17 Reasons Why NANNY is a BETTER PARENT!!!!!

I am worried about my charges while I am at work and especially while I am away. My charges are 17 months ( twins) and as you can imagine it's hard to have them contained in one spot for long. They have a huge house that has some safety locks on the cabinets. Mainly on bottom floor in the kitchen area bedroom and playroom, but only very few.  My main issue is the 17 steps stairways, there are no gates on these stairs. MB has told me A and M have made it all the way up the stairs without her knowledge . MB does not want to put up the gates and "drill holes in the walls" to put the gates in. I love the twins and am worried about getting a phone call that one of them is hurt. The parents seem to be very sarcastic every time the issue is brought up. How can I protect Aand M?


Unknown said...

You can't if their own parents aren't willing to. They seem like the type to look completely dumbfounded when something bad happens. The only advice I have is to watch those kids like a hawk when we youre there, so they don't get hurt on your watch.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of ignorant people having children in America based on this site. Interesting internet find this site is & I need to be a blunt fellow mother. What is going on with you Americans?? These poor caretakers and innocent children! As a mother that has lived in several different countries, working in nursing, I have seen and experienced alot. Nannies and parents should be on the same page, communicating and getting educated to raise little ones to be good people in this world. Your country seems like a bunch of selfish idiots who dont take responsibility or proactive approaches to raising children OR these parents are so vain and overcompetetive that their kids dont get authentic nurturing love. Sad and disgraceful- no wonder America is going down the tubes. Bad American parenting and a horrible societal structure that shames people who care. I know this doesn't apply to all, but I have enough knowledge to recognize that American parents are struggling big time. (& my American friends tell me) I have friends who are American, but have moved to a different country to raise their children...they are educated 1, they are cultural 2, they are not followers 3, and now I see why they left. So much laziness & lackluster parenting. Wow, wow, wow. Maybe you all can blame it on your food , pharmaceuticals, or politics. The bottom line is that these parents need to get it together or dont have kids!!

Anonymous said...

Just because a parent chooses not to put up gates, it doesn’t make the nanny a better “parent.” While I do have gates in my home, my two year old has snuck through and gone up the stairs without my knowledge before. Parents aren’t abusive or “bad parents” just because they make different choices than others would make. I hope their children don’t get injured, but I’m not going to label the parents.