MACKINAC ISLAND Trip - Please help Nanny with PAY!

I was in a conversation with my MB yesterday. We were talking about the annual MACKINAC Island trip that they take every year. Usually because it involves other couples-they usually bring along grandma and grandpa to stay in the hotel room with the kids in the hotel room. They can't go this year so I hinted the idea of going with them. I will have some time to myself but- there will be times when I am needed to work also, (dinner & party). How do I ask about pay?. This is my first time going on vacay with NF. I am excited. TU!


Corina said...

From experience it won’t be a vacation for you. You will be working and working. Sometimes parents will try and squeeze you for all they can on hours. So you can’t view it or let them know you view it as a vacation. That’s a big no no. Many nannies actually get paid extra for working vacation times. Try and find out the schedule of events that you are needed for. If there is somewhere you want to explore ask if you can go for that day, or for half the day. So let them know in advance for Ex: on Monday there is this sightseeing cruise I want to go on. Is it okay?

Also, most nannies I know ask for an extra $100-200 per trip. To cover for their time away from home, food, incidentals

Leigh Raymer said...

Ms Yildiz, *high five* I was hoping someone would say that - we have had soooo many writers writing in and saying how they went on vacations where they thought they would have a little fun and it wound up being 4 times the work yet the parents thought they were doing the nanny a favor - thank you again!

Corina said...

Yes! Also when I mentioned $100-200 extra for food. I don’t mean food while they are working. Food if they have free time and want to grab extras. Since they don’t have access to home comforts as their own kitchen or fridge. Yeah it’s not fun going on vacation with families for the most part. I was fortunate when I traveled with two separate families. Had a great time.

Anonymous said...

You should at minimum get your full salary, all expenses covered(hotel, all meals) plus an additional amount per day or a lump sum. I would say $50 per day as you will be on call all the time. The idea of a trip sounds great, but it will be a working trip. Some families stay together, but some will be at the adult pool and you will be with the kids. Those families will also do dinner by themselves and you will dine with the kids. Don't expect a lot of down time.

Anonymous said...

Family vacations are never vacations for the nanny. You're expected to work 24/7. That's what you are there for, child care.
No matter how cool people are, always remember that these people dont owe you anything, so you need to protect yourself.
You need to state before hand your hours and when it is officially your time off. Or if you're gonna do 24/7 they have to pay you overtime if hourly or an agreed salary with work expectations understood beforehand.
I once went with a family to a beach house for a week, I was hourly.
When pay day came they didnt pay me on time. Instead they had a sit down with me because I had put extra hours on my time sheet due to longer working hours.
They stated that they weren't going to pay me because I was on vacation with them (I worked every day from 630am to 930pm at night. It was a beach house on the beach, I never got to set foot on the beach alone, let alone be offered meals! I had to order food because they would only cook for just themselves (I dont work for these people anymore) plus! They invited family over and they brought all their kids and I was expected to watch them all with no extra pay.

So keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

you nannies are all scaring me LOL thanks for the active..

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