Stroller License Plates - Who Knew?

Many blogs and child care activist groups are now advocating stroller license plates - yet another big brother idea to watch the population. Has anyone encountered this? And if you were required to have a stroller license plate would you agree?


Taleia said...

If this were a voluntary thing (meaning that parents could volunteer to register their strollers/display a tag or plate) I think it's an awesome idea! I personally have nothing to fear, and there have been quite a few times I've witnessed people abusing or neglecting children and I've wished I had a way to inform the parents.

As a nanny, this doesn't bother me a bit. I'm doing a good job and on the off chance that I did end up in a situation where something I did appeared questionable (and j think we've all had those moments, where it could have appeared that we were doing something wrong when the reality was quite different), my MB and DB trust me and would definitely get my side of the story before making judgements.

Unknown said...

I think on the safety side I totally agree, such as if someone kidnapped the child with the child in the stroller or for identifying in cases of child abuse. Awesome idea all around.

Anonymous said...

Might be helpful at the zoo or other kiddo gathering spots, so one can find their stroller again. So many look alike.