hmmmmm CL WTF or Not?

I'm looking for a LIVE IN mother helper to help me with my house chores and two kids (2-year-old and 3-month-old) in the evening and on weekends. Its is 80% house keeping and meal prep and 20% nanny. I would need you to do my laundry, ironing, tiding the house, dishes and light cleaning all week with one day deep cleaning (including bathrooms). Also, you will help with taking care of the young baby while the nanny is taking the older on to library/story time (twice a week for 2 hours). Occasionally I might need you to run errands. I will also need help with meal prep during the week. On weekends, I would like help with the kids and house. hours are FLEXIBLE but no more than 40 hours per week. We will provide room furnished plus food expenses and a cell phone line. If you are interested in this let us know. Thanks


Anonymous said...

If you need help I highly suggest contacting a nanny agency like Quintessentially People!

They provide placements throughout America, and have wonderful nannies on their books!


Unknown said...

It sounds like what she needs is a house keeper/cleaner/personal assistant, but all of those titles require a larger paycheck than a nanny would..... so she is placing an ad for a nanny in hopes of ripping off some sweet young woman. Just hire a nanny, pay nanny wages for more expensive duties. Gotta love it......