Why no comfort?

This was sent in by a dad that received the following from his nanny...

Date: 02/23/2016
Time: 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Where: Gymnastics and Recreation Center (GRC) 21 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL 60302

Please help us inform this poor little guy’s parents!

Today I saw something very disturbing. We were at the gym and I noticed a little boy crying. He was about 1 year old. Next to him, I assuming, was his Nanny. The boy was crying for over 1 hr! She didn't care! She didn't hold him, she didn't ask him what is wrong? It was heartbreaking to watch.
I felt terrible! I saw other people paying attention to the situation. I asked if anyone new that girl. I saw other Nannies speaking about her and taking pictures of her and the little boy. She then immediately got up and left. Please report the incident to other parents through social media and showing the picture.

I think the boy’s parents should be more aware of what going on with their baby. Unfortunately I don't know the boy’s name. I did not hear her talking to him at all! I spoke to the lady who works there and she said she didn't have their names. Maybe because they were afraid to give away someone's private information. I have no idea.
I wish there was something we could do about it.

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Jess said...

Hmm, if I were you, OP I'd go and post a review for that place describing the nanny (maybe even with the pic with the child's and nanny's face hidden) - a lot of parents monitor review sections for the places they have kids at :)
Another thing is to have the group lead email the parent and tell them that the child cannot come in and cry for such long periods of time because it's disturbing for other kids.
I'm a nanny who takes 2 kids to a group like that in Chicago and we usually have a circle time - do they also have that at Oak Park? Try catching child's name that way, perhaps?
Best of luck!