Help Shape the Future of National Nanny Credentialing- Janice St. Clair

The NANA, the National Association for Nanny Accreditation, is now NANC, the National Association for Nanny Care.

Goals of NANC
-To raise the overall quality of nanny care.
-To raise the public's awareness of the nanny as a childcare professional.
-To provide real world guidelines regarding hiring practices, working conditions, and compensation for nannies.
-To maintain an inclusive, responsive professional organization that represents the needs of all segments of the nanny profession.
-To develop and maintain a comprehensive 3 tier nanny credential system built on research-based, generally accepted standards of care and essential core knowledge areas.
-To promote the credentialed nanny as the standard for in-home childcare providers.

Join now, if you're not already a member! Help make quality care the norm, give parents an easy way to recognize and select a qualified nanny as their child's caregiver. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN IN ORDER TO GIVE YOUR INPUT! We invite all visitors and posters to this site, as advocates for quality childcare, to connect with us and give their thoughts on our proposed system.

On October 7th, the National Association for Nanny Care introduced the template for our 3 tier nanny credential system at Nannypalooza. It was welcomed with great excitement and enthusiasm. We'll continue introducing the credential system to the nanny community and public through a series of conference calls. Click here for a complete schedule. This is the time to become familiar with the credential system, ask questions, tell us what you like and what you don't.Your input is very important to us so please take the time to join us on a call. This is your opportunity to have a real impact on the final credential system. Call NANC at 202 318-9156 or email us.


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