The Nanny Time Bomb -

We have be in touch with Jak Burke, author of The Nanny Time Bomb. (For sale at Amazon) ttp:// and she has given us permission to post about herself and her book.

A Little back story on Jak Burk, she became a nanny to families in Manhattan in 2004 while processing her immigration visa and later Green Card. She spent 10 years working as a nanny. Her book is based on a comprehensive analysis of the industry of U.S childcare. It is the first of its kind.
She has fabulous ideas and insights! Check out her book!

Here is the table of contents.

Table of Contents
Foreword: Dr Karen Kaufman
Introduction: My Story

Chapter 1, Why a Time Bomb? Risk Factors
The Intrinsic Needs of Infants
An Unlicensed Industry
Conflicted Parents, Frustrated Kids

Chapter 2, Nanny Archetypes: A Lottery of Trust
The Good
The Not-so-Good
The Criminal

Chapter 3, The Work: Intimate yet Invisible
o Hustling
o Surrogates

Chapter 4, Childcare's Caste System: Stratification
Mary Poppins: myth and fact
Mammy: slavery’s legacy
Parallel Lives: hidden workers

Chapter 5, Hostage Takers: When the Time Bomb Goes Off
When Nannies become killers: shock, collective disassociation, aftermath
Nanny Trapped: guilt, coercion, passive aggressive behavior
The 1%: privilege, power, pay

Chapter 6, Avoid a Time Bomb Now: Preventing the Unthinkable
Prevention: profiling good nannies, deter bad nannies
Surveillance: nanny cams, discovery, action
Management; transforming performance, training, revisiting day care

Chapter 7, Childcare Reform: The 3 Keys
Wages & Tax
Federal Reform

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Leigh Raymer said...

I have ordered your book and am waiting with anticipation - will let you know when i get it!! - THE NANNY TIME BOMB!!