Kudos and a well needed pat on the back " I SAW YOUR NANNY IS GREAT!"

From: Glenn Greenhouse Ap 23 2015 via Business Insider:

I own Greenhouse Agency Ltd Domestic / Household Staffing firm. I've been in this business 30+ years finding staff for the HNW ( high net worth ) or commonly called the Rich and Famous.

"I saw your nanny" is great. It's sorta like "See Something,Say Something." Additionally,lot's of the posts I find amusing and that's from both sides. I've always thought  " I heard it all" after so many years. Then, I hear a new "wild, crazy, or weird" story.

I applaud L.K. for creating a forum where both nanny and Boss can vent and express. I also believe " I Saw Your Nanny" may someday " keep everyone on their toes"
Glenn Greenhouse Agency Ltd

Response from present owner and admins: Thank you Glenn, maybe you can tell us a story or two. Even though all the nannies who contribute here are very good at their job, many of us believe ISYN may someday save a life if not already.

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Unknown said...

Great job! It's always great to see the site recognized!