Winter Tree Craft from Rebecca

Even though it is cold, wet and white out, it doesn't mean you can't make beautiful art to represent the outdoors! Today me and the girls made Winter Trees!


toddlers and preschool


Set up- about 5 minutes or less

Activity- 5-10 minutes depending on child


blue paper

black marker

white paint

White or silver glitter (optional)


-I had big square paper because it is thicker than my construction paper and seems to hold up better with paint, so I cut it in half and then cut a wavy pattern around it.

- I then drew out a tree in black marker (only the trunk and branches)

-I put a small amount of white paint on a separate piece of paper and their tree in front of the girls

- I showed them how to use your fingers to put paint "snow" on the tree (Lilly mostly used her whole hand but Rose used mostly just her fingers)

- I then had them continue to put paint on their tree until they said they were done

- I wanted to put glitter on the paint before it dried but I realized I didn't bring it with me this morning :(

- let them dry!

Things I would do differently:

- I wouldn't have given them as much paint as I did. It truly only needs a small amount.

-I would have made the tree a little shorter so that there was more room at the top of the tree

-perhaps used q-tips instead of fingers for the paint (I'm unsure of this one though because I still love their trees :)

- remember the glitter!

~My favorite part of this art project was that they both said how pretty their trees were after I said they were beautiful. The trees didn't turn out exactly how I pictured but what do you expect from 2 year olds? I think they are awesome trees, and I'm really proud of them :)~


Jaxx said...

Very cute, we will have to make that.

Rebeca Johnson said...

Thanks! They both had so much fun making them!

Jaxx said...

Rebeca, what state do you live in? I'm from Wisconsin

Rebeca Johnson said...

I am in Wisconsin too!

Jaxx said...

I live between Appleton & Green Bay , how about you? Where do you live near?

Rebeca Johnson said...

I live in Milwaukee, hoping took back towards the Menomonee falls/Germantown area this summer