Bad nannies/home daycare sighting in Chicago

I see them very often at Chase Park in Chicago (Ravenswood/Uptown area) with 5-6 kids. The women (usually 3) who are either nannies or home daycare carers are all very large, in mid twenties to mid thirties and African American. As soon as they come to the playground they plant themselves down, chat and let the kids (between ages 1-maybe 4) roam. The kids run up to the swings, walk out of the playground, push, take toys and food from other kids. Last week a little girl (walking pretty well, but so small she looks like 1) walked under the swings and got hit. The dad who was pushing his kiddo, took her and started running, yelling who's child is she. It took nearly 5 minutes for one of the women to claim her. At the same time, I was trying to get their little boy (I think his name is Jeremiah, around 3 years old, black with three scars on his face) from behind swings without him getting hit. As soon as I got him out, he left the playground alone, and when I called the women, they ignored it for good 10 minutes. I often end up entertaining 1-2 of their kids because they want to join in the fun with my charges. Another issue is, that even though the kids are on the playground for at least 1 hour (I leave with my charges at 11am and they are always still there), neither woman ever offers them any snacks or even a drink of water (we had weather in the upper 80s and 90s last week!). I've chatted with fellow nannies and mothers and they also say they see them everyday on that playground, but since they never socialize, no one knew if they are from a home daycare or nannies.It's a terrible situation, I hope parents may see this and take those kids away!


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