Outside Ridgeland Common in Oak Park, Illinois

Thursday, October 19, 2006
Leaving indoor playground located at Ridgeland Common, Oak Park, Illinois.
AA nanny in silver slicker type jacket and blue jeans with little girl who had yellow jacket on and yellow boots. The little girl's hair was long and very staticky so maybe she was inside tumbling around? The little girl was white and looked Irish. Freckles. Between 3-5. There was a man passing by with (large, black) a dog who said something like "Hey". The nanny was attractive and dressed in neat and trendy clothing. She stopped and chatted for like two minutes. During which time the child cowered in fear of the dog. The nanny and the guy spoke about the dog and he told her the dog would not hurt her and that she could pet him. The little girl did not want to pet the dog and the nanny MADE the little girl pet the dog. Don't know if that is how nanny types score points with guys trying to pick up or what, but don't make a little girl pet a dog! I mean the nanny took her hand and made her pet the dog. She was TREMBLING. WTF? Even the guy looked uncomfortable with the nanny's conduct at that point.

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