Corey Morgan - Boy Hits Nanny - Having None Of It

I am painting faces at my daughter's Back To School Night. I see a boy yelling at and hitting his Nanny ( no he is not on the spectrum, I asked), Nanny is trying to discipline him but he is verbally and physically attacking her. And now he is lying on the ground with his shoes off and refusing to get up.

Mr. Corey has had enough.

Me: hey GET UP!
Kid I need to put my shoes on
Me: I. Said. Get. Up. ( and yes you can hear the periods between each word)
Kid gets up with an expression of awe on his face. His Nanny has the same look too.
Me: I do not tolerate bad behavior at my table. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE BEING DISRESPECTFUL TO YOUR CAREGIVER Now, do you want to be painted this evening?
Me: Mr. Corey
Kid:Yes, Mr. Corey
Me: Then you will stop hitting your Nanny, stop talking back and BEHAVE yourself - are we clear?
Kid:Yes Mr. Corey


Anonymous said...

As a mother of two rambunctious kids I really appreciate when someone else speaks up and settles my kids down. I do my best as their mother. I don't make idle threats. i discipline. But something about a mother's voice. kids just hear us all day long, Do this do that, just noise. But let someone else speak up and they comply. It takes a village. Some women freeze in public not sure how to discipline an unruly child because no matter what you do it's wrong to someone. And all eyes are on you at that point. Motherhood is the most single thankless most criticized job I have ever had and the most rewarding

Anonymous said...

No. It’s absolutely NOT okay for someone else to discipline my children, especially if I am right there. I don’t appreciate Mr Corey and his nasty attitude. I don’t need anyone “teaching” my children manners by forcing them to refer to him as Mr My First Name. As a mother, I will choose how to teach my children to address adults. This is the second story about this guy and I don’t like it at all. He’s not a hero. He paints faces and is self-righteous. How do you think the boy’s parents will feel when they’re told that the face-painting guy yelled st their kid? How will they address that with the nanny? And honestly, why is it okay for this guy to ask whether or not the boy is on the spectrum??? He sounds like a jerk. Stop acting as if he’s saving the day.

Corina said...

He wasn’t being verbally abusive. He addressed the child in an authoritive way.
How will the parents feel that this man told their son to straighten up? Well the parents should have addressed their child before all this. More likely this isn’t the first time this child was abusive to another human. Parents should feel embarrassed. At least try and discipline bad behavior.
Anon: you sound stuck up. So one job is more important than another? Also, the statement on you will decide what your kids call adults is ridiculous. Are your kids in school? We had to call our teacher by their last name to show respect.

Anonymous said...

My 2 charges, a boy 5 and a girl 6, do not pull that with me. I have a careful system of rewards, consequences etc and they know not to whine hit etc around me. Different story with their mother, their actions to her are really disturbing - she seems not to care, but my time is my time with them and we have fun - my way or the highway!

Taleia said...

I also would not appreciate a stranger (even well intentioned) stepping in between me and my charge and interfering. Maybe POSSIBKY if he asked first (and he doesn't mention that he did). Basically kids have bad days too and all he's done is reinforced the idea that the nanny is incapable and needs another adult to rescue her.

Leigh Raymer said...

Really great discussion. I know this guy so I am going to put my 2 cents in - he only does this - and he does it from time to time, when the children/nannies/moms etc are in HIS line,his venue,waiting for his product, next to his equipment and supplies as an independent contractor. There are situations where the behavior of the child endangers himself and others, might knock over the supplies, jostle another child or even - how often have we all seen this - goofs with everyone's quality of life. I've seen instances where the emotional child bumps into other kids etc. I can tell you the people in the line were applauding him! Basically it's his line, he can make the rules for his line- and he does ! His Op got a really big response of several hundred people reading it, so we may do another one in the future

Unknown said...

When I see this kind of behavior and the caregiver looks stressed I gently ask her if she needs a little help. I do this because I've read a lot of stories where caregivers (moms included) get so overwhelmed that something bad happens to either the child or the caregiver. Abuse or self harm. So I'm not trying to get in your business if I ask you if I can help, I'm just trying to be an ally and give you a second to breathe.

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