Goffle Brook Park in Hawthorne, NJ

Thursday, November 9, 2006
Nanny: 5'6"-5'9", 140-160 lbs, 50-55? hispanic, red cardigan, cream colored pants.
Child: 2-3 years old, dark close cropped hair. Nike blue & white jacket.
The nanny was focused on the sleeping baby in the stroller rather than the little boy who was playing on the equipment himself. On the blue slide, I felt responsible for him because he seemed just to unsteady to be handling it alone. It was hard to distinguish that the nanny was responsible for him at all as he seemed to be on his own. I understand that taking care of two children is hard, but this is a large park with open water as well as many dogs which captured the child's interest. I hate to sound like a mean person, but your nanny might just be too old to chase after your little boy in the park.

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Anonymous said...

This is really bothering me , damnit nannys what is wrong with you you dont like the job dont do it. This kid gets bit by a dog or drowns what are ya going to tell the parents. "Oh, I had my eye right on him" oh ya and that is why he is brain dead since after 7 minutes you were in shock right. No wonder why I can get a family to let me care for their children. I am 26 with no kids and love them to death. I have been a nanny/sitter for about 14 years and nobody calls me back no wonder why, not to mention now I understand parents put video cameras, I would too.
You child is precious be careful who you let watch your kid, rent a camera set it up who cares. Ya, the truth hurts but it can save your child or two as well.
Thanks- Mandy
Charlton, ma