I saw your baby's nurse

have observed an incompetent baby nurse doing the following things at her current job:

1)Washes baby's clothes and linens using a highly perfumed detergent when infant has extreme eczema.

2) First purees foods given at 5 months included broccoli, spinach, carrots, mangoes, and strawberries. (These foods are known to cause allergic reactions, nitrate poisoning, gas, and diarrhea).

3) Baby was constantly kept in "containers" like bumbo seats, swings, and exasaucers preventing them from reaching milestones. Baby was not sitting independently by 8.5 months, and not crawling by 10 months.

4)Baby placed in car seat with with large puffy jacket on.

5) Baby Nurse confessed to only taking in 300 calories a day; while drinking up to 9 cups of coffee a day, while not sleeping more than a couple hours a day, while going on long walks with baby( in major city) in the heat.

6) Baby Nurse disrespects Kosher Household and employers by bringing in pork, unkosher meats, and eating off the wrong plates.

7) Practices in-home medical care illegally without required state license.

8) Infant sometime rides on lap of Baby Nurse in car (without car seat) on icy and snowy roads in busy major city.

9)Baby Nurse leaves baby ALONE in crib in a high rise apartment to do laundry in the basement of building.

10) Baby Nurse breaches confidentiality of current and future employers by gossiping to friends about them.

11) Doesn’t feed the baby anything but formula and puree foods past babies first birthday, Occasionally will feed baby Cheerios, but will claim baby doesn’t have teeth to eat table food. Baby is never allowed to self feed food, except cheerios in order not to get dirty.

12) Baby's room is always messy and disorganized- to a dangerous degree for the crawling and curious baby.

13) Baby Nurse never cuddles, sings to, or rocks young infant. Baby never gets hardly ever gets nurturing tactile love in it's early life.

14) Baby Nurse snitches (mostly lies and sensitive topics) to employers and to other household staff, about other household staff. Since BN has been employed in home, ALL the household staff have admitted to being lied about, or snitched too by BN. Household is in turmoil, and Baby Nurse is HATED by most of the staff. At least one other staff members has fallen into clinical depression since the hiring of the Baby Nurse.

15) Baby nurse microwaves baby purees in plastic containers, as well as serves baby with plastic bowels and utensils. She often puts hot baby food straight into fridge without it cooling down first.

16) Has completely stocked baby nursery with soft plastic toys, mostly those that are loud and flashy. This clearly demonstrates no knowledge on infant cognitive and physical development.

17) Baby Nurse keeps nursery and other areas freezing. Baby's lips often turn blue and seems extremely uncomfortable.

18)Baby was put in a high chair months before he was able to sit unassisted. Baby was slouching into pelvis while fed.

19) Baby Nurse will only play or pay attention to baby when someone "important" is present or near. Baby is often ignored being put to play in crib, exasaucer, or playpen while baby nurse drinks coffee and surfs the internet.
20) The only time the baby is out is during self serving errands and calorie burning walks. Often sibling is told not to touch baby.

This Baby Nurse often works in a US major city. She claimes she earns up to $ 700-1000 a day for expert skills.


Leigh Raymer said...

If the OP_ sees we posted this - we really need more info to help - what city? a description of the BN and hopefully the baby - and helpful of all a picture of the BN doing these wrong behaviours. Have you tried telling the MOM? Can't the mom see all these problems?

Whatsgoingon said...

I agree this post is a bit confusing and needs some clarification. Is this about the same baby nurse having done these things throughout the years in different jobs or are all these things listed done at one job? And how are you as the op observing all these things? Are you household staff and if so are you one that is angry because you say stuff has been said about you? If you are seeing all these things why are you not telling the parents? I would assume if all these are true than the child has to have some sort of signs of developmental delay from not being nurtured, always cold, or not eating properly. This seems like these behaviors have been observed from the child being a newborn until over a year old from things listed. How has all this been allowed to go on for so long? And just a little off topic question but wouldn't it no longer be a baby nurse after a certain amount of time? Isn't is odd for a baby nurse to stay with a child past. a year old? I thought baby nurses were only for a very temporary time with young infants? Are there any readers that are specifically baby nurses? What time frame with a child does that usually entail? Isn't it a nanny and not a baby nurse after a certain age or is there not really an difference?

Jaxx said...

If you cannot talk to the parents about this, then forward this to them.. Anonymousis

Anonymous said...

The account sounds very suspicious to me. If all these incidents were seen, it would have to be over the course of many, many months and why not report the nurse immediately to the parent. I think the OP is jealous about the pay. There is no roof and if this site posts details about the nurse and these unfounded accusations be prepared to deal with any legal repercussions that may arise.

Anonymous said...

I guess the one that upset me most was the accusation of gossiping about the family to her friends. And I don't know what others feel, but I recently had an employer (who I had to report to CPS) tell me I have no right talking to anyone about anything that happens on the job. And that's just ridiculous, sorry.