me to be perfectly honest and down right blunt, I treat the children I nanny for better than their own parents do!! I do not let them cry, I dote on their every need to the point of exhaustion, and I make sure that they not only have all of their physical needs met (proper nutrition, exercise, play etc) but also intellect as I incorporate a new lesson plan each day. I also don't make very much money, but that is obviously not what I am in it for, I am in it for the love of children. Maybe parents should be more careful who they hire (check for training, check references etc) and be a little bit more considerate with pay. I would also like to mention that I work in a very upscale neighborhood and see at least 4 other nannies on any given day at the park and have NEVER once seen a nanny neglect a child, maybe what you are describing is not the RULE but the sad minority! In closing, please be-careful when you make such broad generalizations, you will never find a set group of people that are ALL the same. That's as if to say ALL Dr.'s are male, or ALL teachers are good...we know that this is not true, and variation does occur and sometimes for the better!

jmt said...

Hi offended nanny,
If you are as qualified as you say, you should be making a good living as a nanny. Just from reading this blog you must realise that nannies like you are in high demand. Making a good living and loving your job aren't mutually exclusive. Do yourself and your future a favor and start raking in the bucks you deserve!
Good luck!

offended nanny said...

First of all, it's not as easy to find a good job as you may think. Believe it or not, a lot of parents are also "bad". I left a job due to my boss flirting with me, and slapping my butt for an example... I've left jobs due to things you couldn't even imagine!

Unfortunately, our society tends to look down on childcare workers and because of this we aren't always rewarded for our achievements or efforts.

Secondly, even when I do find a "good job", it doesn't necessarily mean that the parents are going to pay me what I am worth. If people often see nannies working for "slave labor" and doing all the cooking and cleaning than that is what they come to expect-regardless of my qualifications. In my experience, I have honestly found the richer the employer the cheaper they are and the less they pay...our society always wants something for nothing. It's a shame that this selfishness even carries onto people who carry one of the most important jobs in the world, watching our most valuable treasures our children!

Kelly said...

To: Offended Nanny,
Re: Getting A Job With Your Amazing Qualifications

I agree with you. Many families have become accustomed to the overworked, no contract, so-so paid, somewhat educated nanny, that they (the employers) feel threatened by people like you. Basically, you are overqualified because you are so high up that you are not easy to exploit. Have you looked into opening up a high quality child care facility which will enable you to enrich children's lives.

Anonymous said...


You are such an idiot. I have qualifications you never heard of . I have a job, if you had one, you wouldnt be on this web site trying to make yourself feel good. Get a Life!