Best Way to choose?

What is the best way to choose a good nanny agency. I live in NY. Do you use the old companies-the ones that's been here for years like "A choice Nanny." Or do you go to what looks like a new one that's ran by a former Nanny- Tiny Treasures NYC or do you just sign up for all of them. I just want someone who will look out for my best interest. Would love any advice you guys have.


Unknown said...

I would ask around for recommendations from people that you know that have hired nannies, such as coworkers also talk to some nannies ask where they have gone to find employment then after that do a background check on the agency. Good luck!

Amy said...

Hi, i have an amazing nanny I trust her with my two kids. She was working for me for 5 years always on time, smiling with great hart I also heard multiple times from my neighbors that she's an amazing with my kids. unfortunately my contract here is ending and I have to go back to Europe, I'm looking for a good family for her if you are interested or know a family that is looking for a nanny please send me an email. Thank you. Qiara@live.com