Alternatives - Not A Bad Thing!! But - Need Advice Please

Hi everyone. I need some advice please, I've been working for this family for the last 2 years. They have 1 NK, I've always been reliable and if they need me for long nights i would do it. We have a great working relationship, no issues and respect for each other. I love my NK and he loves me too. MB is currently pregnant with her second child and this week she told me that she and DB will be on maternity leave together for the summer. She then tells me I would be off the entire months of July and August and that I can look for another job if I wanted to and they would be happy to give me a good reference. She also said they would be thrilled if I came back in Sept to work with them and the new baby and my charge.

Mt issue is that because of bills like rent etc I cannot stop working. I might try to get a summer job and then go back to them in the fall. i would be making more money and hours because of the baby. I am confused and not sure what to do, I would appreciate any suggestions


Kate said...

I have no advice, but that would make me feel strange. I think they must want you back if they said so, but realize it's a huge thing to ask of you that they are willing to let you go. I honestly can't stand it when you're a nanny and get treated like a babysitter. If they are that thoughtless, maybe a new job would be better.

GMaof8 said...

This happened to me, I got a temp summer babysitting job, the summer parents knew I would be leaving, but there were still some hard feelings when the time for me to go back to my 1st job came. I don't know what to tell you, I did what I felt was right for my situation,and I was honest and upfront about it,and it still didn't sit well. I realize you need the money coming in to pay bills,and it is hard to leave a job you like, that pays well. Is there any way you could put a little aside now for the months you won't be working for the family? :(Maybe they could promise you weekend date nnights during the summer? You'd be making some cash,and also getting to know the new baby ahead of time :)

Leigh Raymer said...

Really Great advice, Thank you

Anonymous said...

what bs, honestly - they expect you to just float around until they need you in a few months while you frantically look for another stable job only to leave it for them?
1. that tells me they dont value you enough to offer you some sort of retainer even though they will be saving that much money anyway by staying home. and are they paying you under the table? so you cant file for unemployment either.

my advice? move on to another family. you dont owe them anything.