The Importance of Books - by Santa Claus

Last weekend at the home of my charges -Avalon subdivision in Richmond TX. we met Santa Claus and I was very proud of my charge who asked Santa for a special book for Christmas instead of a "hover thingy" lol. Santa said, " I love bringing toys to the children for Christmas, but i love bringing books even more.! Did you know that a book can be like a friend? Books are Santa's friends just like the elves are. I can hold them,smell them,look at them, read them almost anytime anywhere. My book friends contain ideas,facts,fantasy,opinions and history. They are good escapes. But now you can take a whole library with you anywhere! But nothing provides a light inside your heart more brightly than a printed book which only needs a small bit of light to touch and illuminate your heart and soul!

permission for pictures was given from matt at special events and kim castillo, mother of milo - the "world's loved boy"

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