Family Watchdog

Family Watchdog has partnered with following companies to help protect and inform your family:
Safe Side - Information to protect your family.
KinderVision - Take the "Greatest Save" safety test online.
SafeKeeper - Internet safety.
Intelius - Background and criminal check.
Uniting the Web - Help find missing kids.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that site is one that you need to pay for. A much better, and FREE site is familywatchdog.us I would recommend it, and so does Oprah!

Anonymous said...

We should come up with a "nanny watchdog" so that all of these wacko moms could be caught and held responsible for the damage and emotional stress they have caused their nannies. If I had a "parent cam" for the last family I nannied for, their kids would probably be in foster care by now.

Anonymous said...

anonymous at 750-
that sounds exciting and interesting. please tell us more.

Jane Doe said...

I apologize I linked the wrong site Family Watchdog Site.

I have corrected the link. Family Watchdog is an amazing resource for anyone who cares about or for children. Just today I received an email updating me that a sex offender had moved into my area. The site and the service are as free as they are excellent.


Again, the URL of the Family Watchdog Site is: