Tuesday, December 5, 2006

There are no sightings to share with you today. Many people still don't realize that this free database is in existence. The more people who are aware of the existence of this site and our email address; the more submissions we will be able to gather. So please take the time to email today's entry to someone you know and spread the word! And don't hesitate to share your observations of those amazing nannies that cross your path (or are in your life). Tell a Friend About I Saw Your Nanny
Until Tomorrow,
Jane Doe


Anonymous said...

Hallelujah, no nanny crossed the line today! Now all, please get a life.

Anonymous said...

yesterday's nanny was being praised. and what are you hear for? or do you consider repeatedly posting "get a life" on a blog as your life?


W said...

i saw the article in the larchmont paper on friday. so i think people know. it's easier to just sign on and read and not send in things I see.

i'm lazy that way. :(

Anonymous said...

I want that nanny.
Is she available?

Anonymous said...

People, we really should share more positive nanny sightings!
Fa la la la la.

kr said...

NICE picture! LOL

Anonymous said...

Is the picture Jane?

Jane Doe said...

No. The picture is not Jane.