how to ask for a raise, and how much is too much?

Hi I needed some advice on what to do. I am a nanny of a baby boy who is about to turn 1, I was hired to only take care of him for 10$ an hr for about 30-35 hrs a week, lately for the past few months my MB has also had me watching her other child at the same time, at first it was only once in awhile but now it seems like its once a week or so. What should I do? Should I asked to be paid for when this occurs or let it go?


Unknown said...

I would definitely asked to be paid more Just explain to her that when the other child is there, your focus needs to be on two children. She should understand, and if she doesn't she doesn't appreciate the work you do enough.

Leigh Raymer said...

$10 an hour seems rather low, where are you located?. And the above advice is good - if it keeps happening then you need to have a meeting with the mom - very professional - "let's discuss rates for 2 children ;)"

Be prepared for the mom to be not professional

please keep us posted

Unknown said...

I live in Wisconsin and I started out at $10/hr with my current family. They were also my first nanny family though. $10/ hr seemed to be about the going rate for my area though.

Unknown said...

I think $10 is fair for one if you're rather new to nannying, but absolutely be firm about your pay needs when another child is present. I can't tell you how many jobs I sat in, so extremely frustrated and underpaid because I didn't speak up. I think an additional child at minimum is $2 more per hour. That's more than fair and you should definitely be compensated more when there are more children.

In your next position make sure to draft a contract where things like this are discussed early and before it's a problem. Ive been nannying for a little over 7 years, 4 full time positions and with each one I learn more about what should be covered in that contract. New babies, meetings with MB and DB so you keep communication going, sick day policy, you name it, it should be in the contract!