Important - EVERYONE Read This - Nanny And Mom Avert Probable Sex Kidnap Disaster In Iberia Louisiana

Sept 3 @ 11am, Walmart in New Iberia LA. my NK and I encountered what other nannies in the area have been writing about. Thankfully NK was in the basket because she likes to run around and linger behind. Gladly, NM was along also. NK and I were looking at Pjs paying no mind to our surroundings.NM noticed a man staring at girl NK everywhere we went in the store he would follow. NM carefully watched from a distance to just be sure what was happening. He would pick up clothes looking like shopping but never taking his eyes off NK. He called another guy on his cell phone. They made eye contact and nodded to one another all the while making sure to stay around us. From my vantage i could not see this happening. We walked a few isles over and the other guy followed. As NM told us what was happening and showed us a pic, he followed us down another isle. This continued and it was ovious of the extreme possibility they wanted to kidnap a pretty NK. This has been shared, multiple people have seen him at multiple stores, not alone BE CAREFUL!


Erica said...

These types of stories are extremely problematic. This isn't how sex traffickers work. It makes it more difficult to actually address sex trafficking that is going on, as this misinformation is so widely rampid and so so wrong. If this is actually a suspected sex trafficker or sexual offender, they should have called the cops, not written a post about it on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Erica is right. Even the local PD found nothing to this story. Not every creepy person is a sex trafficker. Cry wolf enough times and eventually, nobody believes you. That's what I'm afraid of happening because of stories like this.

Erlinda Kaes said...

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