Second Thoughts About Money And Job

I know in the end it is my decision but I feel I am at a crossroads here. I have accepted a new job at the end of July. It does not start until the middle of September . I am having second thoughts. The hours are good and it is only 4 days. Parents are laid back and the kids sweet. Now the part I struggle with, It is $2 less than what I should make. No PTO or sick days, 1 week vacation. I have been asked not to take any days off jan-march. Mom will work from home 2 days a week, dad one. It's a Super Tiny Home so I feel I will have to keep it quiet. My job ended in May so I wonder if I jumped the gun on taking it.

One last thing when I got her to go up 75 c I said " sorry still too low" they said - maybe  in a year when we can give you a 25 cebnt raise. I still said no. then the call saying I am worth the 25 cent. If they are struggling this bad, How will I get a raise in the future.

Do I take it and hope for a better job in the future ( the contract says we end it whenever we want) not signed yet.
Jobs are hard to find! Need advice!


Anonymous said...

I'm always weary of work at home parents, they have a hard time understanding that they just cant come in and interrupt when your working with kids. Having to stay quiet is a no no. How will you laugh out loud, or sing to the baby? How will you teach surprises and unexpected noises if it's always quiet? Seems to me they just wanted a warm body and dont appreciate your expertise or value your experience.
A job that starts a month an half from now seems sketchy. I would ask for a trial week, at your rate and see how you feel about it. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU CAN GET OUT OF IT.
In my contract I stated any form of emotion or physical manipulation or harrassment is grounds for me to quit without notice.
My advice, do a trial before signing anything. If they cant afford you now at your rate, there is no future pay raise. They dont value you.
You will find someone that will pay you your rate, trust me.
Unless you really value how laid back the parents are, which can often be worth it if you get along fabulously

Leigh Raymer said...

well stated anon.