Saturday, August 21, 2010
.... WHAT?!

1) Nanny needed NOW (Las Vegas)
I need a nanny for my twin girls. They are 5 years old and not in school. They were in daycare but because of their behavior problems they got kicked out. I pay 400 a week, exactly what I was paying in day care. I do spank them and I ask the nanny do the same. e-mail me if interested edecker510@**** we are a few minutes from the strip.

2) nanny part time to full time (Seattle)
Hello, I am a mother of two little boys, nearly 3 and 5, and a step son who's 12. I just found out I'm expecting a new baby and am trying to find someone who can possibly start working with my family ASAP as a very part time nanny. Once the baby is born (I'm only a few weeks pregnant) I'd need full time help. I am also interested in over night care when the new baby arrives. I have a mild case of Chronic fatigue syndrome and am just trying to figure out how I can accomplish a fairly stress free pregnancy and post postpartum routine so that my health doesn't take a turn for the worst. As far as salary, I'm not sure what we can afford. My husband works long hours starting a business and I stay home with my boys right now. So, Ideally I'd like to find someone who might just need some experience with childcare or is just willing to help a family in need.

3) looking for a young female disciplinarian (D.C.)
I'm a succesful but extremely ADHD young male looking for a girl (under 30 please) that will provide some discipline and structure to my life. You would be responsible for setting goals with me and forcing me to meet them and creating consequences when I fail to. Goals might be exercise related, work related or personal but the process would be the same - we would agree on a goal, you would monitor progress once or twice a week and there would be punishments for failure to accomplish goals. Punishments would be things like severe spanking (with a paddle or belt until I'm sobbing so there is no doubt whether it is actually a punishment), writing lines, wearing a chastity device (maybe) or whatever else you think might be effective.
Me: 25, white, hwp, attractive. You: Attractive (sorry, its just an additional incentive for me not to disappoint you), fit , ideally strong enough to really be able to give me a spanking I would really regret, assertive and have your own life reasonably together. $400/ month

4) Live-in Nanny long term position (Phoenix)
This is being updated on 08-19-2010. My name is Alvin. I am a single (widowed) Dad 51 yrs old, African American male with twin boys that are 4 years old (5 in Oct.). I live in Litchfield Park, AZ at Indian School Rd and Perryville Rd. Approx. 185th ave and Indian School Rd. I will help you move if you are not to far away. The home is very nice that we will be living in. You don't have to pay for rent, food, cable, or internet. The home is 2,400sqt on a acre lot, 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath with washer and dryer and 3 car garage. It is located in a gated community. Very Quiet and safe neighborhood. You will have your own private-- room, but you must share either of the 2 full baths. Please feel free to e-mail me at or call my cell 623-229-0044 or home 623-748-**** call for more info and details. Kids 5yrs old and under. You may have a full time or part time job. ( __This position is not paid.__) It is a fair exchange of free rent, food, cable, internet access to help with the children when you are there. We will need to work out our schedules so there is always someone with the kids. Call me and I will explain in detail. As far as pay is concerned, you may work outside the home and pocket all your money. This job is for the most part a non- paying position for exchange for services in regard to helping with the children. I will also be working outside the home whenever possible. You must be a woman at least 21 years of age. Preferably single with no children or only one young child. You MUST love children and have a desire to work with them. If you can cook that is also a huge plus. I can provide the info you need. I am a great cook. But you decide. If you speak Spanish that is a plus but not necessary. Must love children.

5) Friendly Chandler Family Looking for Someone Special (Phoenix)
Hi there, we live in Chandler and we are looking for a really special person to work in our home. My wife is hesitant to have someone else in our home on a daily basis, it's not that she does not want the help, it's just that she's worried about losing some of her privacy and also that someone else will be doing a lot of what she would normally have done. So what I'm hoping to do is find someone that my wife will like having around, someone fun who can keep our home and office clean and organized. We do have two children, one is still at home the other in school, so you must love kids as well. Really I just want my home an office to run like a top, I need someone that is highly competent and able to dazzle us with the ease at which all this comes to her. Maybe we even need you to help out at the office too, ideally you would have the ability to do that too. We are open to different arrangements, but ideally someone 30 to 40 hours a week

We would be looking for the following from this very special individual:
1. Lots of housekeeping and tidying up, my wife will help but you'll be primarily responsible for this task.
2. Organizing
3. Cooking
4. Grocery Shopping
5. Running Errands
6. Watching the kids, maybe even helping with homework
7. Cleaning our office twice a week
8. Taking care of our dogs

I'm sure you can see we have lots of work that needs to be done, so aside from being this really cool and easy to get along with person, you'll also need to have one heck of a work ethic. :)

You must be super friendly and easy to get along with, presentable, intelligent, trustworthy and
looking for something that will last for a while. Because my wife is a little uncertain about this, it's very important you are a very stable and down to earth person. It's ok if you're in school and you only see yourself doing this for a few years, but we want someone that is going to become a part of the family while they are with us. I know this might be like finding a needle in the haystack, but I'm optimistic you're out there. :) Please feel free to respond to this add even if it's a few weeks old. Thanks!

6) In need of sitter in my home 8/23 - 8/27 (Norfolk)
I am in need of a sitter for my 8 year old son in my home ONLY. The hours are not set, but I will need you here by 7am and the latest you would be here is 430pm, I have training so I am not sure exactly what hours, some days may be much earlier. All I ask is that when you are here, you are focused on my son and you have no company. I have tv, internet, video games and my son has a huge playroom. I have heard from a few people, but when it comes to meeting I haven't heard back from them and I need to find someone before the end of the day. The pay isn't much, but it is $75 and he is a very easy kid to care for, cause he just does his own thing, mostly will sit and play his video games and maybe his computer and he will talk alot. Looking to meet as soon as possible. If this works out well, then I will also consider you when in need of a baysitter from time to time in the future. Thank you

7) nanny wanted Mandalay Bay Hotel (Las Vegas)
need a nanny for our 9 year old girl while we stay here. Must have proof of car insurance and a valid drivers license. monday, tuesday, wednessday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. /10 p.m. - 2 a.m. ($12 an hour) Wednessday - 7 p.m. - till friday sleepover (day rate $125 ) please email resume and four references one family: Also in subject bar put name and phone number very important !!! we will call you in for an interview

8) Live-in Nanny needed (Seattle)
I am in need of a live-in nanny for evenings. Hours will probably be 5pm-1am M-F. Kids go to bed at 8:30. In exchange you will receive free rent, utilities and food.

9) Babysitter needed (D.C.)
I am looking for a babysitter to watch my 2 children (3 years and 6 months) in my house tonight. Please email me and leave me a phone number that I can call you on, if you're interested. Hours will be 6:30pm to 7am. I live in Silver Spring. Will discuss pay.

10) I need a sitter for 3 hours (Norfolk)
Hello I need someone to care for my little ones while i take my son to the dentist and register him for school.... I have a 2 1/2 boy and 1 1/2 little girl.. I don't think you will have a problem taking care of them because all you have to do is just watch them while they play and sometime if they like the cartoons thats showing on the tv they will just watch.....I would prefer if your asian but its not a must..... let me know what is your rate....must meet and come over the house before the me with pic pls...The day I need you is August 25 at 10:30 in the morning. URL:

11) I need childcare ASAP (Norfolk)
I need childcare and I need someone to start this coming Monday. It will only be for 2 weeks. The position will be M-F from 7:15 AM-5:30 PM. The weeks will be August 16-20 and August 23-27. I will want to meet with you and see your home today or tomorrow and speak with you as well. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested and with any questions you may have and I will be continuously checking my email. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE only serious inquiries only, because I have talked to many people and noone seems that serious...I even had a provider lined up and last night she called to tell me that her husband would not allow her to do it. I need to be 100% assured that you can start on Monday and for the hours that I need you. Thanks!

12) Live in Nanny - female Senior Citizen (D.C.)

13) Mother's Helper/PT baby sitter (D.C.)
We are looking for an energetic, friendly, responsible and non-smoker individual to help take care of our 8 month-old son. Monday - Friday in the mornings or afternoons (4 hrs a day). This person will be supervised by the baby's grandmother. No housework involved.

We are looking for somebody who:
- has experience taking care of children
- has a reliable car
- Bilingual (preferred): Spanish & English
- be willing to undergo a criminal background check.
- be Infant/Child CPR certified a plus
- be willing to provide references

We would like for this person to start ASAP. Long-term relationship. Please reply with your qualifications, phone number and dates/time for interview. Thanks!

14) Immediate care need in exchange for free housing (D.C.)
Seeking an experienced nanny to live in and to take care of a 9 months infant during the weekdays (7am-6pm) and some Saturdays. Rent will be free. You will have your own room and private bath in a luxurious, clean, and quiet home. Home is near public transportation and easy access to malls, parks, groceries, and restaurants. Contact me at (202) 657-**** (preferred). Nanny care to start next week.

15) Are these parents serious? (Tulsa)
Ok, so I've been browsing through these childcare needed ads and have responded to a couple. I just honestly don't understand how someone can expect quality childcare for $60 a week. I myself have CDA certificates, am first aid and cpr certified and have around 15+ years in the business. I don't do childcare for the money, and never have, but it is important that if I am watching a child full time that I can support my self financially while doing so. One lady offered me $75 a week for a schedule that added up to 55 hours. are you kidding me? Thats $1.30 an hour! My suggestion to these parents if you can't afford to properly pay a childcare provider then stay at home and do it yourself! $5 an hour should be the bare minimum for childcare. Do you really think that someone who is working for less is not going to be bitter about it? And sad to say, but when childcare providers are bitter or angry about their pay, sometimes the child suffers because of it. A person making $1.30 an hour might not feel it's necessary to spend extra time reading or playing with your child. They may feel that plopping them in front of the T.V. is all they are getting paid to do. And very sadly some of these providers that work for this cheap may just decide that for $1.30 an hour they don't have to change your child every time they are wet, they may just wait till the diaper is sopping before it gets changed.

Even in corporate daycare where workers make a dollar over minimum wage I have seen children neglected and placed in dangerous situations because the provider simply didn't care or did not understand the basic rules of safety. So do you honestly think that for $65 or even $75 a week your child is going to get the best care or even halfway decent care. Keep dreaming! maybe in about 1 in 100 cases there may be someone who doesn't need the money and does love kids, but are you that lucky? Are you willing to risk your child's life, development and happiness on those odds? Remember, caregivers need to pay bills too!!!! Childcare is a profession just like nursing. would you trust a nurse making $2 an hour to assist you after surgery? I know i'm rambling, but it makes me IRATE, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A child is a blessing, not an object to pawn off on the cheapest person available.

* More CL readers chime in:

16) RE: Are these parents serious? (Tulsa)
So your telling me its a crime to offer childcare that parents can actually afford?? Who would want to take their kids to somebody who basically charged the same amount they make???? What about single parents or low income families who cant afford $100+ a week!!! Should they just quit their jobs and live on the streets because people are charging WAY to much for childcare???? I am not a full time provider but offer weekend care at an affordable price...some people are not just in it for the money but for the experience! No offense...I am not trying to start an argument on Craigslist: ) but the post makes you look really bad...seems like somebody is either offended or money hungry>>>???

17) RE: Are these parents serious? - To the OP - (Tulsa)
You said, "but when childcare providers are bitter or angry about their pay, sometimes the child suffers because of it."

That message you put on craigslist was not necessary. Therefore, it sounds as if you are one of those providers who is bitter or angry. And yes, children DO suffer at the hands of the providers who are bitter or angry. Please write and let me know who you are, so I can be sure my grandchildren do not wind up in YOUR care. You need to take an anger management class and regroup. I would GLADLY babysit a child for $70 - $90 per week, although I am not set up to do so, right now. Some people don't make mega bucks, but their children deserve safe, loving babysitters just as much as those who live in the mansion on the hill. I'm sure there are loving babysitters who are a 2nd income and would gladly take less than the local child care facility that offers a child very little one-on-one time, but charges out the nose for being little more than a boarding kennel with a few crayons, a jungle gym and a meal.

What a heartless sounding term.... "Child Care Provider" Has anyone ever noticed how cold and unloving that sounds? You can have all the training, certificates, and equipment/facilities available and it means very little to me. It just means that you have it, but it doesn't prove that you USE it.

18) RE: Are these parents serious? (Tulsa)
There are two sides to this argument:

1. Parents don't have much money to pay for childcare. Totally understandable! Childcare is expensive. This is why Tulsa has so many different childcare opportunities. It all depends on what you are looking for. If you don't make much money, you need to go to DHS and look into getting assistance. That's what they are there for. Also, has anyone ever heard of CAP? Their office is on 51st and Garnett and they can possibly get you free or subsidized daycare. There are options out there!

2. Nannies can't afford to live off $100 a week. I would know, I am one. A nanny is defined as an employee you bring into your home to give personalized one-on-one care to your child. A nanny is a luxury and therefore is not for everyone. Minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. $7.25 x 40/week = $290 gross salary. If you cannot afford this at the bare minimum, you cannot afford to have someone come into your home. Plus you have to pay employer taxes on top of that, otherwise you are breaking the law.

I've heard it time and again, "My provider does childcare out of her own home and only charges $75 a week for my child." Well, good for her. I am unable to do that, so I'm not going to. Plus, if someone's doing that, they probably have at least 4 kids or so. 4 kids x $75 = $300 salary.

And for the woman who is angry about us using the term "childcare provider", that is the official term. I consider myself a professional, that is why I went through all the certification processes. I have made nannying a career. It is not a second income, it is not something I'm doing until work picks up again. I think the girl who wrote the original post agrees with me, I just wish she hadn't come off so bitter in her post--she does give nannies a bad name.

.... HOW MUCH?!

19) Childcare wanted in MY home! (Nashville)
I need a babysitter in MY Home. Don't email me that you can do it in your home etc...
For 2 kids about 15mths. No pets here. Hours are from 9am-4pm. The pay I can afford is $100 per week.
This is perfect for the SAHM who isn't earning anyways and wants to bring her child (at least 2yrs and up) with her
and earn what she wouldn't have made in the first place. I'm willing to watch your child on Friday Date nights as well if needed.
It isn't for the babysitter who has so much experience with degrees in Childcare etc and thinks I'll dish out $10-$15 p/hr.

If you have EVER been arrested, don't have transportation and don't like kids, don't bother to apply.
PS - If you have a kid under 2yrs, I may consider depending on your salary requirement. I'd rather not have you bcos you won't focus on my kids but if your are cheap enough, I will hire you. Basically, the cheapest person will get the job. I am being as candid as I can.

20) Childcare needed in my home (Nashville)
I am looking for a responsible/reliable person to watch my 2 yr old 3 nights a week. The hours would be from 530pm till 730am. I am on a very set schedule and would know in advance if I am need to come in early or stay late. He usually goes to bed around 11pm by laying in bed watching a movie. This would be 1-3 nights a week depending on my older sons schedule, but you would always know the week before. Pay is 20.00 per night since theres really not much to do except fix small dinner, watch tv and sleep. I would ask that you just pick up his toys with him before bed. If interested please contact me immediately with your personal information, references, and your start date. I am looking for someone to start in the next couple of weeks,but would like to meet with you along with my son.

21) I need a sitter quick!!! (Nashville)
I work at the holiday inn express in white house and i have my mother in law babysitting right now and i need someone else that wants to make about 80 to 90 a week i work 4 days a week unless i get called in and my hours very from either 3pm to 11pm or i work 11pm to 7am, the 11pm to 7am my kids are always in bed alseep before i leave to go to work i just need someone there incase my husband gets called out to work and then to put my oldest son on the bus in the morning, not all mornings, If anyone is interested please call me at 615 351 **** anytime i am looking to fill this spot so i dont have to quit my job i really love it. My oldest son is 6 and he is in the 1st grade and then i have a 4 yr old and he doesnt go to school yet. My oldest goes to Robert F Woodall. Please contact me soon thanks. I need one ASAP. I am off all day Thursday.

22) Overnight Nanny/Babysitter Needed (Minneapolis)
Hello!! We are looking for an individual to come into our house at night and watch our 2 children. We have a 6 1/2 yr old daughter and a 4 month old son.
We need someone to watch the children from 12:30am- 10:30 am on Friday and Saturday (so thursday and friday nights). You would be starting on September 3rd.
Since the children will be primarily sleeping, there is a bed to sleep in set up in the baby's nursery.
Responsibilities include:
-On friday mornings, getting our daughter up and help get her ready for school
-feed both children breakfast
Our daughter is very self efficient and a great helper with the baby. He is a very content baby..not colicky. The job is a great way to earn some extra cash without hardly working.
The pay is $50 each night
Please email me at keescha@****. only serious inquires.
Ps. We do have 2 cats and 1 case you are allergic.

23) I need weekend childcare (North Carolina)
Hello, I am a single mother seeking childcare on the weekends for a 5 year old from 6:30a-4p Saturdays an Sundays. I can afford to pay someone $3.50 an hour for 9 hours each day. I may need longer hours. It is VERY important that the individual is reliable and dependable. I am in nursing school and my only income is on the weekends so I need someone who WILL be available and don't have frequent excuses or reasons why you are unavailable to work. The individual can watch my child in my home or at their own home. Please e-mail me if you are interested. The position need to be filled within the next 3 or 4 weeks. Interested candidates. Please e-mail me your references. Thank you for your time.

24) Babysitter/Nanny needed Mon-Fri (Nashville)
Our family is looking for a babysitter/nanny in Spring Hill. Below is a listing of details about this position.

* Must have own transportation
* Be at least 20 years old with childcare experience and references
* Available from 7:00am to 5:00pm
* Friendly, energetic, and proactive
* Able to assist with light household chores
* Have fun ideas on how to entertain and play with an infant. Play educational games and sing songs.
* Pay $125-$150 weekly depending on experience

I am also open to someone watching my child in their own home, depending on location. Let me know your rates if you have your own home daycare.

If you are interested, please respond with your name, phone number and the best time to contact you. I will be setting up interviews in the next few days. I look forward to meeting with you soon!

25) I need a part-time/back-up babysitter (Nashville)
I am in need of a back-up babysitter on certain days of the week and weekend it will not be every week but just sometimes, it is 20 dollars a day or alittle more my hours run from 3pm to 11pm or 11pm to 7am. I need it to be in my home, so i dont have to shuffle my kids around alot and because some days i will need someone to get my oldest son on his bus in the mornings. If interested just give me a call at 615 351 ****, i kinda need someone i know for sure around the 26 and 27 of this month and then again Labor day weekend the 3rd thru the 6th. and then i will need someone for other dates pending, just give me a call if interested thank you

26) Need babysitter - your home (D.C.)
I am looking for someone to babysit my four grandchildren in the Drew Elementary school area. The two older children will need to be able to catch a bus or walk to school from the babysitter's house, and back. The two younger children would need to be with the babysitter all day.
If you are available Monday thru Friday from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM (All days are not that long, but some are) and can watch them for $250/wk, please let me know. I am seeking assistance to be able to pay more, but can't promise anything. Thank you.

27) Full time Nanny needed (Michigan)
I have two children, ages 6 and nearly 3, and we are looking for a full time nanny. Our pay range is $150-175 per week- we cannot pay more than that. This would be a flat weekly amount. Your work week would be M-F 6AM- 4:15 PM. The job would entail getting the kids up in the morning, getting them fed, and ready for the day, and taking my daughter to school. The school is literally 5 minutes from the house, and we have a mini-van that we can leave for you to drive, so you wouldn't have to worry about gas (as long as you have a clean driving record- that is a must). You would then spend the day with my son, doing some educational activities, playing, and handling snacks and lunch. He is off and on with naps right now, but really should still be napping. So you would have about 2-3 hours of downtime mid-day while he naps. You would then pick my daughter up from school, get them a snack and then I would be home from work shortly after.

It is very important that this person be morally sound and a good role model for the kids, and also have great patience and a positive attitude. I also want to make sure that our nanny is comfortable getting down and playing with the kids, opposed to just sitting and watching. Reliability is extrmely important as well, as my husband will have no flexibility at all in his schedule, and I have very little. We are also looking for someone long-term, as I will not have time to go through the interviewing process again, and don't want to have to introduce another person to the kids.

We have a couple of candidates that are possibilities who are going through interviews and trial sitting days to see how they fit, please let me know if you are interested in being included in that process. We are located at M59 & Byron Road in Howell. If this sounds like something that would be a good fit for you, please contact me immediately as we need our nanny in place and ready to go September 7th. Please only respond if you are interested in the position as posted. We cannot change the pay range or hours, and I am not interested in taking my children to someone else's house. Serious candidates only. Please note that there is a requirement for a background check, criminal sexual check, and DMV check prior to meeting in person. I will also need at least 2 references to be provided. Thank you.

28) Looking for a sitter/nanny (Seattle)
Hello! My family is on the look for a nanny/sitter for our 2 sons. Our current nanny is going to be leaving us soon to persue another career field (no she's not leaving because of any pay issues, she is my sister in law and needed a temp job when she moved up here). I had posted that we were going to be posting one last time but we have been interviewing quite a few people and wanted a few more to choose from.

A little about us: I am 30 years old and my husband is 32. We have been married for 7 years. Our first son is named Cristian and he is currently 8 years old. He will be going into 3rd grade and will be testing for advanced placement in August for the upcoming school year. He loves to play sports and is on a soccer team every fall. Our 2nd son is named James and is currently 5 months old. He is a very easy going, happy baby. James is fed breastmilk from a bottle but should be ready for solid food in about a month with the occasional bottle.

We are looking for someone that can do the same that our current nanny does. These duties include:
Taking Cristian to school and picking him up during the school year. The school is less than a mile away.
Making Cristian lunch when he doesn't have school.
Light cleaning around the house, just keeping things in order i.e. floor swept and mopped, dusting etc. No heavy cleaning
Grocery shopping
Dinner menu
Dinner Prep
Typical baby care

The grocery shopping is negotiable. If you make a list, we can do the shopping over the weekend. Hours are Monday - Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm at the latest. These hours can flex depending on when my husband gets home but the pay remains the same even if you are able to go home early. He normally is home by 3 every day or could be home much earlier.

We are paying our current nanny $370 every other friday.

We do require that you be CPR/First Aid certified for infants and children. We also require a background check (at our cost), references and if you will be driving our children anywhere, we will require current auto insurance. We would also prefer that the boys be watched in my home. If you have children, you can bring them with you if you wish! We do have 2 parrots and one medium sized dog.

If this sounds like it would work for you, I would love to hear from you! We are very easy going people and hope that we find a good fit with our family!

29) On call sitter needed for the rest of August (Seattle)
I need a sitter for a 9 year old girl for the remainder of August. I work oncall and my boss lets me know that night before what shift I will be working. The hours will be between 530am-3pm. I start at 6am-730am for my shifts so start time will vary slightly (530-7am) and end time will be between 12-3pm averyday I work as her father gets off at 240pm every day. I am looking to pay $3hr. since she is older and does not require alot of assistance. Mainly just someone to hang out with. I will be needing care starting the begining of next week some time. It will probally be 3 days a week (m-f shifts) for the duration of August and then if possible, maybe some date nights later on. If interested, please write me back so I can meet you this weekend.
Jessica and Casey

30) Nanny Needed (Milwaukee)
We are in need of a nanny in our home or close to our home in the Menomonee Falls area to watch two twin girls, aged 21 months, and a baby to be born in September. This is two days a week. This will begin the first week of December and go through the second week of June. I am a teacher and will be going back to work after my fall maternity leave. Our girls are with their grandparents the rest of the week and we want to give them two days off a week. The hours are 7am - 4pm. We are looking for someone reliable and with a passion to really want to be with our girls. They are fun-loving and engaging. We are looking for someone who enjoys playing with our girls and nurturing them as they grow. This is a hard decision for us to have someone outside the family watch them, so we are only interested in an extremely caring person. You have to be CPR certified and have experience with children under the age of 1. We are open to any two days of the week, and will pay 40 - 50 dollars a day. There will be a break over Easter as well as a chance to work full-time for a week in May while grandparents are on vacation. No couch potatoes or texters! Thanks, Sabrina

31) I need a sitter!!! Like ASAP (Norfolk)
hey thanx for your time looking. i am looking for someone that can come to my home (1mile from campground) and care for my four boys..ages 7 months ..2 years..3 years..and 8 years. they are fairly well behaved kids. this could or could not be full time. we own a tree service and we dont kniow when the work will come in. sometimes i will need you with only a day notice or so in advance. work does tend to slow down during the fall/winter. i will need someone mon -fri this week and a few days next week asap. we generally want you here around 730 am -530ish pm. i will need you making meals..(not talking lasagna).. but simple meals. generally i will still come home after work and fix will have to have the patience to deal with a lot of little ones all day. i dont expect someone to clean the house or anything like that. just maybe the kitchen after meals. im pretty lax on what im looking for as long as your taking care of my children approprietly. since i have so many children it is pretty hard to find someone that will keep all of them without spliting them up between sitters and not kill me on money with the price. i am offering $250 per week. (if we have a good day we sometimes try to tip.. i know its a lot sometimes taking care of multiple little ones.) if you choose to do it by the day it would be $50. there is plenty of things around my home to keep them busyand a large yard with playset. . id like someone that really has the ambition for children and not just doing it because your trying to make a buck. you must own your own transportation and if you are in school you must be passing. if you have children of your own your more than welcome to bring your own as long as they are well behaved as well. hopefully someone out there can help me out .. you can reach me at 757-724-****.. you can text if youd like or call..

32) Childcare in my home needed (Seattle)
We are looking for an excellent childcare provider to work in our home Monday through Friday 7:30-5:30 during the school year. Must be extremely responsible, pass a background check, and have great references. Light housekeeping and light cooking will be required. Pay is between 150-175 per week depending on experience. SAHM's are welcome to apply. Your well behaved children are welcome to come with you. Interviews will be conducted over the next two weeks, so please respond with your resume. If you are looking for part time only, please do not respond. If you do not plan on staying the entire year, this job is not for you. We are looking for someone whom can become part of the family, not someone whom only wishes to have a job for a few months. There may also be an option to coop if needed daytime daycare in exchange for night time care, as well as possible trade for daycare for room and board. In any case, feel free to apply, and we might be able to work something out.

* Response from angry CL reader:

33) RE: Childcare in my home needed (Seattle)
You want someone to work from 7:30am until 5:30pm (thats ten hours) for $150 a week??
Thats $3.50 an hour thats less than half of the states min wage, and you expect to get quality childcare.
MINIMUM pay would be $425 a week and thats even less than most experienced nannies will take.

34) Infant childcare needed in your home or ours (Pittsburgh)
My daughter will be 3 months old when I return to work in a few weeks, September 7th. We would like to place her in the care of someone's home in our area, near Wexford. We are looking for close proximity to our home in Wexford, near North Allegheny High School. Care will be needed for Monday through Friday from approximately 7 am - 6 pm. There may be some days that will be later, but pick-up would be by 6:30 pm at the latest. We appreciate flexibility as often times my husband will pick up earlier in the day, around 5 pm or as early as 1 pm, as his work schedule allows. We would like to arrange a set weekly rate around $190. Please call or email with childcare offering and/or questions. Experience required. Clearances preferred.
Sarah 724-612-****

* Response from angry CL reader:

35) RE: Infant care needed (Pittsburgh)
You are insane if you think someone will watch your infant for 11 hours if not more 5 days a week for a mere $190 a week! That breaks down to a $3.45/hr maximum. Thats not even minimum wage. Why would someone want to do all the hard work for 11 hours a day for less than what mcdonalds would pay. It's a lot of work to take care of an infant let along someone else's and is deserved at least minimum wage.

36) Nanny needed full time (California)
Hello I am looking for an energetic, organized household manager/nanny. I am open to 2 people sharing this position, and male or female. Children's ages are newborn to 7 years (4 total), and 2 are in school 5 days a week. Primary care is for newborn and 1 year old.

Here are some of the duties/expectations-
-own transportation
-no smoking
-understanding of age appropriate milestones
-CPR/First Aid certified-- or willing to take upon hiring
-homework help for 2nd grader
-some light cleaning
-occasional meal prep for kids

What you can expect from me:
-a lot of hours
-my most sincere appreciation for your time and caring for my children
-respect for your schedule outside my home
-a great opportunity to learn about all different kinds of children

Typical hours are 8am-4pm, with 2 days a week starting later and ending about 8pm
Some flexibility in schedule is okay

Rate of pay depends on experience and ability.
Typically $40-60/day
Gas and meals provided
Cell phone provided

Position begins immediately.
Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!!

* Response from angry CL reader:

37) RE: Nanny needed full time (California)
Are you insane!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! You have four children, expect someone to work 8 hours, and you re basically willing to pay $10/cCHILD PER DAY!!!!!!! What kind of idiot are you. Who in the hell d you htink is going to care for your FOUR, LET ME REPEAT THAT, FOUR CHILDREN, FOR UNDER $300/WEEK? Do you truly think anyone with the credentials you are seeking is going to take this joke of a job? And then you have the nerve to tell the readers that they can expect plenty of hours from you? Are you an idiot? Who the hell wants lots of hours when they only get a daily payment? Who WANTS to work 10 hours, and get paid the same for five? You seriously need to reconsider your options, because anyone willing to work with you, I wuld be seriously suspect.

* You will love this! The following is an e-mail sent to the OP from the Submitter of this Ad:

38) RE: Nanny needed full time (California)
Hi parents,
You've probably already gotten some angry emails, so don't worry; this isn't one of them. Just an FYI, it might be hard to get a really great nanny, which is what you want (one who knows milestones, is CPR certified, and speaks enough English to help with homework) for what you're offering to pay, which is less than the cost of daycare. If you seem to be going through poor quality nannies quickly that might be the reason. I know rates in Pittsburg/Antioch are a little lower than in other parts of the East Bay, but considering the number of kids, their ages (young, including a newborn) and that your nanny has to be at least slightly educated, I'd say at least $15/hr would be reasonable.

Childcare, especially good childcare, is really expensive and I know we all have limited budgets. But you might want to reconsider if a nanny is really the best option for your family.

A concerned nanny

* Response from OP of the Ad to the submitter:

39) RE: Nanny needed full time (California)
Thanks for your concern, but I have not had any emails that were inappropriate, except yours. There have even been 3 that offer Au Pair services for less than what I am offering to pay, and I think that’s terrible just because people are from another country to exploit like that.

NO, I have not “gone through less quality nannys”, I simply lost mine because she left for nursing school. And the cost of public daycare is no comparison to a nanny job nor the flexibility.

This job is 4 ½ days per week, flexible hours, and the option for full live in including own room and bedroom, cell phone, food, utilities and use of automobile. I live in a large house with 6 bedrooms and we have a very comfortable environment.

It is a great job, and I am a great single mom, with wonderful kids and a kind heart.

I pay for gas, outings, food, etc…

If you can find a job for $15/hour, that’s great. Nanny-ing is certainly worth it. However, in this current job market, with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree, I can only make $24/hour as a social worker in this area so, doing the math, you can see the problem. I wish you all the best.

* Submitter's response to the e-mail from OP:

40) RE: Nanny needed full time (California)
Oh, you didn't mention it was a live in. That changes everything. I only saw your ad because someone posted a response on Craig's List saying the pay was too low. I'm glad you're finding great candidates!
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