Trust and Payments

Whatever happen to wives trusting their husbands? Or should I ask why can't husbands take care of there own kids? Yes, funny question from a Nanny who wants to make money and loves kids, but I do have a family of my own I'd like to spend time with at night. So here is the situation: I have interviewed with 4 families that the husband gets home 2 or 3 hours before the mom , but mom makes it clear that dad doesn't do well with the kids by himself!( trust issue) Ok one incident was dad was going thru some sort of depression I get that, but the other 3 were clearly, that dad needs to man up & be a dad. I could see maybe stay for an hour so he could shower & unwind or go workout also could see if he had extra work to do around home then I'd get it. But one just seems kind of creepy to me & 2 be a dad spend some quality time with your kids, so I can spend some quality time with mine. No I didn't accept any of the positions... Just wanted to put it out there is this really normal...I've been a nanny for over 15 years and have never run into this until now like with in the last year.

Now to the question of payment: I have been using care.com to look for nanny positions, for one ,the area we live in is not very nanny oriented so they do not pay well and you may as well forget about benefits, anyway the family looking for a a nanny will post $10-$15 per hour (yikes I made $15 p/h when I left a position in the same area almost 15 years ago) so you go to interview with them all goes well till the topic of payments comes up knowing that when they post $10-$15 you might be able to negotiate $12.50-$13.00, Nope they treat you like you are nuts for even thinking that they would pay anywhere near $15, much less $10,and they want to hang up ,phone interview comes to an end. Just drives me nuts when they post a certain amount of hours or a price that they have no intention of abiding by! It's such a waste of my time!!!!


Jess said...

I currently work part time for one family where dad 'doesn't do well' with kids. I think it's the mom issue, to be honest, not dad's. At least in that particular family's situation. Apparently dad fed the kids some burgers and fries couple of times (mom didn't like that, I don't know why since she brings donuts and chocolate chip bagels for breakfast nearly every time I'm there for the kids), and once didn't ask the youngest if he needed to go to the bathroom (then 3yo) when out, and the kiddo wet himself. Or a kid touched a cactus and poked himself when dad took him shopping. Silly stuff.
As far as care.com - I also used it to find both families I work with. I do live in a big city, but the pay is always something I had trouble with families. I require both my families to pay me on the books, which some other families I interviewed with had issues with. I found that you can post your rate in your profile, and that will let the family know what's your rate. You can also mention your rate in the initial email message. I think I wrote something like, "my current rate is $18/hr, this is negotiable depending on other benefits". I currently get paid 10 days vacation, 5 paid sick days, paid federal holidays, paid family vacation(or anytime they don't need me but I'd be normally scheduled) and gas mileage reimbursement (and that one was surprisingly the hardest to get! Ideally I'd like them to also pay part of my car insurance, but after the battle I had to mileage reimbursement I decided to swallow the cost). One of the families also pays part of my health insurance.

HannahRoseOz said...

I worked as a live-in nanny, on the weekends the Dad was always home but I always had to be around if he was with the youngest baby, he didn't even know how to change a diaper or put her clothes on. The one time he did play with her, he threw her in the air and she hit the ceiling!! It's funny to look back on as she wasn't hurt, but my MB was furious! As it was a fully staffed household, he couldn't do anything himself! The chef had a day off and he asked me where the spoons were...