Rant or Venting....Just a little I overreacting?

Hello All,

I just wondered if anyone has the same issue with this as I do. (I am a mom with nearly grown children, as well as a nanny for a 4yr old)

Yesterday, I was at an Easter/Spring party and they had someone dressed as the Easter Bunny.  This bunny helped the kids with the egg hunt and was available for pictures, there was a line for the bunny pictures and while most kids were happy to sit with the bunny, some were not.  Now, here is where my irritation comes in.  The parents of children that wanted no part of the bunny would force their children (while screaming) to sit for a picture with the bunny.  How is that fun for the child?

I don't understand how these parents can not see that they are traumatizing their children.  Am I wrong?

Not Just a Mom.


Anonymous said...

You should not just say a child should not do this or that activity because they cry, kids cry all the time - when they see a new food, when nanny comes or leaves.

Many years later the child might ask - where is my picture with the bunny and even if he is crying in the picture it should be ok

there may be reasons to to not do a pic like - a really medical fear, I do many creative things to get my charges not to cry - at everything !!!

Wendy said...

Wow, that aplly above astounds me. You’re missing the goal here: the goal for the bunny is to bring joy to the kids. If Some kids don’t like it (imagine how scary a giant animal could be for you, and sit on its lap by force!) , then forcing them totally does nothing for them.
Respecting a child’s own choices and respecting their fears, builds a much healthier self esteem.