Children not listening.

I have worked with this family about 2 years. I've known them for about 5. I love these girls so much. I'm with them so much that I treat them as if they were my own. When I first started everything was great! I got to take them places and take them for special treats after school and now the mom never let's us leave the house unless it's for an after school activity. The oldest does not listen at all which makes the youngest do the same. I don't know what to do. When I take something away from one of the girls the mom gives it back when she comes home. It doesn't matter what they did they get it back. This family is like my second family but I feel taken advantage of and not respected. I want to leave but I'm very attached to the girls I don't know how to go without hurting them.


nc said...

Unfortunately, there isn't a ton you can do if the parents don't back you up. Sorry!!

Rebeca Johnson said...

Have you tried talking to the parents?

OTNanny said...

Was a reason given for you no longer being able to take the children places? As far as the discipline thing goes, unfortunately, there's not a lot you can do. Parents generally don't want to hear your opinion on the matter, even if they don't seem to mind your techniques otherwise. I'm not a "strict" person, but I am consistent, I set expectations and I don't give in to tantrums, etc, and while no parent ever minded my techniques (and often were verbally appreciative), I knew it wasn't my place to make suggestions to them as to how they should parent, even if I disagreed with their methods. That said, I tended to avoid families where it was very obvious that my methods would not mesh with theirs, so while the occasional frustration would arise, it was never a big deal. The best thing you can do is just stay consistent with what you've been doing with them, even if it's not what the parents do when you're not there. I've found that overall, some of you what you do WILL stick with the kids, over time.