New York Nanny Question...

Hello & Good morning! I am a nanny to a precious little boy who is 11.5 months old in New York City , it's been getting very cold outside and I don't feel too comfortable taking him outside to his classes ( we have to take a bus to his classes , there are none in our neighborhood ) ... The mother suggested and said she'll pay for the cab rides... would you still go outside with your charges?
I used to be a infant teacher in a daycare , we weren't permitted to take out our little ones if it was below 33° * ( if I'm not mistaken )

Just curious! It's going to be in the low 30s and High 20s this week .

Would love the feedback


Unknown said...

That temp is not too cold at all. I am a 4K teacher in a public school and we go out as long as the temp including wind chill is above 0. We are trying to get the rule change to at least 10 above.
Dress him warm, but do not over dress. winter coat hat mittens & boots an extra layer under his pants if you are just going out for a walk, but if you are playing in the snow then snowpants too, minus the extra layer.
I am from mid Wisconsin and we have quite abit of snow to play in. At almost one year he probably love to be pulled on a sled.
Enjoy the time outside even if it only for 15 min or a half hour.


Taleia said...

My take, based on nothing more than my comfort and that of my charges, is that I'd definitely take him out to classes, etc, but I probably wouldn't go outside to play. I get chilled easily, even bundled up, and the kids cry and fuss and never seem to enjoy it. We do a lot of movement activities in the house, get out to storytime, the museum, etc, and we're going to start taking them to yoga and swim classes. (I cannot WAIT for spring. I hate the freakin cold!)

Abby said...

Cab rides in NYC during ICU cold weather? What mb in her right mind would offer that. That's SO dangerous. I've lived in NY my whole life and I care for toddlers. We don't take cabs. Simple. They don't have car seats, drivers are crazy and the roads are easily iced over. Taking stroller on the train in a much better option. Or just walk. As long as they are dressed warm and in a stroller bundle they will be fine. The fresh cold air will be great for them!