Today DB informs me that when 3y twins start preschool in September , they won't be taking naps since they will be getting up early (6:45a) and although put to bed by 8pm often do not get to sleep until 10pm. I work 6:45-5p M-F ( used to be 4/10 hr days - now 5) with a 10 mo infant added when the hours increased. I would drop them off at 8:30a bring baby home to nap and eat lunch and pick up twins by 1pm.

Then am expected to not let them nap " because the days are getting shorter anyways.." the days are getting longer for me ! Nice they leave at 7a and come home for dinner and a bath. MB is always saying how she misses them but just stepped back to her administrator position she has not been in since having the twins- more hours and responsibility than the 2 year position she had!


Leigh Raymer said...

it sounds like the parents want the kids totally asleep and do not want to deal with them which is sad - you should definitely find out if skipping the nap is going to be detrimental to the kids. The actress Lucy Liu played a nanny who was prosecuted for damage to the child because she was horribly threatened by the parents to not let the child nap

Anonymous said...

My son is 2 1/2 and he’s essentially given up his nap. Am I a bad parent then? It’s a PARENT’S prerogative whether they want naps for their children. That chart only illustrates a general idea- it’s not written in stone. My older son gave up napping around 2 1/2 or 3 too. It’s totally normal. It sounds to me as if the parents would like their children to fall asleep earlier to get more sleep. Ooh, how horrible!

Leigh Raymer said...

Mam - you are a good mother and your view is very reasonable - thank you for for giving us the view of a good mother - we need that ! Please give us any other of your views !