Target (Parking Garage) in White Plains, New York

Received Tuesday, February 27, 2007
The time: 4:45
The incident: a young girl of about three was playing with the elevator buttons while her nanny carried on a conversation with a male and exchanged phone numbers.
The location: The elevator bank outside Target in White Plains, NY.
The nanny: lots of makeup, feathered & wavy hair, nice shape, huge gold hoops, north Face fleece jacket opened to reveal very tight red shirt, tank or bodysuit revealing a lot of skin. (32 degrees)
The child: Blond, messy hair, very flared tan cord pants with flowers on the lower part, very long striped tunic with hood poking out from under tan jacket. Tan jacket had little flowers on it. Faint.
How I intervened: I was pushing cart out of Target in to garage and saw the girl out of the corner of my eye. She was a good 15 feet from her nanny. The child was playing with the elevator and twirling around. I caught site of her getting on the elevator. The little girl ran in the elevator and out, then was hanging half in and out, almost "bowing" (playing around). I left my cart and leaped over to the elevator and put my hands up to hold the door open so she could get out and get out without getting her long hair or body parts caught in the door!
The result: The nanny turned around and looked at me like I was an idiot who was over reacting. She then called out "come stand by me". And the child did just that.
I returned to my cart and continued through the garage on my way.


Anonymous said...

no good deed goes...
wait, what is that saying?

Anonymous said...

Tight shirts? Lots of makeup? Big hoop earrings? I dress like that...When I'm going out with my girlfriends! And she's a nanny? Nanny Gods, please save us from people who dress like Britney!!!