Outside Penguin Craft sent in by Jaxx

*Trace & cut out 2 white eyes add wiggly eyes
*Cut out a black oval for body
*Cut out a smaller black oval for the breast
*cut a 2" wide piece of fleece for the scarf
*Lay scarf flat on any color paper
*Glue body of penguin, besure to put neck area over scarf
* Tie scarf
*cut out black flippers
*Cut out a beak from orange paper
*Cut out 2 circles for the earmuffs and a thicker pipe cleaner for earmuff
*Buy or make glitter glue snowflakes
*Glue the penguin to any color paper
* Trace all of the items, depending on you charges age they can cut it all
out with or with out help.
Have fun....Super fun, cute & easy

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Rebeca Johnson said...

Super cute! Thanks for the picture :)