Not A Bad Idea - My Charge and I Have Fun Journal

While getting craft ideas from fellow nannies, one nanny - Amanda- gave the following idea - buying a cheap notebook and then decorate it with all sorts of things - ribbons, stickers and more - and then keep a creative journal of all the fun things you do with your charges on a daily basis. Wow, that is not a bad idea - not only will you have fun and teach your charges but - the notebook should be a constant witness about how fun you are with the kids. Join our ISYN Nannies Love Kids Club - we send out fun free things/crafts/stickers etc - next on the list will be "calming" hibiscus tea and mardi gras beads ! - just email us at ISYN with an address, while supplies last ;)

Does anyone do a journal like this already? send a pic!

What similar idea gets the kids having fun but ALSO makes YOU look good?


Anonymous said...

I just saw something online called queepsake - it's a text message baby journal - it isn't quite out yet - but it states: Empty baby book? Try Qeepsake - Use text messaging to store memories about your kids. I am not sure if a app fee is involved but if there is, perhaps using "notes" on your phone to keep a running list of baby happenings will q type of journal to download later on some pretty paper and added to the Baby's special book might work just as well.

Leigh Raymer said...

That's really a great idea ! thanks!