We have been talking with a journalist who has a question - Have you, as a Nanny, ever been falsely accused or misjudged by someone spying on you or by the MB or DB etc judging you unfairly? ( MY ex. is I put the child's red cap on instead of blue on a walk and got free coffee for me and orange juice for him and the mother ran 4 blocks with the blue cap to accuse me of not putting on his cap. Then saw the cups and accused me of giving him coffee until she saw the juice)


Taleia said...

Ive never been falsely accused, but there have been some humorous misunderstandings. For instance, my DB once came to me and said, "I absolutely know you wouldn't do this, but A keeps saying that you play music in the car that has bad words. Any chance you know what she's talking about?"
I wracked my brains trying to think of something but couldn't (as he correctly said, I was very careful about what I played around her!). We finally convinced A to tell us what the words were, promising she wouldn't get in trouble, and it turned out to be a Michael Buble song with the line "saying something stupid like I love you." Turns out her preschool had told the kids that stupid was a "bad word" and they'd get in trouble for using it. We all had a good laugh. No hard feelings.

Probably the most "serious" potential misunderstanding I've ever experienced was when my MB shared with me that one of the kids had told her that the other nanny "spanked his bottom". Since his vocabulary and grasp of reality was somewhat limited due to age, she wasn't sure if she could depend on what he was telling her. I wasn't a fan of the other nanny, either, but I told her that in all fairness, if she asked the kids if I spanked them, they might say yes, as I frequently chased them around during playtime teasing "I'm gonna spank your hiney!" And then very dramatically pretending to spank their bottoms if I caught them. (This is a game their dad played with them frequently, which is how it started, and I would never have played it if I wasn't so close to the family). She waited until I left the room and then asked my charge (knowing full well I could hear, she wasn't trying to hide anything), "Does (my name) ever spank you?" He immediately said no, sounding surprised, and she asked again, "she doesn't chase you and spank your bottom?" At this my charge giggled and said, oh yes, She spanks my hiney" (we only ever call it that when we pretend spank). She had believed me when I told her I would never spank her kids, but I was relieved that his demeanor and vocabulary was also consistent.

Leigh Raymer said...

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Anonymous said...

While the family and I were traveling oversees for a month. France, Zermat..I was in charge of two toddlers. The mother gave me some euros while in France . In Zermat she was going to be away for three days. She asked me:" don't you need some cash? "
Swiss francs .. I did not ask anything because She let me use a credit card but in case of an emergency I said " yes, just in case"
Then she asked me" What did you do with the cash I gave you last week?"
I replied " you did not give me any Swiss francs last week, I was just using your credit card to buy food " She insisted that she did. I told her I have some Euros left but I don' have any swiss francs..I was being accused of stealing her money so I felt trapped but I told her that from nowon , everytime she gives me some money I will write a receit with her initials and mine ..
She did not like my reply ..