Bad Nanny in Houston, TX

Just had an experience with a nanny by the name of Andrea Marie Winebarger in Houston, TX.

This 30 year old woman stole every piece of furniture and electronics from our guest room. Stole $300 worth of groceries, stole $200 worth of prescription medication, reported a false claim to CPS, attempted to open a credit card in my name by stealing the mail out of our mailbox, and drove while intoxicated with at least one of my children in her car on more than one occasion.

She drives a silver Honda Pilot.

She has two young daughters, ages ten and nine, respectively.

If this person is offering to watch your children for you, please be EXTREMELY cautious!!!


Anonymous said...

ACTUALLY I didn't steal any of the furniture out of the room I was staying in! I took what you said I could take so you could empty the room to turn it into a play room for your kids. You didn't seem to have a problem with it till your husband complained which I'm pretty sure had no clue about what you said I could do with the furniture then to cover your ass you created problems of me "stealing"

As far as your prescription drugs go PLEASE lady you can take those drugs that keep you in bed allmorning cause you cant function without then have you up till 4am all to yourself. must have said I took them so you could get a refill on top your enormous amount of pills you were already taking. I called CPS because your husband was hitting a toddler in front of me because he didn't want to eat. really? I called cps because your older son in confidence told me your husband his step dad burned him with a iron on his back and use to lock him in the closet. I called cps because on 2 different occasions your toddler was out of the house roaming the neighborhood on your watch one time when I was pulling up to the house with my grandma there goes your 2 year old son strolling down the sidewalk from the house. where were you oh that's right in bed waiting for you medication to kick in so you could get out of bed. LADY please!!! what a joke and using my kids names on a public domain shame on you. the only reason it didn't work out with us is because your husband is a abusive jerk you were starting to allow treat me and my little girls like he treated you horrible and scary to be around. plus you taking those god awful meds and instead of living a normal life obsessing over ridiculous things that no one else cared about. worst job ever!! I pray for your kids everyday they deserve better and I hope that God has come into yall lives and helped you with some of your problems. that's what you really need is to introduce your children to god. I'm sorry you felt the need to bas mouth me. yes I quit when your needed me but if my husband were to start acting abusive to you and yelling at you in front of my children I would have taken up for you in a heartbeat because NO ONE deserves to be mistreated like I was and for a grown man to tell little girl to go clean a oven with harsh chemicals YES I still cant get over that! ridiculous people. I hope that you made a police report honestly and truly I do. its been quite awhile but you have my number please send the police my way and my little girls and surely account to all the wrong doing and physical labor you put them and your oldest son through. god bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

..and by the way Breanna Osorio my employer for over a year now who has 2 beautiful children that I watch is the one that showed me this page of you bad mouthing me and knew right off the bat that there was all kinds of wrong with your story. OMG and this amazing woman and her husband actually PAY ME! without any excuses or complaints on time. they don't use "we put over a roof over your head" so I can subject you and your children to our every biding or manual labor that we desire and have my kids picking trees and bushes with thorns in them from the back yard. My dream job! God is good. All the time! I wish your children Liam and Emma the best and know they are in Gods hands looking over them.

Anonymous said...

WAIT !! I? stole groceries from you??? I was on foodstamps because you weren't paying me enough to live off of I brought in my own food. you had your husband lie about having a job and made him go and get foodstamps as well so you didn't have to spend your money on food and instead spend it on meaningless shit you were always ordering online and had me sign for. UGH I cant get petty this is not the kind of life I live. this is very annoying. youre definitely onw of a kind. thank you for the experience of having a employer like yourself. now I know what warning signs to look for.