180th Ave and Greenway in Surprise, AZ

Received Thursday, November 9, 2006
A lady named Roxanne was at the park with 5 children. She drove to the park in her white SUV and only the two infants were in carseats. She had 3 toddlers with her as well – none were in carseats. She admitted to me that she had driving around looking for a more toddler friendly park. I’ve seen her at a park closer to her home and she usually walks. She has a small infant that always has a bottle propped in the stroller. The toddler’s names are Gavin, Ian, and Ian. (I think). I would be furious if I found out my home daycare provider was driving my kids around without carseats, even if it’s only a few blocks.


Anonymous said...

why is one person taking car of 5 kids, especially so young?

yes, the carseat thing is frightening also.

Anonymous said...

if they are all in the same family and she is the nanny

Anonymous said...

you can watch more than 4 kids if you are not being compensated for them. Maybe some of the kids were hers.